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Relocating. Interstate/International buyers.

Buy like a local.  Buy with the right local knowledge.

Relocate Straight into your Own Home

Relocation can be a very stressful experience.  Whether you are relocating for work, for studies or just to be with your family, our Melbourne relocation house hunter service is designed for students, busy professionals and migrants like you, to help ease the pain of relocating to Melbourne. 

If you are relocating to Melbourne, or an overseas or interstates investor looking to invest in Melbourne properties, some of the challenges you will have is 

  • not understanding the Melbourne property market,

  • the logistics involved in property inspection,

  • organising the relevant pre-purchase inspections, conveyancing, financing, settlement, etc.

Buying a Melbourne property while you are physically overseas or interstate can be risky, especially if you do not  have the right reliable knowledge about the location, the selling agent and do not know the property you are buying. 

Many novice buyers have no choice but to trust the selling agent, and buy the property "sight unseen"!  You need to have a lot of trust to be doing that, as the selling agent is always legally obliged to look after the seller's interest, NOT YOU. Yes, they look after the sellers, not you. 

One way to protect yourself from unreliable sales real estate agents and get independent, unbiased advice and the real local knowledge, is to engage an in-country independent buyers advocate.  We are buyers focused real estate agents who looks after the buyers in the purchase transaction.  We are your personal property coach, guiding you and managing the whole property buying process.  From shortlisting good properties, inspecting the properties and managing the whole purchase process for you.

More and more property buyers realised the benefits of engaging our licenced Buyers Agents to represent them, search, inspect and buy their Melbourne properties. 

Our Melbourne property buying service is designed for overseas buyers, overseas investors, relocating and interstate buyers and investors purchasing Melbourne properties.

As licenced buyer's agents in Melbourne, we always act in the buyer's best interest.  We are your "on the ground" team, and we organise everything for you for a small buyer agent fee.


  • find out what you need and what you want in your new property.  

  • help you understand the rapidly changing Melbourne property market; and

  • navigate the Melbourne property market for you.

We will work to your timezone and keep you informed throughout the process. We will

  • document and provide unbiased inspection reports with images and videos to help you make the right decision. 

  • organise building and pest inspections, conveyancing and settlement for you. 

  • organise your property for lease, for no extra fee. 

  • organise to have your property furnished.

We make buying and investing in Melbourne property truly easy.

If you are relocating, we can even through in a Airport welcome service to bring you straight into your very own home.  Our Melbourne relocation buyers agent service lets you relocate into your new home from Day One.

Want to buy property the easy way?  Have a question? Feel free to ask today!