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How do you buy a property in the Glen Waverley School Zone?

If you are searching for Glen Waverley and looking for buyers agents near you, look no further.

As Melbourne based buyer's agents, we are located in Glen Waverley and we have been operating in Glen Waverley and Wheelers Hill for over 16 years.  There are no areas which we are unfamiliar with.  We know what's good, and which areas are in demand.

Why are buyers attracted to Glen Waverley?  These are just some of the reasons:

  1. It's a major commercial and retail hub in the City of Monash.

  2. It's well serviced by trains, bus, major highways, and arterial roads.

  3. It's the home to Glen Waverley Secondary College, one of the best (if not the very best) government runned public secondary college in Melbourne and Victoria.

Where is the Glen Waverley Secondary College School Zone (GWSC/GWSZ)?

How do you buy a property in the Glen Waverley Secondary School Zone?

What addresses are eligible for Glen Waverley Secondary College?

These are some of the common questions we have from our property buyers in Glen Waverley.  Did you know living in the school zone no longer guarantee you a place in the school?  Many other factors can affect your eligibility, and your place in the enrolment. 

Buying the right home or investment property in the million-dollar suburb of Glen Waverley is a very difficult and frustrating process.  Almost anyone or any buyer's agent can buy a Glen Waverley property. 

But do they know Glen Waverley as well as we do?  Do they know what properties are eligible for the Glen Waverley Secondary College? How do you find the right buyer's agent to buy in Glen Waverley?

Concierge Buyers Advocates is a team of buyer's agents and investment property consultants based right in the heart of Glen Waverley.  Not many buyer agents can claim to know Glen Waverley and Glen Waverley Secondary School as intimately as we do.  We've been very working closely with Glen Waverley Secondary College for more than 10 years, to help potential students find the right property for the school, and to help buyers buy the right property in the GWSZ.  We:

  • buy properties that are in the market, and off-market;

  • manage the experience with Real Estate Agents;

  • save you from wasting your weekends and evenings on irrelevant open for inspections and researches;

  • provide independent, honest advice on where, when, what and how to buy a property in the Glen Waverley and Wheelers Hill;

  • have quality off-market properties within the Glen Waverley Secondary College that are not available on the general public listings.

A good buyer's agent is your trusted property adviser, who will manage the entire property buying process for you, and provide a trusted independent advice for you. 

A good buyer's agent with working knowledge of the GWSC / GWSZ like us, will help ensure you buy the right property, in the right location for the school.  Let us deal with the stress and get your weekends back.

If you are looking at buying a property in Glen Waverley and finding for the right property for Glen Waverley Secondary College, have a chat with us.  Let us explore if our buyer agent service can help you purchase a property in Glen Waverley with confidence.  Let us explore if we can help manage the entire buying process for you.

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Glen Waverley

Glen Waverley - Multi Million Dollar Suburb

Glen Waverley is a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 19 km south-east of Melbourne's central business district in the local government area of the City of Monash. At the 2016 Census, Glen Waverley had a population of 40,327.

Glen Waverley is one of the most expensive suburbs in East Melbourne.

There are about 11,500 houses in Glen Waverley, and 3,900 units in Glen Waverley.  

Median property price of a house (Jul 2019): $1,250,000

Median property price of a house (Jul 2021): $1,500,000

Neighbouring Suburbs Around Glen Waverley:


Glen Waverley is home to 1 TAFE, 3 Secondary Schools, 6 Primary Schools and 3 Private Schools.  Of the 3 secondary colleges, Glen Waverley Secondary College, Brentwood Secondary College and Highvale Secondary College, the ever popular Glen Waverley Secondary College (GWSC) is one of the most popular and best performing Government Secondary Colleges in Victoria. 

Glen Waverley Secondary College School Zone (GWSZ)

The Glen Waverley Secondary College has consistently been one of Victoria's high-quality, top performing secondary college.  Because of Glen Waverley Secondary College's track record of providing high-quality education, it is a very popular secondary college in Melbourne and Victoria.  Enrolment into the school follows very strict residency criteria.  Being a Government School, only students in the school catchment area can apply to be admitted into the school. 

What made it more challenging is, the college's catchment area is a small, irregular shape, due to its proximity to other secondary colleges in the Glen Waverley, Mount Waverley and Wheelers Hill areas.  In order to express your interest in the school, you must be in the right type of property, in the right section of the right street.  That still does not guarantee a place, as there are other eligibility criteria which you have to fulfil.

It is for these reasons that there is a consistently high demand for houses and properties in the GWSC school catchment zone.  Properties in the Glen Waverley Secondary school zone always command a premium.

Our unique, close connections with the Glen Waverley Secondary College management and student cohort, has given us a good understanding of the school's entry requirements, where it is heading in the coming years.  It has allowed us to work closely with GWSC, helping our clients buy the right property for the right price in the Glen Waverley Secondary College school zone for years.  In 2019 and 2020, we have a success rate of 100%!

If you are intending to buy a property in the Glen Waverley Secondary College school zone, get in touch.  Let us help you find the right property.

Glen Waverley Secondary College Quality Properties

For a limited time, there are a limited number of quality apartments available to our clients in the Glen Waverley Secondary College school zone. 

Sky Garden is a premium quality apartment situated above The Glen shopping centre.  It is literally right across the street from the GWSC.  For a limited time, there are still a few good 2 and 3 bedroom apartments from $660,000.  With buyers moving back into Melbourne, these quality apartments are being snapped up in never before seen speed.  Get in touch before it is too late.


Train: Right in the middle of Glen Waverley, is the Metro Glen Waverley train station.  It is the start of the 35 minute Glen Waverley train line to the CBD. 

Buses: Well connected by public buses throughout the suburb, and to other suburbs in and around South East Melbourne, and the Airport.

Freeway: M1 Monash Freeway - 20 mins to CBD.

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