Buyers Agents Fees

How much does a buyers agent cost?

The cost of using the services of a buyer agent may not be as prohibitive as you would expect.  However, the cost of NOT using a buyer agent can be surprisingly high.  Here's why.

While most buyers agent charges a variable percentage of the price of the property, here at Concierge Buyers Advocates, our fees are fixed.  We believe in low fixed fees for all our customers.

How much do buyers agents cost in Melbourne? 

We believe in giving our customer the best buying experience and the best possible low price for our services.  Unlike many buyer agencies, we honour our fees. Once agreed, buyer agency fees are fixed.  Our low fixed fees buyers agent service will not change.  There are no hidden charges for anything, from extra reports, extra inspections, key collections, rental processing, etc. 

We have a range of services and fees from as low as $3000+GST, to help all buyers.

What determines the buyers agent fees at Concierge Buyers Advocates? 

Unlike other agencies which charge you a percentage of the property price, your requirements and specifications for the property is the biggest determination factor.  The more unique or complicated your requirements are, the harder it is to find such a property.  That means, it may take us longer to find that right property for you.  Looking for an expensive property also does not mean you'll be paying top dollar for our services.  We practice fair-pricing.  We do not want to overcharge anyone for our services.  We want to be fair to our clients.  We believe in cost-plus charging.

How can I know the cost of hiring a Buyer's Agent?

One of the ways to find out the cost is to hit the "Get a Quote" button below to schedule a free consultation.  This consultation will be all about you. 

We'll discuss what you are looking for in the property, and we will work towards defining your property purchase plan.  It is also for us to discuss if our services are suitable you.

How much does delaying buying my property cost?

Do you actually save money by buying the property yourself?  Yes, you might save a few thousand dollars in buyer's agent fees, but, did you know it usually ended up costing most people hundreds of thousands? Here are the facts.

How much does negotiation, auction bidding services cost?

No two clients have the same requirements.  Therefore, we have a full range of property buying services to cater to the needs of different clients.  Our low fixed fees Negotiation and Auction Bidding services cover you for up to 3 properties or until you purchase your property, whichever comes first. Have a chat with us.

How much does settlement services cost?

If you are unable to manage your settlement, our fixed fees settlement service pack helps to organise and manage your building inspections, pest inspections, and necessary conveyancing services.  We have add-on property management services to help organise your renovations and property leasing.  Have a chat with us.

Do you have any Fixed Annual Fees for Property Buyers?

Yes, we have a fixed fees annual property plan, where we help you to locate suitable properties.  There is no limit to the number of Melbourne properties you can buy, within the 12 months.  This is the most popular pricing plan with clients who are aggressively building their investment portfolio.  It is our all-you-can-buy plan.  * Conditions apply.

How much can I save by using a Buyer's Agent service?

It's a tough question to answer. 

How long is a piece of string?

How much is your time worth?

How much is your anxiety and anguish worth?

How much is your peace of mind worth?

How much do you value not overpaying?

How much we can save depends on a lot of factors.  The main factor determining how much our client can save is "how popular is the property". Obviously if the property has lots of interests, as buyer's agents looking after your interest, we will be doing you a dis-service if you want to buy the property and we decided to low-ball the offer.  You will likely miss out on the property. 

As buyers agents, we provide you with an honest, independent opinion on the property's valuation, we assess the level of interest on the property, and apply our experience to provide an educated guess on what other buyers are prepared to offer.  

As clients of our buyer's agent services, you will have:

  • access to the hidden off-market properties

  • access to tried and trusted property buying professionals and tradesmen (tradies)

  • spent up to 3 times less on property search

  • saved your evenings and weekends

  • saved you time searching for unreliable complementary buying services

  • bought with certainty that you are not overpaying

  • bought with certainty that you are not buying a dud

  • bought with certainty that you have bought what you wanted

How much is that worth?  That's how much you really save by using our buyers agent service in Melbourne.

Why should I pay a Buyer Agent to buy a property when I can do it myself?

Let's be honest, this is a question on everyone's mind. 

Let me try answering this by asking a question.  Almost everyone can drive.  Why would you catch a cab or Uber?

It's not a tough question to answer. 

How much is your time worth?

How much is your anxiety and anguish while navigating through the various inspections worth?

How much is your peace of mind worth?

Maybe it is the time saving?  Or the convenience?  And the confidence that you will get there?

As buyers agents, we save our clients' time, and we shield our clients from the stress, anxiety and anguish in negotiating, auction bidding and dealing with real estate agents.  We use our knowledge and expertise in the area to provide you with an honest, independent valuation, and apply our experience to make an educated guess on what other buyers are prepared to offer.  

Maybe that's why our clients have engaged our services.

How can I engage a buyer's agent?

Engaging a buyers agent is simple.  All you need to do is to click on the "Get a Quote" button in this page, submit your contact details and we will get in touch, and help you through the process.