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Concierge Buyers Advocates was formed with a single mission: to provide one of Melbourne's best property buying experience, by creating the most innovative buyers advocate service.  Our goal is to provide an easy, stress-free and rewarding property buying experience for our property buyer and property investment clients. 


As buyers advocates, we are truly independent, licensed real estate buyer agents, paid by you, to guide you and look after you on your property purchase journey.  We are always on your side.  We treat each property purchase as our own, and will find the right property, at the right price for our property buying clients. 

The Concierge Buyers Advocates Difference.  Our Scope:

We work with a team of trusted property services professionals, in Melbourne and around Australia, to provide a end-to-end property buying experience, from:


  • researching the property market,

  • assessing property value,

  • on-site property inspection,


  • organising property building / pest inspections,

  • organising conveyancing / lawyers / accountants,

Moving In

  • renovation services builders / tradesmen / plumbers / electricians, etc

  • furnishing / property staging, etc.​

Services we provide:

We provide a wide range of property buying and property investment services:

We don't do fancy marketing spins such as property investment master-classes. property buying podcasts, property investment workshops, publishing lavish property 101 books, etc.  We channel our energy into our core focus, to help you find the right property at the right price.  

Reviews from our Clients

We do not like to be flashy, we run a pragmatic, and hardworking buyers advocacy business.  Here are some reviews of our property concierge Buyers Advocacy service.  Read what our satisfied clients say about our services:

Our Service Guarantee

Not convinced?  Here is our Service Promise to You

  1. You will only receive honest, unbiased feedback, and we will only recommend properties that suit your requirements.

  2. We will not recommend properties simply because they are for sale.  We present them to you only because they are the right property for you and they are the ones that we will buy ourselves.

What's next?

Get in touch with us.  Let us explore how we can buy your property in double quick time and with confidence.

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