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Good properties do not wait for buyers. 

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Probably the biggest problems faced by first home buyers in Melbourne is the lengthy, slow decision making process.  The hesitation.  The indecisiveness.  
Good properties do not wait for buyers.  Buyers Agents, professional buyers and confident buyers are snapping up good properties, leaving the lesser properties to slower buyers like first home buyers.
How do professional buyers buy fast?


Over 90% of first home buyers felt left out as they kept missing out on good properties.

It is not their fault that they felt this way.  And it does not need to be this way.

Many are too slow to make a decision because they are either not confident of what is available, or have to spend too long to do their due diligence, AFTER the property has been listed.  Most first home buyers simply lack the home buying experience (isn't this obvious?) and knowledge to spot a good property and make their decision fast and confidently.

But those are not the only reasons.  Very often, they also struggle to understand:

  • what properties are suitable,

  • what are the pros and cons of different property types,

  • where to find good properties,

  • how to access good properties,

  • how to buy good properties.

Good properties in Melbourne do not wait for the slow buyer.

In a sellers market, experienced buyers and professional property buyers such as Buyer's Advocates or Buyers Agents, have a buying advantage.  They know what they want, where to find them, and how to buy it. 

First home buyers can spend weeks and months studying, researching the location, the property, or even how to buy properties.  And when you know what you wanted, the good properties would have already been snapped up by the fast, experienced buyers and professional buyers.

That is where buyers, with the right help, can gain the advantage over un-assisted buyers.  A buyers agents' role is to help buyers navigate the complex property buying process, making it easy for first home buyers to outsmart other buyers, buy their properties confidently and quickly.  Buyers agents also have access to good networks, industry contacts, and smart tools to help shortlist and pick the grade A homes.  They are always monitoring the market, and they know a good property when they see one, and they are ready to react and make an offer before anyone else has the time to do their due diligence.  

So, this explains why the novice and slow home buyers usually ends up  with the less desirable homes. 

It is also a little known fact that many seller agents prefer to give buyer's agents the heads up on good properties before they are openly released.  They know buyer's agents have qualified and serious buyers who are always ready to buy.  They know the buyers' agent's business model is built around efficiency, integrity and trust.  And buyers agents (buyers advocates) like us, only engage qualified clients.  We know what our client wants, and what our clients can afford.  Thus when sales agents are approached by a buyers agent, they know it it is going to be a quick sale.  It is easier and faster to sell their properties through buyers agents, and they get paid faster.

Thus first home buyers usually end up looking through homes that had been passed over by professionals.  And have no choice but to spend months and years trying to find good properties to buy.

First Home Buying Services is not Expensive.

Buyers agents used to be an expensive service.  But the good news is, here at Concierge Buyers Advocates, we have streamlined our processes and developed a low cost, efficient First Home Buyers advocacy service, for first home buyers.

This First Home Buyers' agent service is designed to give first home buyers a fair-go at property buying.  We give you access to high quality properties, to guide and educate first home buyers like yourself, and to prevent first home buyers from buying the wrong properties ever again.  When you engage our buyer agent services, we go through our unique, proprietary onboarding process to discover you need, what you want and what your plans are.  We explain what it means to be owning a home, and explore strategies to help you buy your home in the competitive Melbourne property market. 

Let us worry about how to buy properties in Melbourne.  We will do everything.  We search, shortlist and showcase the best available properties for you.  Then we help you own it!  We organise the A-Zs of property buying, from conveyancing, inspections to settlement, making sure the property can be securely and seamlessly transferred to you, saving you months of anguish, anxiety, and stress.


If you are planning to buy your Melbourne home, talk to us.  Let us explore if our first home buying service is right for you, and for you to understand how you can benefit from our first home buying service.

Our First Home Buyer service has consistently allowed our clients to buy their first homes in under 3 months.  This is up to 3 times faster than if you were to buy your home on your own.  In a sellers market, the faster you buy, the more you save.  But you have to be careful not to overpay. 

Read about this true case study of 2 buyers.  One bought their first home through our buyer's agent service, while the other chose to do it themselves, and ended up spending over 20% more.  Read here.

If you are a First Home Buyers, and are ready to buy, ask about our FREE CONVEYANCING offer for First Home Buyers.

If you had not heard, did you know that you might also be eligible for First Home Buyer's Grants?  Find out if you're eligible for the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) here.

Six things Every First Home Buyer must know before Buying Your First Home.

First Home Buyers almost always missed out on their properties

and end up buying properties passed over by fast Buyer's Agents.

❗  over 80% of the First Home Buyers do not know what they want, what to look for, where to search for, and more importantly, they have no idea where to start and have no time to do the actual house hunting.

❗  over 80% of the remaining 20% thought they knew what to look for, but ended up buying the wrong property;

❗  over 80% of first home buyers ended up buying in the wrong types of properties in the wrong places;

❗  over 90% of first home buyers are not successful in their purchase;

❗  and 70% of those who successfully bought their property, ended up overpaying for it, putting them in a bad position for up to 10 years or more;

❗  not all properties that are marketed to first home buyers are suitable for first home owners.

Sounds complicated and confusing?  Unfortunately, it is.  Marketing experts have made every property look like  a gem.  And it is very difficult for novice property buyers to see through the marketing fluff to understand what a property is really worth.  And, they ended up buying the wrong property.

Savvy first home buyers have discovered that our First Home Buying Plan can help: 

✅ improve your property success rate to over 98%.

✅ understand which property is suitable for first home buyers

✅ understand which types of properties is NOT for you 

✅ understand what the property is really worth confidently

✅ understand what price you should be paying for the property.

Our First Home buyers agents, help first home buyers buy their homes confidently and efficiently.

Our Offer for First Home Buyers

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Our First Home Buyers Advocacy Service comes with FREE CONVEYANCING.

Yes, we've giving all first home buyers a free conveyancing from our team of conveyancing partners. 

To be eligible for this, you must:

  1. be eligible for the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG); and 

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