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First Home Buyers - Special Low Flat Fee

First Home Buyer Melbourne Deals

With all the talks about the various First Home Buyer incentives, what are you waiting for?

Getting your first home in Melbourne need not be a daunting task.  

It is critical to get it right. The first home can set you up for success or long-term stress.

Getting the right guidance from a Melbourne based Buyer's Agent, is a good place to start.  With our 3 Step buying process, our Buyers Agents help you own the keys to your dream property, in a fuss free, stress free way.  We've seen many home buyers struggle through the buying process, and we do not wish to see you go through that. 

For a limited time, we are offering a low FLAT FEE just for first home buyers.


Conditions apply. You'll need to be eligible for the First Home Buyer's Grant to be eligible for this offer.

Unlimited Purchase. All you can buy with a Melbourne buyers advocate.

One Low Annual Fee for Unlimited Property Purchases

All you can buy for One Low Annual Fee

If you are looking for a cost effective way to expand your property portfolio FAST, we have just a package for you.

Stop paying over $20,000 for every property purchase.  For a single low flat fee of $38,000+GST, you now have access to unlimited purchases for a year.

Yes, ONE FULL YEAR of residential property purchases, in metropolitan Melbourne.


Properties must be purchased and registered to the same legal entity.  Residential properties only. Does not include costs for other supplementary services costs such as conveyancing, building/pest inspection, etc.

Paid Referrals. Refer your family and friends to buyers agents.

Refer a Friend

Up to AUD$500 when you recommend someone

If you know someone who has never been our customer but can use some help to search for his / her Melbourne property?

Get in touch!

Refer them and you could earn yourself up to AUD$500 referral fee.

It's easy! Here is how it works:

Properties Wanted for Buyers Agents

Refer a Property

Receive up to AUD$1000 when you find us a property

We are always searching for properties for our clients.  If you know someone who is ready to sell their properties, and if their properties fits the requirements in our property wanted page, get in touch!

Refer the properties to us. If our clients buy your properties, you could earn yourself up to AUD$1000 finder's reward.

It's easy! Have a look at the properties we are after now

Mortgage Brokers. Finance referrals. Conveyancing. Referral fees. Building and pest inspection.

Referrals - Supplementary Services

Let's Help Each Other to Help Our Customers

We believe in helping each other.  If you have a business that complements or supplements our property buying services, get in touch.

Mortgage Brokers

Financial Planners


Building / Pest Inspection

Property Management

Insurance Broker

Moving Service

Real estate listing, renovations, sub-divide, project funding, joint-ventures, etc. 

We are opened to ideas and possibilities, get in touch today.

House and Land at Wholesale Prices

House and Land Packages Specials

First Home Owners Specials

**  For a limited time  **

We often get approached by developers and property sellers directly to help sell their properties.

But unlike other seller agents, we do not accept all properties and deals.  We vet every property and developer and select only the best quality homes from quality builders.  We check each property for quality, feasibility, viability and ROI.  We only recommend the top 5% of the stock that comes to us.  

And these are the very properties that we would buy ourselves.

Have a look at our Property Deals here.

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Property Deals

Some of the Best Value Properties for the Astute First Home Buyer and Property Investor

Referral Rewards

Helping your family and friends outsmart the property market and avoid inflated pricing can be rewarding.