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Our Team of Melbourne Buyers Advocates

Our team of vibrant South East Melbourne based Buyers Advocates are committed to finding you the perfect property.

Discover your dream home and investment property with our team of Melbourne based multilingual buyers agents.  Our bespoke Australian property buying agency in Melbourne Glen Waverley specialises in helping international buyers and property investors buy properties seamlessly and confidently.  Our diverse backgrounds and language skills, have allowed us to provide personalised assistance throughout your entire property buying process, guiding you through the property market and finding the perfect property for you.  Simplify your home and investment property buying.

The Key Team at Concierge Buyers Advocates

At Concierge Buyers Advocates, Raymondson and his team provide an exclusive and affordable property buyer agency built on trust, integrity, exclusivity, helping their exclusive clients buy and own properties quickly and confidently.  
They are not a franchised brand.  They do not sell, and they have no targets to meet.  They are only accountable to their clients, not their shareholders nor franchisors.  The buyers advocates are only benchmarked by their hunger to help the clients.  
This independence and their expertise in data analytics, allowed them to provide honest answers and help clients outsmart the property market while avoiding the inflated pricing.  And they want to keep it this way.  They do not chase social media limelight.  Neither do they chase mass media fame.  Independence is GOLD.


The Boss Man

Behind our commitment to integrity and excellence, stands our founder, Raymondson.  A seasoned professional in the real estate investment industry, Raymondson's passionate advocacy for data-driven property choices and real estate excellence has shaped the very essence of our services.

A Wealth of Experience

Raymondson has over 25 years of experience in the real estate investment industry and the corporate world.  His real-estate journey began as a property investor, property flipper and property developer, while working in his 6-figure salaried role as a Regional Data and Information Technology Manager in a multinational global company.  His pursue for properties eventually led him to this vibrant city of Melbourne.

A Transition to Data Science

Upon arriving in Melbourne, Raymondson made a significant career choice and chose to immersed himself in the world of Data Science.  His fervor for data management, data analytics, data security, and his profound interest in properties provided the groundwork for his unique approach to fact-based real estate buying and property investment.

Pioneering Property Analytics

Raymondson's passion and expertise culminated in the development of his proprietary property analytics database.  This powerful tool empowers him to conduct comprehensive fact-based analysis of the Melbourne property market, offering invaluable insights that set him apart from other buyers advocates in the industry.

Data Don't Lie.  The Narratives Do

With his 25+ years in Data Science and Analytics, Raymondson has seen it all.  Data Don't Lie.  We're sure you've seen this catch phrase many times.  But that was the better half of the data story which spruikers in the real estate industry have been using to CON-vince uninformed, naive buyers.  The interpretation and narratives around the data are the essence, and these narratives are often twisted and manipulated by spruikers and real estate marketing and sales agents to tell a twisted truth, to suit their corporate branding and agenda.  Raymondson had seen it all.  Countless investors are burnt by these unscrupulous tactics.  He is on a mission.

Mission to create an Honest Buyers Advocacy Agency

In 2016, Raymondson believe something should be done to educate and help the inexperience, naive or time-poor buyers navigate the complex property market and see through the sales bluff.  He went on a mission to set up an honest Buyers Advocacy Agency, built on trust and integrity.  And, he founded this Buyer Agency.  Raymondson's unwavering dedication to independence is the cornerstone of Concierge Buyers Advocates.  Independence is not just a choice for Raymondson. Independence is a cherished principle.   He doesn't have to sing a corporate tune.  Doesn't have to repeat marketing spew if it is not in line with his values.  It is 10 times more difficult running an independent Buyers Advocacy Agency.  

Unlike many in the real estate world, he operates without hidden agendas, corporate obligations, or brand affiliations.  Independence allows him to provide transparent, honest, and tailored solutions for his clients, without the pressure of meeting shareholders' demands, and sales targets.

