The Buyers Advocates Team

A glimpse into our vibrant South East Melbourne based Buyers Advocacy team

The great team of buyers advocates at Concierge Buyers Advocates are multilingual specialists.  We have come from Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, China, United Kingdom and United States and congregated in South East Melbourne to form and support this property buying agency.  The unique team formation has allowed us to support international buyers seamlessly.  Between us, we speak over 10 different languages.


Ok.  This is the man who select his buyer's agents and started this buyer agency service in Melbourne.  This guy started off as a migrant, arriving in Australia with a mountain of debts.  He wasn't as lucky as many new migrants.  After badly timing his property investment in his home country, due to unpredictable government policies, he took a personal loan from his lender, jumped on a plane from Singapore and arrived in Melbourne 8 hours later to start his professional life as the Data Man. 

His interest and knowledge in data management, analytics, and data security allowed him to collect and build his own property datasets.  He soon discovered that the property market in Melbourne is a lot more predictable, if we overlay the data with the right insight and understanding from the ground.  Shortly after arriving, he started his property investment ventures by trading properties.  He bought and flipped investment properties.  Within 2 years, he paid off his debts and moved on to start amassing his property portfolio. 

Today, he has reached financial freedom.  He doesn't have to work to support his lifestyle.  But, he's not Flashman.  He doesn't like to flash his status.  This means you will walk right past him on the streets without any clues to who he is.  He is a low profile person and prefers to keep it that way.  He usually turns downs press coverage, as mass media is all about publishing what readers wants to hear.  He hates doing stuffs just to get awards, as they usually go against his principle of providing an honest property buying service.

But, he understands how it is like to be living in debt.  He understands what it means to take a wrong step in property investing.  He believes in helping home buyers and property investors avoid the pitfalls of property buying, and he believes in providing an affordable, but exclusive service to help other property buyers build their property portfolio confidently and quickly.  

Did we say Rayson bought his first investment property with the help of a buyer's agent?  He was unfortunately not very impressed with the service he received.  There are a lot of fluff in this industry.  Promises of financial freedom, blah blah blah, by new "experts" who claims to know the area without even setting foot in the suburb they recommend...  There simply isn't a lot of honest service anymore.

That is why he founded Concierge Buyers Advocates.  To provide an exclusive, but affordable property buyer agency service, built on trust, integrity and helping his exclusive clients buy and their properties quickly and with confidence.

Be forewarned though.  Rayson is a straight talking person.  He hates b*llsh*t, and hates to beat around the bush.  He tells it like it is, with no more than a face mask as his filter.  Sometimes, this means coming up with forecasts that goes against mass consensus.  Clients who love honest answers and hates fluff, loves his work.  He's been right with the COVID-19 situation.  He's been right with predicting the rise in property prices after the 2018 Federal Elections.  He's been right with telling everyone property prices is not going to crash due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You can only get honest feedback from him.  Sometimes, too honest, to be honest.


Ed is our man behind this Melbourne buyer agency website.  He is a rookie in his job.  Freshly graduated 20 years ago from university in a totally unrelated field, he is definitely doing his best in this job as the editor and publisher for this buyer agent website.  An experienced and avid property investor himself, he helps to source and network with real estate agents and developers in the real estate industry.  His experience is evidenced by the great property buying guides, and property buying articles, the simple, yet elegant design in this website.

He is great!  And the expert SEO searching engine optimisers in the SEO market loved him.  He receives hundreds of SEO fan mails every month.  So, if you have a SEO proposal for us, do read this.

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Timm runs our accounts and support team.  She is the finder, searcher and has an OCD with details.  She is doing a fantastic job at sourcing and finding good properties and good deals in places where we would never have thought of.
She also looks after our delightful buyer's support team.  Any suppliers wanting to be paid, be nice to Timm.  She has never failed to pay on time.