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Melbourne Buyer's Advocates
We welcome Guest Contributors

Ed is our man behind this Melbourne buyer agency website.  He is a rookie in his job.  Freshly graduated 20 years ago from university in a totally unrelated field, he is definitely doing his best in this job. 


But at times, he needs some help with articles.  So, if you believed you can help provide some articles, get in touch with Ed at

We want to keep this website specific and relevant to the Melbourne property market.  Thus, we have strict requirements for all article submissions, and we reserve the rights to edit or take down any articles at any time.  Articles have to be suitable for general audience, and related to:

  • Melbourne buyers advocacy industry; or

  • Melbourne real estate market; or

  • Melbourne property trends, insights; or

  • Real estate buying; or

  • Real estate selling; or

  • Real estate renovations; or

  • Taxes, superannuation, Self Manager Super Funds (SMSF), etc; or

  • Fact based Melbourne real estate outlook.

And, the list of "must not"s:

  • no profanities; or

  • no relations to illegal stuffs, weapons, eg, drugs; or

  • no references to any competitors, without approvals.

Remember:  Ed reserve the rights to edit or take down any articles at any time.

2 ways to contribute:

1. Free contributions:

  • no URL links.

  • backlinks from your site to our site.

2. Contributions from sponsors:

  • up to 10 URL links (criteria above).

  • Sponsorship of A$5 per month, min 12 months payment upfront.

  • Must have backlink from your site to our site.

For Contributors: About
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