Are Buyer's Agent worth their money?

We've been asked if it's worth to use a buyer's agent. Any why should they use a buyer's agent?

There is no one single answer to this.  It is true that our property buying services are not for everyone.  We do not accept all clients, as we want to keep our services exclusive.  Our Buyer's Agents services are usually for:

  • people who value the quality time they save

  • people who want to buy their properties fast

  • people who want to buy their properties with confidence

  • people who do not want to overpay for their properties

  • people who do not want to spend endless evenings searching through property listings

  • people who do not want to waste their weekends on disappointing property inspections.

In short, the answer to those questions is, unfortunately, another question:

How much do you value your time?

Since everyone places a different value on their time, it is not possible for us to calculate how much property buyers would have saved (or avoided paying) by using our property buying service.

What we found is people who doesn't value their time are always questioning how a buyer's agent's value proposition.

We have come across many examples whereby, had our clients been buying without a buyer's agent's insight and experience in the property market, they would have overpaid, and it will take them much longer to realise any equity growth.  And I mean OVERPAID, by over hundreds of thousands, in one case.

When asking "is it worth to use a buyers agent?", it’s important to consider what you would have paid, if you do not have the right insight, knowledge and experience of a property buying agent.  That, is what you will save. 

In many cases this savings is through our negotiation skills.  In other cases, the savings come from taking the emotion out of the purchase, valuing the property based on facts, data, insights, knowledge and analysis of the property market, understanding of property values, and benefiting from our network and relationship with the agents.

When you buy the right property, the real benefit is realised when you bought at the right time, and bought one that appreciates over time at a greater rate than other investment options.

So, is it worth using a buyers agent? How do you put a price on the savings and disaster avoidance?

If you’d like to explore how you can benefit from our Melbourne buyer agent service, get in touch, and we'll be keen to have a chat.