First Home Buyers

Melbourne First Home Buyers Service.  How to buy the right first homes fast.

🏡 Planning to buy your first home?

Buying your first home in Melbourne is always a daunting and scary task.  We understand your anxiety as a First Home Buyer in Melbourne.  As one of Melbourne's top buyers agent services for the first home buyers, we have helped many First Home Buyers in Melbourne get into their first homes. 

If you've been waiting to get into the Melbourne property market, do not wait.  The property downturn officially ended in April 2019.  The recovery since then has been spectacular, and Melbourne property prices has returned to peak levels, last seen in 2017.  And despite the COVID-19 pandemic, property prices will continue to rise further. 

Looking at recent sales, bidding and market activities, there are clear signs that the pent-up demand and Fear-of-missing-out (FOMO) is still not losing any steam.  It still has a long way to go.  Property prices are expected to rise a further 10% this year.

First Home Buyers:  What you should know about buying your first home.

First Home Buyers almost always missed out on their properties.

❗  over 80% of the First Home Buyers whom we've met, are not sure what they want, what to look for, where to search for, and more importantly, have no time to do the actual search.

❗  over 80% of the remaining 20% thought they knew what they wanted and what to look for, but they ended up buying the wrong property.

❗  over 80-90% of first home buyers are not successful in their purchase

❗  and 80% of those who successfully bought their property, ended up overpaying for it, putting them in a bad position for the next 10 years.

❗  not all properties are suitable for first home buyers, and not all properties that are marketed to first home buyers are suitable for first home owners.

✅ First home buyers who used buyer's advocate services like our property buying service has a success rate of over 98%?

✅ How do you know which property is suitable for first home buyers like you?

✅ How do you know which first home is NOT suitable for you? 

✅ Can you confidently say how much a property is worth? If you can't, how do you know what you should be paying?

What's next for the First Home Buyer?