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Success Stories

Our Melbourne Buyer Agent Success Case Studies and Track Records

There are few things as rewarding as a successful collaboration which resulted in a happy customer.

As buyers agents in Melbourne, our years of professional experience and knowledge are used to create customer success stories.  Here are some of our success stories which our clients have kindly agreed to shared.

Names are not disclosed, unless the customer had specifically allowed us to.

Recent Buys

Best property buying stories in Melbourne

Wondering where the best  Melbourne suburbs are?  Where have our buyer's advocates been buying?  How have buyers succeeded in buying their properties?  Here are some of our recent purchases.  These may give you some ideas on what you can do.

Our Largest Savings to Date?
- How did we save half a million?

Buyers Advocates Negotiated for $500,000 savings

On hindsight, we should have done this or we could have done that.

Hindsights... If only we have the UNDO button in the real world.  But we don't.


But what if you have the right insights and you acted upon it?

I'm talking about independent buyer focused insights.  Not "insights" selling agents wants you to know.

How much is knowing the valuation of the property worth to you?

Half a million, in this case.

Yes, with the right insights into the property market, and the right timing, we bought this property for $500,000 less than its auction reserve price.


Here's how we did it ... Read our story.

Manufactured Growth
20% Growth in 6 Months!

Property Flipping Success. Buy with expert advice.

This client enjoyed a 20% growth in a short 6 months!  Turning the property from a cashflow negative into a cashflow positively, income generating machine.

Buying the right property in the right location is critical in enabling this.

Read the story. 

Story of 2 Buyers

Comparing buying with and without buyers advocates

This is a true story of 2 groups first home buyers, names withheld.

These 2 groups of friends with similar budgets started searching for their first home back in May 2020. 

One group bought with a buyer's advocate's help.  The other chose to DIY, saving the buyers advocates fees. 

How did they fare?  Which group is better off?  And how did their experiences differ?

Consider the risks: What happens when Buying throws you curveballs?

Bad purchase without a buyers advocate

You do not need very extensive experience to buy your property.  But what happens when the journey throws you curveballs?  Do you know how to handle them?


Client X came to us, to help search for his first home.  He subsequently preferred to save on buyer agent fees, and chose to go out on his own.

4 months later, we received a call from him, asking for our "urgent advice".  He got into a contract and could not get out of it.

We offered our help, and managed to get him out of the contract.

Ask us for his story.

How do you buy Melbourne properties in under 24 hours

How to buy what you want fast in Melbourne

This successful purchase blew us off our feet.  We were surprised that we managed to buy this property in under 24 hours.  With our due diligence and research, we know what we want.  And when we saw this, we knew this IS the one.  Confidently.


That's the trust our return client has in us.

Read our story.

Everyone Can Buy Properties Without Help.  But..
What if Things Go Wrong?


Getting a building inspection is always recommended.  But what can go wrong in a property inspection?  What are the benefits of a building inspection?  What can a building inspection uncover?  When is a 3 bed house actually a 2 bed house?

Do you know what to look for in a property inspection?  What do you do after you get the report?


This first time home buyer made an offer for his first home after advice from the anonymous 'experts' in Dr Google and Dr Facebook.  Nothing prepared him for what he was about to experience. 

As a naive buyer, he trusted the faceless "experts" in Social Media, and believed the sales agent!  Two sins which property buyers should never ever commit

He almost got ripped off and overpaid by over $100,000 for his dream home!  He was lucky that we happened to bump into each and he came to us for advice.  In one look, our builder trained buyers advocate saw something was very wrong with the property.  We took over the purchase process and helped him navigate the process to walk away from the contract. 

What was advertised and sold as a 3 bedroom house was actually a 2 bedroom house with an illegal extension!

He was lucky he come to us in time, and we managed to help him walk away from the purchase without any penalties. 

Loss avoided when you have the right insights!
Know when to sell.

It's all about timing. Know the right time to sell. Avoid loss.

This is the same client in our "20% in 6 months story" above.This was back in 2021.  In one of our catch up, we reviewed the client's property portfolio.  We noticed an oversupply in the area, and many investment properties had been vacant due to the borders being shut.  Even though it was positive income generating, we advised the client to sell, as the property market wasn't looking good.  The property was sold while it was positively geared.  Shortly after it changed hands, the tenant vacated the property.  It took a further 3 months for the new owners to find a new tenant, despite a massive 30% rent cut. 


Right advice at the right time?  PRICELESS.

More client success stories here.

Success Stories: Testimonials
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