Vendor advocacy.  Find the best property agent to sell house.

Vendor Advocacy

Find the right agent to sell your property.

A right agent can maximise your sale.

Did you know?

Getting the right agent to sell your property is as critical as having a good property for sale?

As vendor advocates, we use our insider experience and knowledge to help you select the best agent for the job.  We match their skills, experience to your property, to help you achieve the best selling price.

How are we different from other local agent finder, agent select services?

We are full licenced real estate agents, who are in the Melbourne real estate industry.  In our line of work, we've interacted with many agents, and we have seen them in action.  We know their selling style, what works for them, their expertise, strength and skill sets.  We've seen how they interact with their buyers, and we have given some a run for their money. 

We recommend base on their observed performance, not what they say they can do.

No other agent finder services does that.  Many try to show that they are selecting the best agent for your property, but many are, in fact, being recommended based on other agenda.

Get only the tried and tested agents to manage your sales campaign.

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