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Property Your House?

Sell your property fast. And save on selling commission.
Find the right real estate agent. Get the Best Selling Price.

To maximise the returns from a property sale, most sellers focus on the selling price.  But, did you know, there are many other ways of maximising your sales returns?  Are you getting the best bang for your buck?​

Our buyer's advocates are constantly in touch with real estate sales agents and buyers who are looking to buy properties, and we might have a buyer for you.

Or if we don't, we've met enough agents to know what makes a good agent, what types of agent/s can manage the sale diligently and we would also know other ways and ideas to maximise your sale.  If your property is local to us, we know who the good agents are, their style and effectiveness first hand.  We will be able to find the good agents for the type of properties you have, so you get the best from the sale.

So, before you think of selling, have a chat with us.  We can save you tens and thousands in agent commission, or we might have ideas to give you a boost in valuation or help find the best agent for you.

Off-Market property. Discounted property. List your property.

Benefits of Using a Buyers Agent to help your Property Sale

The tried and tested unconventional way of property selling.

Selling your property and want to save on agency fees?  Talk to us.

As Melbourne-based buyer's agents, we do not sell your property for you.  But we constantly have property buyers who are buying properties.  And we might have a buyer for your property.  The buyers in our database and network are finance-ready, premium clients and investors, who are willing to pay a decent premium for the right property.  Our property buyers and investors looking for:

✅ off-market properties / pre-market properties

✅ properties with permits and plans

✅ properties with development potential

✅ near new properties​

✅ new house-land properties

If we have a right buyer for your property, we will link you up with them, and help you manage the sale, usually at no cost to you.  You only pay for the conveyancing.  You save on selling agent's commission fees, listing and marketing costs.  There are no other costs involved.  That's a total savings of tens of thousands of dollars. 

We can also sell the property on your behalf (for a small fee) or find a good agent with our vendor advocacy service.  So, talk to us before you talk to a sales agent.

Right now, we have buyers looking to buy properties in these areas.

Let us know. Drop us an email.

Vendor advocacy.  Find the best property agent to sell house.

Vendor Advocacy

Find the right agent to sell your property.

Finding the right agent to sell your property is as critical as having a good property for sale.

As buyers' advocates, we've interacted with many agents, and we have seen them in action.  We know, first hand, their selling style, how they manage people wanting to buy your property.  We know their expertise, strengths and skill sets.  We have dealt with a wide spectrum of sales agents and we know who will get the best sales for the property you are selling. 

With our vendor advocacy service, we use our insider experience and knowledge to help you maximise the potential of your property sale.  We

  • look at why you want to sell,

  • look at when you need to sell,

  • give you an independent, realistic appraisal and valuation on your property,

  • explore ways to maximise your sale,

  • identify potential buyer demographics, and

  • select the best agent to manage the sale for you. 

Maximise your sales price by selling your property through the agent with the right skills, character traits, experience to your property..

Maximise property selling price. Get the best price for your property.

Property Styling, Staging and Renovations.

Get the Best Price for Your Property

We inspect properties everyday.  We have seen lots of properties.  We know what can sell for a higher price. Our team of builder-trained property buying consultants will advise ways to touch up or stage your property to get the best sales outcome for your property. 

Talk to us. 

We will work with you to help you achieve a higher price.  And we have investors who are ready to invest in helping you achieve that better price.  We also have specialists property stylists who will stage your property so that they fetch a better price.  Find out more.  Email us.

Clients who have used our services, have consistently improved their property values by over $100,000. 

Image by Tim Mossholder

Properties Wanted

Save on Selling Fees.  Sell your house fast.
We have buyers are looking for properties in these areas.

Right now, we have buyers ready to invest and buy in these areas.  If you have properties in one of these areas or nearby suburbs, get in touch. 


You pay no selling agent fees.  Yes, sell your house for zero commission.

Sell your house fast.

Some of the properties we're looking for now:

Residential Properties

1. Mount Waverley, min 650sqm, 4 bedroom house.

2. land Melbourne CBD and inner suburbs

3. Glen Waverley. min 1000sqm land, premium location.

4. Ballarat / Bendigo

5. Gippsland regional cities

Commercial Properties

1.  Warehouses

2.  Offices

You pay no selling fees, if your property is suitable and is sold through us.

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