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20% OFF list price and 8% yield.
And it pays you to buy it!

What if we can find a Melbourne property that pays you to buy it?  It's not everyday that we find a good property deal such as this.  Here is our story.

This is yet another spectacular buy for one of our clients.  Who says you cannot invest in property with under $20k?  You can.  And we've bought this for our client.

This property, hiding in a Victorian town, not far from Melbourne, with an ultra low vacancy rates of just 0.2%, has just gone unconditional.  This town is by no means a low-profile town.  It has great infrastructure, great investment program, unique high profile research facilities, low vacancy and great growth.

Here are the numbers:

✅ $45,000 savings off the property list price.

✅ 21% off list price

✅ Only $8,500 cash to secure*

✅ $95,000 below bank valuation

✅ 8.1% rental yield

✅ Ultra low 0.2% rental vacancy

✅ Double size block

✅ Good Development potential for 4 to 5 new houses.

Here are the purchase numbers:

List Price: $215,000

Bought: $170,000  (a 21% savings)

Buyer Agent Fees: $11,000

Immediate Savings for our client: $34,000 

This is not just another purchase. What makes this spectacular?:

1. Immediate Equity of $95,000

The bank subsequently valued this property at $265,000, ie, this property has an immediate positive equity of $95,000!  Yes, refinance or access your equity at 80% LVR, and you'll get you'll get $19,000 cash back in your bank account almost immediately!  It literally pays you to own it!

2. Rental yield of 8.1%

Rental has been appraised at $265 per week, making this a 8.1% yield. And in this region of ultra low vacancy rates, this was leased in no time. 

3. Developers dream.  Profit circa $400,000

Did I mention this property sits on a double sized block? It is on a full 1500 sqm land.  The creative developer will have no trouble building at least 4 townhouses on this land.  New townhouses in the area are being sold at $450,000 to $500,000. Factoring a build cost of $1.2m, there is a potential for a tidy profit of $400,000 conservatively.

Positive cashflow properties like this with good rental yield and instant  capital growth are almost impossible to find.  But we found it.  

Get in touch, if you want a similar one.  We cannot promise we'll find another one with such potentials, but we'll be working hard to get something for you.


* Buyers eligible for the First Home Loan Deposit scheme pays only $8,500 to secure this!

SS - 20% OFF list price and 8% yield. Plus more!: Projects
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