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Concierge Buyers Advocates Services

One stop Property Buying Services
Confident | Fast | Pro-Buyer
Saving you time, money and stress

Your one-stop home and investment property buying service in Melbourne. 
Our complete range of services and partners caters to the needs of all local, interstates, and international buyers.

Don't let the stress of property buying overwhelm you - We do the heavy lifting! 
Get in touch with us today and experience a modern, stress-free, hassle-free property buying experience.

Complete Property Buying Service

Your Property buying Concierge
Get Ahead. Buy with Confidence.

Trying to get ahead in the property market, but kept missing out or not sure where or how to start searching?  Our stress-free property buying service helps you break into the property market.  Get a headstart with the right property and set yourself up for success.

Our 3 Step process will help you

  1. Discover

  2. Showcase

  3. Own

your dream property fast and confidently, saving you time, money and stress.

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Auction Bidding

Bid with Confidence at Auctions

Found your dream home / investment property and need help preparing and bidding at the auction? 

Don't let the stress of auctions stop you from buying your dream home.  Our auction bidding service represents YOU, the buyer, at auctions.  We will prepare you for the auction, helping you understand the property's value, what other buyers are prepared to pay and we will even bid on your behalf.  Don't let your emotions ruin your dream, bid and budget.

We protect you from the stress of auctions and prevent you from outbidding yourself at auctions.  

Renovation / Project Management

For the busy Renovator Investor - Renovate and Flip with ease

Too busy to manage your property renovations?

Or do you need some help to guide and help you manage your renovation and property flipping project?

Our Project Management Service will run the project for you.

Our RUN My Projects project management service will organise your renovation project, ensuring it is on time and on budget.  Our buyers agents and project managers are trained builders and we know the building code and what can or cannot be done.

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Relocation Service - House Hunter

Relocate into the comfort of Your Own Home

Are you planning to move to Melbourne, Australia?


Relocating can be a daunting experience, but our relocation house hunter service can help make the process easier.  Our team of experts will work with you to understand your needs and preferences for your new property.  We'll also provide insights into the dynamic Melbourne property market and guide you through the entire process of finding, inspecting, and buying your ideal home.

Don't let the stress of relocating get in the way of your new life in Melbourne.  Contact us today to learn more about our hassle-free relocation house hunter service.

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Pay only the best price for the property

Found your dream home or investment property?  Buy it at the best possible price.  Our negotiation service will negotiate on your behalf, helping you buy the property at the best price.  Do not overpay.

Sales agents are professional negotiators.  They are trained to extract every single dollar from you.  Our trained buyer's advocate negotiators represents you and negotiate on your behalf.

Get the buyers advantages when your offer is presented by buyers advocates.  We qualify our clients and professionally prepares our clients' offer.  Sales agents know this.  And they liked it.

1. We've been buying properties for over 20 years, and we know the techniques selling agents use to extract every single dollar from you.  We protect you from the stress of having to deal with them.

2. We negotiate, to get the best purchase outcome for YOU, the buyer.  We will put together a strategy for your purchase, based on your investment strategy, needs and wants.  And we manage the entire negotiation process on your behalf.

3. Having a buyer's advocate present your offer shows you are serious, well qualified and well prepared.  You know what the property is worth and you are sincere with the offer.  Sales agents  know they cannot take you for a ride.  And they take our offers seriously.  They know they are up against another professional negotiator. 

Our strict qualification process ensures our buyers are ready, and our accurate assessment of the value and demand for the property helps convince the agents and sellers that you are serious.  And they are more willing to meet our price and conditions.  Afterall, if you are serious enough to pay for the buyer's agent services, no selling agents will take your offer lightly.

Property Inspection

Get an expert opinion on the condition of the property from our trained builders buyers advocates.  Avoid blind buying and make informed decisions with our low cost inspection.

Are you unable to attend the property inspection for your dream home or investment property in Melbourne?  Don't worry, our expert property inspection services are here to help.  Our experienced buyers agents are trained builders, equipped to identify and evaluate any issues with the property.

Make an informed decision with our unbiased, professional feedback, and avoid blind buying.  Trust our expertise to give you peace of mind when making one of the biggest investments of your life.

