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Refinance and Extract Equity: Unlock Your Property's Potential with Our 4+1 Bonus!

Updated: 5 days ago

Mortgage Refinance. Extract equity for investment.

Looking to leverage the equity in your property portfolio for your next investment? Concerned about your fixed-rate mortgage rolling over soon? Or do you simply want a better deal for your mortgage? Don't fall victim to the mortgage cliff! Take advantage of our exclusive partnership to refinance and enjoy our 4+1 Bonus. Get an additional $1,000 bonus on top of up to $4,000 cashback from lenders.

Discover how you can access the best rates, unlock untapped equity, and kick-start your investment journey.

** For a limited time **

Is this ​Time to Review and Refinance Your Mortgage?

If you are on a fixed rate mortgage and it is about to roll over to variable rates, don't let it roll over to the default higher rates. If you do nothing, most lenders will roll you over onto their max rates. Act now to avoid the consequences. Our mortgage partners can review your mortgage and likely find you better rates.

However, act quickly as a mortgage cliff is anticipated in the coming months. Don't wait until the banks are overwhelmed with refinancing applications. Some banks are already experiencing higher than usual refinancing demands, and are reducing or removing their cash back offers. Get it reviewed soon.

How do I know if There are Equity in my Property Portfolio?

If you haven't reviewed your mortgage in the past two years, you could be sitting on untapped equity ranging from 20% to 30%. Property prices have risen significantly in the past 3 years, with potential for further growth despite recent fluctuations. Now is the opportune time to refinance and extract the equity you need for your next property investment or to reduce your mortgage repayments.

Is this a good time to Refinance and Extract Equity from your portfolio?

With interest rates rises predicted to end in coming months , financially sound buyers have come back into the market. Suburbs where we had bought in recent months, had seen growth of over 10% in 2 months! Yes, despite falling prices in the broader market, good properties in good locations are still being snapped up and prices are climbing.

Prepare your finances ahead of the curve and capitalize on the next boom wave. Refinance to secure the best rates, unlock your portfolio's untapped equity, and seize the right opportunities when they arise.

Mortgage with the Best Cashback Bonus

We've recently partnered with Bank of Melbourne to provide you with one of the best mortgage rates in town. Any successful refinancing or new mortgage applied through us will receive up to $4000 cash back promotion. Yes, that is $4000 of cold hard cash. What's more, engage our Complete Home and Investment Property buying service after refinancing, and you'll receive an additional $1,000 bonus. That is a total of $5000 in returns.

We work with other good mortgage brokers, as well, if you prefer other lenders. You might not receive any cash back from them, but we will still honour our $1000 bonus, if you chose to engage our buyers agents services.

It's a win-win-win for you. You enjoy better rates, enjoy a cash back and an additional $1000 bonus from us.

Mortgage Finance deal from Melbourne Buyers Advocates

Note: Bank of Melbourne are our partner for this promotion and we are not employees nor do we represent Bank of Melbourne. Neither are we financial advisors. We do not provide any financial advice. The credit provider is Bank of Melbourne (ABN 33 007 457 141). Your mortgage application, financial standing, serviceability will be assessed by Bank of Melbourne / Westpac. We may receive a commission from the Bank of Melbourne, which will be returned to you via the $1000 bonus, when you engage our buying services. Terms and conditions applies.

How do you refinance your mortgage and receive a cashback?

Refinancing and obtaining a cashback through us is effortless. Simply reach out to us, and we'll handle the process for you. On successful refinancing, you'll receive an extra $1,000 bonus for our services. Our partner lenders prioritize your refinancing needs, ensuring exceptional service and cashbacks / bonuses you're eligible for.

Does this apply to home buyers?

Yes, this special deal applies to any home buyers and investment property buyers. Whether you are getting your first home, next home, or investment property. We can put you in touch with the credit provider, so you enjoy the 4+1 bonus. $4000 cash back from the lender, and $1000 from us.

This limited time special won't last forever.

Get in touch with us via Whatsapp, email or call back request soon.



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