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Property Investment Specialist

At Concierge Buyers Advocates, we believe in making it easy for everyone to purchase their dream homes and investment properties.  As Victoria's licensed real estate buyers agents, we represent the buyer's best interest when buying a property. 

To make property buying and property investment a quick, easy and enjoyable process, and we have developed an simple, streamlined property buying service to help home buyers and property investors find the right property, at the right price.  We treat every property purchase as our own and we put the same scrutiny, effort and due diligence into every single purchase. 

Whether you are a First Home Buyer, next home buyer, relocating to Melbourne, or a property investor, and planning to buy a Menbourne property, get in touch.  Let's explore how our experience can help you get the best possible property buying outcome. 

Our many satisfied clients have made us one of Melbourne's fastest growing buyer's advocate agency.  To date, we have achieved:

✅ over $100 million in purchases for our local and foreign home buyer and property investor clients;

✅ prevented our clients from overpaying by an average of $150,000;

✅ average yield of 8% for our property investor clients;

✅ over 90% success rate for our first home buyers clients;

✅ average of 80 days to buy a home or investment property for our clients.


Looking to buy properties in Melbourne?

How can our property buying service help you today?

I am buying my First Home in Victoria, I have no idea where to start.

I am relocating to Melbourne.  I need help to find my home fast.

I am looking for new properties at discounted prices and stamp duty savings.

I am too busy to search for the right property.  I do not want to deal with real estate agents.

I want to build an investment property portfolio.  I need a property consultant to help me.

I am selling my property.  I want to get the best price and reduce the selling cost.

I have a property in mind.  I need a buyer advocate to help to buy it.

I need help to manage my renovation and development work.