Contact us today for a comprehensive property inspection service.

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Property Appraisal

Get an expert opinion on the Property Value. 
Make an offer with expert insights.  Don't overpay.
Money back, if our property appraisal is way off the mark.

Get an independent real estate consultant's appraisal of the property value, before you make any offers or sell. 

Whether you are selling or buying, property appraisals by the sales agents are loaded with hidden agendas.  Here's why.

An independent appraisal by our licenced real estate buyers advocates gives you an accurate, unbiased idea of the property's value.  We have no hidden agendas.  We do you want your property listing, and we do not want to attract you into buying the property. 

We only want you to pay the right price for the property.  Our tried and tested appraisal methodology have been proven to assess the final sale price accurately.  We are so confident of the accuracy of our reports that we back our reports with a money-back guarantee.

Stop buying blindly.  Buy with the right insights.

Find out how.

Other Property Buying and Investment Services

We see referrals as a continuation of our service experience.  We want to maintain the confidence, integrity, independence and trust that we are known for to continue.  So, we are selective with our panels of referral partners.

Our trusted partners provide a wide range of real estate investment services, including property management, legal assistance, financing, and more.
Get in touch with us and we'll provide a FREE referral to our hand-picked partners.
Let us help you achieve your property investment dreams with ease and confidence!

Mortgage Brokers and Refinancing

The best mortgage rates and financing advice for your home and investment property buying.

A chat with our team of tried and tested mortgage brokers and finance partners will help you understand your serviceability and budget.  They will also understand your needs and help you structure your mortgage facilities for the best possible rates and future growth.  Stop running around for the best rates.  Minimise your search.   ​ On top of prevailing cash back promotion provided by the lenders, you can also be eligible for an additional $1000 from us, when you engage our buying service.  It's a win-win-win for you.

Property Management

Manage your Investment Property Rentals

Looking for property managers to manage your rental property?  We can source for the best property managers to look after your investment property.

Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF)

Regain control of your retirement funds. A SMSF lets you determine where your retirement funds are invested in.

Ever thought of property investment through a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF)? Our professional SMSF partners can guide you through the process and manage the process to ensure you are benefiting from your SMSF structures.

Professional Referrals

Let us work together to complete our customer's property buying journey

Mortgage Brokers - We help your clients buy their homes fast.  Settle on the loan that you've organised for them, and get paid sooner. Financial Planners - Our property buyers help you and your clients find the right types of properties with the right characteristics to complete your client's investment portfolio. Accountants - Let our property buyers help your clients build their retirement nest. Or if you have a real estate related services which can benefit our clients, get in touch.  Let us discuss how we can help our clients achieve their home ownership and property investment dreams.

Solicitor and Conveyancing

Your legal bits.  Understanding and protecting your property purchase.

Found your property and need someone to review the contract and make sure the sales contract is legitimate and ensure the properly  will be transferred to you without undue hiccups? Our network of trusted solicitors and conveyancing services will be able to manage that for you.

Depreciation Schedule - Quantity Surveying

Maximise the Returns From Your Investment Property

Every item has a limited lifespan.  And as property investors, chances are, the cost of the items and chattels in the property can be depreciated over its useful life.  Our accountants and quantity surveyors partners can work with you to help you understand what you can do with your investment and maximise your returns.

Property Staging - Furnish Your Property

Furnish Your Home, Investment Property or AirBnB Property Without Lifting a Finger

Bought your new home or investment property?  No time to furnish your home, BnB property or executive serviced accommodation? ​ We work with some great residential fit-out specialists and home furnishing consultants who can furnish the property for you, saving you precious time and wasted weekends. ​ Chat with us to find out more.

Professional or Community Groups Affiliation

Let us keep the property investors within your community up to date with the ever changing property market.

If you are part of a professional or community groups, our buyers advisors are more than happy to be part of your professional groups or community groups to provide property buying or investment inputs, market outlook for your property investors.  Group discounts could be available for your group members if they chose to engage our buying services. To date, we've been working with Medical Professional Groups, Informational Technology Real Estate Investment groups and Migrant Community Groups.

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