A Personal Journey of Success

Raymondson's journey in the property market wasn't just professional; it was personal too.  He intimately understands the challenges and potential pitfalls of property investment.  He was once a victim of a unscrupulous fake buyers agent and were convinced by the fake promises based on fake data.  He lost hundreds of thousands.  Overcoming these obstacles, he built a thriving property portfolio and paid off his debts, and ultimately achieving financial freedom.  He is now retired, or rather, semi-retired, as he want to keep himself active.

A Straight-Talking Approach

Raymondson is renowned for his straightforward, no-nonsense approach. He's unafraid to go against the grain, challenging mainstream opinions to provide clients with accurate, honest, and fact-based advice.  He's been right with forecasting the rise in property prices after the 2019 Federal Elections[here], and he's been right with predicting that property prices are not going to crash due to the COVID-19 pandemic [early 2020] [mid 2020].  He has also been right with predicting that economies will eventually have to open up eventually, with or without COVID-19.  Talk about COVID-normal and living with COVID; he saw "living with COVID" as the likely outcome, at the very start of the pandemic.  You can only get honest feedback from him. 

Not Chasing Gold

Raymondson is retired.  He is not chasing gold.  He is not chasing mass-media, social-media fame.  That is why you seldom see him on any mass media and social media platforms.  He is here to provide a honest buyers advocacy service as it should be, focusing on accountability, trust and integrity.

Beyond Real Estate

Raymondson's expertise extends beyond the realm of real estate. He has a track record of making insightful predictions, from property market trends to economic shifts.  His commitment to delivering honest feedback is unwavering, whether it is COVID-19, economic recovery, or living with the new normal.

A Visionary for Financial Freedom

Raymondson's vision is clear: he was a victim of unscrupulous sales agents, and he wants to help others achieve financial freedom through intelligent and informed property investments.  With his unique background and expertise in property investment, data management, and analytics, he's committed to providing buyers with the integrity, knowledge and guidance buyers need to succeed.

Discover Your Path to Informed Property Decisions

When you choose Concierge Buyers Advocates, you are not only accessing a buyer agency service; you're partnering with a trusted advisor dedicated to your success.  Raymondson's commitment to trust, integrity, and data-driven excellence defines our approach to assisting buyers like you in making confident property choices.  Join us on the path to a brighter property future.

As the founder of Concierge Buyers Advocates, Raymondson's dedication to trust, integrity, and transparency has created a foundation for a truly exceptional property advisory service. If you're looking for an property advisor who puts your needs first and offers a fresh perspective on property investment, look no further than Raymondson and Concierge Buyers Advocates.

To read more about his passion and why he started this agency, head over here.


The Editor

Ed is our man behind this independent Melbourne buyers agent website.  He is a rookie in his job.  Freshly graduated 20+ years ago from university in a totally unrelated field, he is definitely doing his best as the editor and publisher for this buyers agent portal.  An experienced and avid property investor himself, he helps to source and network with real estate agents and developers in the real estate industry.  His experience is evidenced by the great property buying guides and articles, and the simple, informative, yet elegant design in this website.

He is doing a great job and the expert SEO search engine optimisers and the SEO market loved him.  He receives hundreds of SEO fan mails every month.  So, if you happen to have a SEO or SEM proposal for us, do read this.  Our boss in very unkind to time wasting telemarketers.  He understand SEM/SEO, and have heard all tricks from this SEO/SEM industry.  "Free reports", "Free Consultation", "Have we received random postcards sent last week", "Do I remember we spoke couple of months ago".  Short of Amazon or Netflix renewal scams, these SEO/SEM telemarketers are the most hated callers.  Our boss is very unkind to telemarketers.

But if you have specific publishing needs, article requests, or just want to be a guest contributor, get in touch with Ed our Editor, at

We accept contributions from guest writers too.  Here are our requirements.


Our expert that ties everything together

Timmie runs our accounts and support team.  She is the deal finder, property searcher and has an OCD with details.  She is meticulous and is doing a fantastic job at sourcing and finding good properties and good deals in places where we would never have thought of.  She also looks after our delightful buyer's support team.  Any suppliers wanting to be paid, be nice to Timm.  She has never failed to pay on time.

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