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Our Property Buying Track Record

We’re proud of the properties we’ve found, negotiated/bid and bought for our property buying clients.  Here are some of our recent buys through our Buyers Advocacy service, throughout Melbourne, Victoria and Australia.

Our Melbourne based Buyers Agents have been buying homes and investment properties all over Melbourne and Australia.  We help buyers outsmart the property market and buy some of the most unique properties.
Here are some of our extreme buying records and recent buys.

Recent Buys - Melbourne Buyers Advocates

It is a fact. 

Not everyone will benefit from the services of a Buyers Agent in Melbourne.  In fact, our service commitment mandates that, if we believe our customers will NOT benefit from the services of a Buyers Advocate, we will not enrol them.  That is our integrity.

This is why our sign up process is called an Expression of Interest.  And every month, we reject between 3-5 customers for every customer we enrol.

For customers who have successfully been accepted into our services, they have all benefited from:

  • Good Capital Growth of over 20% in a short period

  • Good Rental Yield

  • Significant Savings off property price

  • Fast and confident buying

  • Saving them time, money and stress.

Read about their experience in their testimonials.


Half a Million Dollars Saved!


We hate hindsights.  We love insights! 

If we have the "undo" button in the real world, every property buyer can safely avoid costly trial and error mistakes.  But, in real life, we don't.  One wrong move, and a mistake could mean that you will be overpaying millions or losing hundreds of thousands.  One such example is this particular purchase for one of our clients.

This house purchase in the eastern Melbourne Suburb of Ashwood blew us off our feet.

Through our local knowledge, research and analysis of the market, we developed a buying strategy that saved our lovely first home buyer couple a whopping $500,000!  Yes, that is half a million dollars in savings.  Considering the a small Buyer's Advocates Fee they paid, this savings is insane!


Here are the numbers:

Auction Result: Passed in at $2,750,000

Auction Reserve Price: ~$3,000,000

Did not sell after auction negotiations.

Relisted Price: $2,550,000

Negotiated Price: $2,450,000

A cool $500,000 less than auction reserve price!!

Moral of the story: Know your market.  Buying properties that had been passed in at auctions, need not mean it will be more expensive.  Always do your independent due diligence.  Always get the property independently appraised or valued, to get a genuine  feel for the value of the property, and avoid the need to wish for an "undo" button.  Relying on the real estate agent's Statement of Information without understanding the context and agent's agenda is often a BIG and costly mistake.  Our buyers would have paid $3million to buy this, if they had relied on the Sales Agent's sales pitch and not trusted us.

Our independent property assessment service is affordable, from only $88 per property.  Contact us today to learn more about our property insights and how we can help you make informed buying decisions. 

Read more about this story.

Cutest cabin we found in Iceland_edited.jpg

Furthest Investment Property Buy

This is literally INSTANT CASH-BACK!

While our core property buying service focuses in Eastern and South-Eastern Melbourne, we cannot help but notice this fantastic deal 3.5 hours away, in the Victorian Goldfields.  We jumped on an impromptu day trip, and bought this shortly after our inspection.  This was back in 2018, and as they say, the rest is history.  This property is valued at $350,000+ today (June 2023).

List Price: $215,000

Bought: $170,000  (a 20% discount!)

Bank valuation: $265,000 at purchase

Rental: $265 per week (8.1% yield)

This property literally pays for itself.

Good yield, undervalued property.


Fastest Home Buying Record

This property in regional Victoria deserves our title of fastest property purchase.  It was listed in the morning, and within a day, we bought it.  8 business hours, to be exact.  And it is not a haphazard buy either.  It's all planned, and nicely executed.
In a seller's market, we just have to be fast.  Do your preparations and get ready to buy.

Client had been searching for almost a year, and had not been successful with over 10 offers.  We took 1 day to buy one for them.


Coolest Renovation-and-Flip
Investment Property Buy

Advertised as "in need of some Tender Loving Care" (TLC).  This property purchase in a Western Melbourne suburb has got to be one of our worst purchase.  It has to be stripped down to frame!  Not a single plasterboard can be kept.

It was for a renovation and flip investor client, and this is the perfect property for them.  And, of course, we got this property at a real good discount to make his effort worthwhile.

Let's look at the numbers:

Bought at $270,000, in a suburb with median $490,000

Buyers Agent Fees: $15,000

Renovation cost: $95,000 in 3 months

Sold for $535,000

Profit: $155,000 in 4 months.

We have bought more challenging.  But some of those photos are not suitable for public eyes.

If you are after a good reno-flip project, let us know.  We will help you find and buy one.

Recent Buys: Projects

More Recent Buys

Clients' Privacy is our top concern.

While we would love to, we do not feature all our private clients' purchases, or if a client has request for the information removal.  In any case, information shown here anonymised.  In the interest of protecting our clients' privacy, please do not ask for location. 

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