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First Home Buyers Agents

Buy Your First Home 3 Times Faster and Outsmart the Property Market Today!
Avoid the noob mistakes.
Our First Home Buyers Agents help First Home Buyers 
Buy what you want confidently.

Don't let hesitation and indecisiveness slow you down.  The decision-making process is complicated and slow, and good properties won't wait around for hesitant buyers.  This is where we can help.
As Melbourne's trusted buyer agents, we help first home buyers find their dream homes in some of Melbourne's most exclusive and premium suburbs. 
Don't miss out on your dream home again - contact us today to start your journey towards home ownership.

Over 90% of first home buyers felt left out as they kept missing out on good properties.

It is not the first home buyers' fault that they felt this way.  And it definitely does not need to be this way.

Most first home buyers are unsure of the home buying process.  The lack of confidence results in them being indecisive and spending too much time (or not enough time) doing the necessary due diligence.  First home buyers are also often mislead by the sales advertisements and are unaware or too slow to respond to changing market conditions.  Thus they kept missing out on good properties. 

Missing out in a rising market means you will eventually be priced out of their preferred locations, with each failed purchase attempt.  It's not the first home buyers fault. buying the first home is one of the biggest investment in your lives, and your have to be fast, confident and certain.


If any of the below struggles describe you, you're the typical first home buyers:

  • what properties are suitable for them,

  • the pros and cons of different types of properties in the market,

  • where to find good properties,

  • how to access good properties,

  • how to evaluate and do the proper due diligence on the properties they found.


We understand the first home buyers problems.  And we are here to help.

Good properties in Melbourne do not wait for the indecisive buyer.

Good properties are sold within days.

In the competitive Melbourne property market, experienced buyers and professional property buyers such as Buyer's Advocates or Buyers Agents, often have a significant buying advantage.  Here is why:

1. Professional Buyers know what they want, where to find them

Professional buyers know the applicable due diligence checks, where to look for the property they want, how to value a property and know how to buy them.  While first home buyers often spend weeks and months studying, researching the location, the properties, and basic skills such as how to buy properties.  And when they saw what they wanted, the good properties would have already been snapped up by the faster, more experienced and professional buyers.  This is why the novice and first home buyers usually ends up with the less desirable homes. 

Here is what first home buyers can do:

Rookie buyers need to get the right help to gain an advantage over the other un-assisted buyers.  For a small fee, our first home buyers agent helps buyers navigate the complex property buying processes, making it easy for first home buyers to outsmart other experienced buyers, buy their properties quickly and confidently.  We level the playing field.  Our buyers agents have access to good networks, industry contacts, and smart tools to help identify, shortlist and pick the top-grade homes.  We are always monitoring the market, and we know a good property when we see one.  We will prepare you, making sure you are always ready and always one-step ahead of other first home buyers.  Don't follow the crowd.  Beat them.  Lead the crowd.

2. Sales Agents Prioritise Buyers Agents

It is also a little-known secret that many seller agents prioritise buyer's agents' purchase.  Buyers Agents and Sales Agents talk the same language.  We are working on different sides of the same table, and we have the same goal.  Sales Agents have a property to sell, and Buyers Agents have qualified buyers ready to buy the property they are selling.  

Sales agents know "buyers agents like you do not sit around".  We are always prepared.  We always qualify our clients, and make offers only when we are 100% sure the clients are certain and prepared to buy. 

And because of our integrity and reputation, sales agents always give our buyers agents the priority before good properties are released to the public.  They know our buyers' agent's business model is built around efficiency, integrity and trust.  They know professional buyer's agents have qualified buyers who are ready to buy.  

We educate our clients, prepare our clients and guide our clients throughout the whole process, ensuring we are all prepared to make an offer anytime.  We know what our client wants, and what our clients can pay. 

Sales agents know that.  The buyers we represent are well qualified, prepared, and our offers are educated and reasonable.

Thus when sales agents are approached by our buyers agents, they know they have a red-hot offer and it is going to be a 99% confirmed sale.  The only thing stopping a sale is them accepting our offer.  To the Sales Agent, it is up to 10 times easier and faster to sell their properties when the buyer is represented by buyers agent. 

They know that.  That is why they often accept our lower offers, because they know our buyers are ready.

This is precisely why first-time homebuyers who attempt to navigate the market without the assistance of buyer advocates often find themselves considering lower-quality homes that have been passed-over by experienced professionals.  Thus, buyers who go it alone often spend months or even years searching for suitable properties or settling for compromises.

Affordable First Home Buying Service is here

Buyers agents used to be an exclusive and expensive service.  But that is no longer the case.


