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Properties Wanted
Save 96% selling costs.  Pay only conveyancing.
Talk to us before you talk to a sales agent.

Planning to sell your property? We have finance-ready buyers ready to buy!
Sell your property quickly and save up to $50,000 in selling fees, sales commission, and costs.
Reduce your property selling costs by 96% and put more money back in your pocket.
Contact us today to learn how we can help you sell your property fast.

Planning to to sell your property but worried about the high selling fees and costs eating into your returns?
Look no further!   We can help!  No agent commissions or marketing fees!
We have one of the cheapest ways to sell your property, with no agent commissions or marketing fees.  We can help you save up to $50,000 in selling fees, sales commission, and costs!  Less selling costs means you'll get more of your money back into your bank account.

Selling your property in Australia through a sales agent is expensive.  This is what it typically cost:

  • 1.65% to 3.3% for selling agent commissions,

  • $3,000 to $5,000 for marketing costs,

  • $2,500 to $10,000 for staging costs, and

  • $1,500 for conveyancing fees and legal costs.

That's a total cost of up to $50,000 or more for a typical $1,000,000 Melbourne property.

But it does not need to be this way.
Here's the good news: 

We can reduce the selling cost to under $2,000 for property sellers. 
Reduce your selling costs by 96%!

Here's how you can reduce your selling cost to under $2000: 
As licensed property buyer advocates and real estate agents, we have many finance-ready property buyers and investors looking to buy your properties.  If you have a property matches our buyers are looking for, and if it is sold through us, you will only need to pay your legal / conveyancing costs.
To take advantage of our low-cost selling option, you will need to co
ntact us before contacting any other agents.  We can help you sell your property quickly and easily, with no gimmicks.  Don't let high selling costs eat into your returns - get in touch with us today!

Note: We cannot help you too much if you have contacted a sales agent, as you will likely need to pay them their commission, but you can still sell it faster, if our buyers are looking for what you have.

Save a massive 96% of your selling cost.  Get more money back in your pocket.  NO GIMMICKS.

Properties Wanted: Service
Empty Room

Buyers Ready to Buy
Residential Properties

We have buyers ready to buy your properties in these locations. 
If you have properties for sale in one of these high demand suburbs or nearby suburbs, 
ou can save yourself some significant selling fees.

Properties Wanted: List

URGENT: Apartment wanted

South Yarra, Albert Park, Balwyn North, Geelong

Apartment / Townhouse, min 1 room 1 bath 1 car.  

Unblocked views

Near parks

Convenient access to train stations.

House Wanted:Ugly Duckling

Eastern and South Eastern Melbourne Suburbs

Units or houses with improvement or renovations potentials.

Properties needing some tender loving care (TLC).

Flexible budget.

Flexible settlement.

Opportunity to profit share with owners.

Land Wanted:

Major Cities and towns throughout Australia

We have a pool of pre-qualified buyers ready to buy your land.

Residential Land. 

Min 330 sqm. 

Frontage min 15m.

Flat land. 

Near amenities.

Must be suitable for townhouse development.

Commercial Properties Wanted:

Melbourne South East Suburbs

Industrial / Warehouse.
Must be tenanted with long lease remaining.

New House Wanted:  *BOUGHT*

Frankston, Cranbourne, Clyde, North Clyde

House preferred, Townhouse

Min 3 bed, 2 bath, 1 car lock up garage

Budget: up to $750,000 

Must be FIRB eligible

added: 14 June 2023

Finance Ready buyer, ready to buy.


Vermont, Wantirna


min 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car.  

Move-in condition.

Good environment.

School zone optional.

Finance ready, ready to buy.

Up to $1.35M


West Gippsland - LaTrobe Valley to Traralgon

Land - Residential / Rural / Lifestyle

8,000 sqm to 21,000 sqm / 2 acres to 5 acres

Must be suitable for at least one 300 sqm residential house.

18 June 2020

House Wanted: 

Glen Waverley, Mount Waverley, Burwood areas

House. min 4bed, 2 bath, 2 car,

Land. 650sqm  

Location: from Box Hill South to Glen Waverley, Mount Waverley, etc.

Must have convenient public transport to CBD:​

Budget: Market Value

Land Wanted:

Melbourne Metropolitan / Greater Melbourne

Residential Land. Min 450 sqm. 

Frontage min 20m.

Must be suitable for townhouse development.

Commercial Properties Wanted:

South Eastern Melbourne Suburbs

Office Space 
Must be tenanted with at least 3 years lease remaining.


House Wantirna

House or Standalone Townhouse / Unit

Min 4 bed, 2 bath, 2 car lock up garage

Budget: up to $1,000,000 


Facing: East/North/West/North-East

Not Facing: South/South-West/North-West

No Cuts in NE corner

Finance Ready buyer, ready to buy.


House / Land wanted 

Murrumbeena, Hughesdale, Ormond, Carnegie

Land. > 650sqm 

House. min 4bed, 2 bath, 2 car,

Suitable for a 300sqm single storey build.

Not on busy streets/roads

It's a plus, if the existing house is suitable as a rental property.

Client is pre-approved with suitable budget for the area.


Kilysth, Rowville, Croydon, Wantirna, Heathmont, Bayswater, Ringwood, Ferntree Gully


Min 4 bed, 2 bath, 2 car

Budget: $800,000

added: 18 April 2021

Finance Ready buyer, ready to buy.


Doncaster, Box Hill, Mount Waverley, Glen Waverley

House. min 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car.  

Move-in condition.

Must be in one of these school zones:

Box Hill High School (BHHS)

Mount Waverley Secondary College (MWSC/MWSZ)

Glen Waverley Secondary College School Zone (GWSC/GWSZ)

Budget $1.3M

Updated: 1 October 2023

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