Our Buying Track Record

Here is what our buyer's advocates are buying.

Melbourne based Concierge Buyers Advocates has been buying actively all across Melbourne and Victoria.  We help our clients secure some of the most unique properties across Victoria.
Here are some of our extreme performance records.
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Furthest purchase.

While we try to focus on our core Eastern and South-Eastern Melbourne property buying service, we cannot help but notice this great deal 3 hours away, in the Victorian Goldfields.

List Price: $215,000

Bought: $170,000  (a 20% discount!)

Bank valuation: $265,000

Rental: $265 per week (8.1% yield)

This property literally pays for itself.


Quickest Purchase

This property in regional Victoria deserves the title of fastest purchase. Listed in the morning, and we bought in 1 day.  8 business hours, to be exact.


Crappiest Purchase

Advertised as in need of some "Tender Loving Care" (TLC).  This property purchase in Western Melbourne has got to be one of the worse purchase.  Not a single plasterboard can be kept.

But we know what we are doing.  It was for a renovation and flip client.  And we got this at a good discount.