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Our Melbourne Buyer Agent Success Case Studies

There are few things as rewarding as a successful collaboration which resulted in a happy customer.

As buyers agents in Melbourne, our years of professional experience and knowledge are used to create customer success stories.  Here are some of our success stories which our clients have kindly agreed to shared.

Names are not disclosed, unless the customer specifically tells us to.

Property Renovation. Property flip project. 20% ROI in 6 months.

This client enjoyed a 20% growth in a short 6 months!  Turning the property from a cashflow negative into a cashflow positively, income generating machine.

Buying the right property in the right location is critical in enabling this.

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20% Growth in 6 Months!

Buy your house in 24 hours.  Buyer's agent's secrets.

This case blew us off our feet.  Here is how fast we can buy property.  In under 24 hours, to be exact.

That's the trust our return client has in us.

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How to buy a property in under 24 hours

Overpaid. Cannot help.

Client X came to us, to help search for his first home.  He subsequently preferred to save on buyer agent fees, and chose to go out on his own.

4 months later, we received a call from him, asking for our "urgent advice".  He got into a contract and could not get out of it.

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Risks: When you buy it on your own.

Building a House

Getting a building inspection is always recommended.  But what can go wrong in a property inspection?  What are the benefits of a building inspection? What can a building inspection uncover?  When is a 3 bed house actually a 2 bed house?

Do you know what to look for in a property inspection?  What do you do after you get the report?

This first time home buyer made an offer for his first home after seeking advice from the anonymous 'experts' in Dr Google and Dr Facebook, plus a few other online property forum pages.  Nothing prepared him for what he encountered.  He almost got ripped off and overpaid dearly for his dream home!  He's lucky that we came to us for advice.

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What can go wrong in a building inspection?

Right Advice at the Right Time. Property selling is about timing.

This is the same client in our "20% in 6 months story" above.
In one of our regular catch up, we reviewed the client's property portfolio. We noticed an oversupply in this area, and many investment properties were vacant due to the borders being shut, due to the pandemic.  Even thought it was positive income generating, we advised the client to sell, as the market isn't looking good.  The property was sold, and shortly after it was settled, the tenant vacated the property.  It has been vacant for over 3 months now, despite the rent being reduced by a massive 30%. 
Right advice at the right time? PRICELESS.

Loss avoided!

Best property in Melbourne

Always wondering where the best  Melbourne suburbs are? Where have buyer's advocates like us been buying?How are buyers successfully buying their properties?  Here are some of our recent purchases.  These may give you some idea on what you can do.

Recent Buys

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