Property Buying Made Easy

How to buy your Melbourne property in under next 6 months.  Our secrets.

If you have been 

😩 wasting weekends going through property inspections; 

😩 missing out on good properties that you wanted;

😩 confused by what the selling agents are telling you; 

😩 frustrated;

😩 fumbling around not knowing what to do?

Our Melbourne property buying service, might be what you are looking for... 😮

If you are planning to get into the property market, get in before it is too late. Time in market is always better than timing the market.

The cost of buying your own property is high.  The cost of inaction is even higher. 

A study by Canstar reveals that it takes a person an average of between 6 to 12 months to find a property.  

And in a seller's market (yes, Melbourne is currently a sellers' market), over 90% of the buyers missed out on their property purchase.  Unfortunately, those who are successful, usually ends up overpaying unwittingly.

Buying through our property buyer agent service takes only 8-12 weeks on average.  That is a savings of over $100,000!!  Here's why.

Follow through to the next page to find out what how to start your property search.

Or you can stop delaying and get in touch with us. Let us discuss if our property buying service can do the dirty work for you.

Property Market Outlook

How will the Coronavirus (COVID-19) affect the Melbourne property prices? 

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