Here at Concierge Buyers Advocates, we keep our costs low to keep our fees low.  We maintained a mobile team, streamline our processes, and remove the unnecessary overheads.  We developed a low cost, efficient First Home Buyers advocacy service, for first home buyers.

Our First Home Buyers' agent service is a 3-step process designed to give first home buyers a fair-go at property buying.  We give you access to high quality properties, guide and educate first home buyers like yourself, and prevent first home buyers from buying the wrong properties ever again.  Here is how our 3 step process work:

1. Discover

When you engage our buyer agent services, we go through our unique, proprietary onboarding process to discover what you need, what you want and what your plans are.  We help you understand what might be available, explore what other options you can consider, and discuss strategies to help you buy your home in the competitive Melbourne and Victoria property market. 

2. Showcase

Let us worry about buying the properties you want in Melbourne.  We will do everything.  We deal with the sales agents, do the search, research, shortlist and showcase the best properties available for you from the open market, off market sources and from our networks.


3. Own

And when we found what you wanted, we help you own it!  We organise the A-Zs of property buying, from bidding at auctions, negotiations, inspections, conveyancing to settlement, making sure the property can be legally and seamlessly transferred to you, saving you months of anguish, anxiety, and stress.

It is that easy!


If you are planning to buy your first home in Melbourne, talk to us.  Let us explore if our first home buying service is right for you, and for you to understand how you can benefit from our first home buying service.

Our First Home Buyer service has consistently enabled our clients to buy their first homes in under 3 months.  This is up to 3 times faster than if you were to buy your first home on your own.  In a competitive buyers market, the faster you buy, the more you save, provided you do not overpay.  OR in a slow market, we negotiate effectively, to ensure you only pay the best price for your first home.

Still not sure how a Buyers Advocates can help a First Home Buyer?

Read about this case study of 2 buyers.  It is a true story of how two groups of friends started their first home buying journey, and one group of buyer had to spend 50% MORE when they chose to buy without a Buyers Agent's assistance.  Read here.

If you are a First Home Buyers, and are ready to buy, ask about our lower fees offer for First Home Buyers.

You might also be eligible for First Home Buyer's Grants?  Find out if you're eligible for the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) here.

Eight things Every First Home Buyer Must Know Before Buying Your First Home

First Home Buyers almost always miss out on their properties and they end up buying properties passed over by professional buyer's agents.  And here are other facts sales agents do not want you to know:

Did you know?

❗  Sales agents work for the seller, not the buyer.  Sales agents are thus, legally required, to get the best outcome for the seller, which usually means the highest price. 

❗  Sales agents are trained to negotiate to extract every single cent from buyers.

❗  Over 80% of the First Home Buyers do not know what they want, what to look for, where to search, and more importantly, they have no idea where to start and have no time to do the actual house hunting.

❗  Over 80% of the remaining 20% thought they knew what to look for, but ended up buying the wrong property;

❗  Over 80% of first home buyers ended up buying the wrong types of properties in the wrong places;

❗  Over 90% of first home buyers are not successful in their purchase;

❗  And 70% of those who successfully bought their property, ended up overpaying, putting them in a bad position for up to 10 years or more;

❗  Not all properties that are marketed to first home buyers are suitable for first home buyers.  

Sounds complicated and confusing?  Unfortunately, it is.  The sales process is stacked against the buyers.  The traditional real estate agents are sales agents and their job is to convince you to buy what they are selling.  It is not in their interest to know if the property is suitable for you.  They are all trained to make every property look like a gem.  And it is thus difficult for novice property buyers to see through the fluff to understand what the property is really worth.  This is why first home buyers ended up buying the wrong property and overpaying for it.

For a small fee, our First Home Buying service lets first home buyers get ahead of the other buyers, and see through the marketing fluff.  Our buyers advocates help first home buyers: 

✅ improve the property buying success rate to over 98%.

✅ understand which property is suitable for first home buyers

✅ understand which types of properties is NOT for them 

✅ understand what the property is really worth confidently

✅ understand the price they should be paying for the property

✅ saving them time, stress and money.

Get ahead of the pack.  Outsmart the other home buyers and grab what you want confidently and quickly.

Our Offer for First Home Buyers

For a limited time, 

Get a further $1000 discount on Our First Home Buyers Advocacy Service, when you mention this article.

Yes, we're giving eligible first home buyers a $1000 discount off our services. 

To be eligible for this, you must:

  1. be eligible for the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG); and 

  2. be signed up to our First Home Buyer's program; and

  3. book in your FREE consultation today!

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