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Confident Property Buying.

Avoid the inflated pricing.

As full service buyers agents and property consultants in Melbourne, our range of services and industry partners helps provide a complete range of property buying services to our local, inter-states and international clients.

Get in touch with us, discuss what you're after and we will get it done for you.

Some of the services we provide includes...

Complete Property Buying Service

Buy Fast. Buy with Confidence.

Trying to get into the property market, but kept missing out or not sure where to start searching?

Our 3 Step process will help you

  1. Discover

  2. Showcase

  3. Own

your dream property fast and confidently.

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Negotiation Only

Get the best possible price for the property

Found your ideal property and want to buy it at the best possible price? Our negotiation helps you understand what is possible and buy the property at the best possible price.

We've been buying properties for over 20 years, and we know the techniques the selling agents use. 

Negotiation is all about getting the best purchase outcome for YOU, the buyer.  We will put together a strategy for your purchase, depending on your needs, investment strategy, needs and wants.

And we will manage the entire negotiation process on your behalf.

Auction Bidding

Bid with Confidence at Auctions

Found your ideal property but the property is going for an auction? 

Our auction bidding service represents YOU, the buyer, during auctions.  We let you know what the property is worth, what others are prepared to pay and bid on your behalf.  Don't let your emotions  ruin your bid.  

We prevent you from outbidding yourself at auctions.  

Property Inspection

Get an expert opinion on your Property Inspection

Found a property and want to have an expert opinion on the condition of the property, before you make an offer, or you simply cannot attend the open for inspection?

Our buyers agents are trained builders and we know what to look for, how to identify issues and able to give you an unbiased, professional feedback on the property.  

Stop buying blindly.

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Property Appraisal

Get an expert opinion on your Property Value

Found a property and want to have an independent expert opinion on the value of the property, before you make an offer?  Or if you are selling and want to get the property independently appraised? 

An independent appraisal by one of our real estate agents will give you an accurate idea of what the property is worth.  We are so confident of our report, that we are giving you a guarantee on its accuracy. 

Stop buying blindly.

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Relocation Service - House Hunter

Relocate Straight into Your Own Home

Moving to Melbourne, Australia?

Relocation can be a very stressful experience.  Our relocation house hunter service is designed to help you ease the pain of relocating to Melbourne. 

We'll find out what you need and what you want in your new property.  We will help you understand the rapidly changing Melbourne property market, and help navigate the Melbourne property market for you.

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Renovation / Project Management

For the busy Investor / Renovator / Property Flipper

Too busy to manage the renovations?

When you are ready to renovate your property, our Project Management Service will run that for you.

Our RUN My Projects project management service will organise your renovation project, ensuring it is on time and on budget.  Our buyers agents are trained builders and we know the building code and what can or cannot be done.

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Other Services

From our Trusted Property Partners

Mortgage Brokers

Get a pre-approval.  Find out your borrowing capacity.

When searching for your dream property, speed to market is an important advantage over other buyers. 

Having a good understanding of your borrowing capacity and getting a pre-approval from a mortgage lender gives you the confidence in shortlisting and selecting the right property. 

We put you in touch with some of the best mortgage brokers to give you the appropriate financial advice and strategy.  Whether you want the best rates, or the best serviceability, they find a suitable mortgage pre-approvals from over 50 lenders they work with. 

Talk to us.

Solicitor and Conveyancing

Your legal bits.  Understanding and protecting your property purchase.

Found your property and need someone to review the contract and make sure the title is properly transferred to you?
Our network of trusted solicitors and conveyancing services will be able to manage that for you.

Property Management

Manage your Investment Property Rentals

Looking for property managers to manage your rental property?
We can recommend some of the best property management teams whom we believe will give you the best service.

Property Staging - Furnish Your Property

Furnish Your Home or AirBnB Property Without Lifting a Finger

Bought your new home or investment property?  No time to furnish your home, BnB property or executive serviced accommodation?

We work with some great residential fit-out specialists and home furnishing consultants who can furnish the property for you, saving you precious time and wasted weekends.

Chat with us to find out more.

Depreciation Schedule - Quantity Surveying

Maximise Your New Investment Property

As property investors, you might be able to depreciate what you have invested.  Our team of accountants and quantity surveyors can work with you to help you understand what your investment and maximise your returns.