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How do you buy Melbourne properties while overseas or interstates?

Are you buying a Melbourne property but cannot inspect it?
Don't risk buying "sight unseen" 
Don't rely on misplaced trusts.  Seller agents do not work for buyers.
Selling agents are required by law to work for the seller, not buyer, so would you trust a selling agent's video and presentation? 
Get an independent inspection from our independent buyers advocates, and get a free property valuation report.


By law, Sales Agents work for the seller, not the buyer. 

Our local property inspection service from our team of Buyers Advocates gives you that independent, peace of mind inspection.  We work on behalf of the buyers to provide an unbiased, independent inspection and appraisal of the property.  See through the marketing bluff and get the real feedback from the pro-buyer property advisor.

What are the benefits?​

  • No more guess work

  • No more blind faith in sales agents

  • Independent inspection and assessment

  • Experienced licenced property buyers advocate

  • Trained builder who can spot issues with buildings, not shown on photographs

  • Includes FREE property appraisal (worth $220).

  • Discounted upgrade to our property purchase service, to help you negotiate for best price and bid at auctions.  

Do not risk buying "Sight Unseen"!  Buy with confidence, Buy with a independent inspection.

Have a chat with us.

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