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Land Wanted
We have a buyer for your land

Selling your land?  We might have a buyer for you.
Reduce your land selling costs by 69%!
Sell your land fast, and get more of your money back!

Do not let the cost of selling your land eat into your returns. 

Talk to us first, before you talk to any other agents.  We have finance ready buyers and investors looking to buy your land.  And they could be looking for your land. 

Selling your land is costly, when you sell it through a sales agent.  Here is what a typical cost of selling your land looks like:

  • Selling Agent Commission: 1.65% to 3.3%

  • Marketing costs: $3,000 to $5,000

  • Conveyancing, legals: $1,500 

For a typical value of a $500,000 Melbourne land, it can cost up to $21,500 or more. OR

But it does not need to be this way


Here is what the real estate sales agents do not want you to know:

The good news:  We can reduce your selling costs to under $2,000.  Yes, get up to $20,000 back!  A savings of 69%!

Here's how you can save on the selling costs for your property: 

We are licenced property buyers advocates.  IE, we are licenced real estate agents who only focus on buying properties for our exclusive clients.  We always have a pool of buyers, investors and developers looking to buy your properties.  All our buyers are finance ready and ready to buy your properties for their investment and/or projects.  If you have a land to sell your property, get in touch with us.  If our client  buys your land, you will only need to pay your legal and conveyancing costs.  We would love to, but we couldn't pay the conveyancing fees for you, as there would be a conflict of interest.  This is the only cost you pay.  You pay only for your conveyancing, and not marketing or sales commissions.

Note: This will only work if you do not have any exclusive listing with any other agents.  Otherwise, you could still be liable for other contractual costs with your listing agents.  Call us before you call them!

Save a massive 69% of your selling cost.  Get up to $20,000 back in your pockets.  NO GIMMICKS.

Properties Wanted: Service
Sell your land. We have a buyer for your land.

Buyers Ready to Buy Land

If you have a land to sell, we have buyers who are ready to buy your land. 
Get in touch with us first, and you could save yourself some significant selling fees.
Right now, we have buying looking to buy in these areas.

Properties Wanted: List

Land Wanted in 

Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane

Major Cities and towns throughout Australia

  • We have a pool of pre-qualified buyers ready to buy your land.

  • Residential Land. 

  • Min 330 sqm. 

  • Frontage min 15m.

  • Flat land. 

  • Near amenities.

  • Must be suitable for townhouse development.

Land Wanted in

Melbourne Metropolitan / Greater Melbourne

  • Residential Land. Min 900 sqm. 

  • Frontage min 20m.

  • Must be suitable for townhouse development.

Land Wanted in  *BOUGHT*
Clyde - South East Melbourne

  • Land approximately 52 Hectares or 129 acres or 520,000 sqm

  • Realistic budget

  • Urgent


Industrial Land - West Gippsland

  • Land - Industrial / Commercial

  • 8,000 sqm to 21,000 sqm / 2 acres to 5 acres

  • Must be suitable for industrial use.


Residential Land - West Gippsland

  • Land - Residential / Rural / Lifestyle

  • 8,000 sqm to 21,000 sqm / 2 acres to 5 acres

  • Must be suitable for Single Dwelling Residential use.

Updated: 1 August 2023

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