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Property buying can be a tedious, discouraging process which can easily take 6 to 12 months, or more.  Most buyers waste countless evenings and weekends researching for properties, and attending disappointing property inspections.  And when buyers find the property they wanted, they usually ended up overpaying, or missed crucial details.

What if there is a proven shortcut to buying the right property at the right price? 

What if there is a property buying advisor whom you can engage to help ensure you do not end up buying a dud?

What if you have a property buying service to search, review and scrutinise what's available in the Australian property market?

What if you have access to the hidden property market, the off-market properties, which might have THE property that you are looking for?

What if this property buying service can help shorten your property search, reduce your stress, anxiety and give you a fair go at buying like a professional?

What if you are looking at THAT property buying service right now?

Using the services of a buyers advocate to find your property need not be expensive.  Melbourne-based Concierge Buyers Advocates believes in giving everyone a fair go at property buying.  Our services are fairly priced to help buyers find the right property quickly, efficiently, and stress-free.  Now everyone can buy property with insider knowledge, buy with certainty and buy like a professional. 

Our buyers' agents service exists to look after the interests of the property buyer like yourself.  We are 100% genuinely independent buyer agents, and we help to prevent property buyers from overpaying, and to ensure the purchase process is fair to the buyer and the buyer is looked after.

Our Melbourne property buying service is a cost effective, easy way to get the best value from your property purchase.

As Melbourne's licensed real estate buyers agent (buyers advocates), we are bound by the same code of conduct and legislation as a regular seller agent, but we are different.

We are on your side. 

The Buyers Agents at Concierge Buyers Advocates look after you throughout your property purchase journey.  We ensure you are getting truthful, frank and independent advice and the best price possible for the property.

We have packaged our property buying solutions, with reasonable fees, to help you buy the property you want. 

The Comprehensive property buying service is the most popular, where we work with you to find the right properties for you.  We:

✅ start with a detailed brief to understand what you want;

✅ search through all properties in the open property market and the hidden market; and

✅ shortlist suitable properties for you.

We will also manage the rest of the purchase process for you:

✅ negotiate / bid at auctions;

✅ organise conveyancing / legal services;

✅ organise pre-purchase building and pest inspections; 

✅ organise settlement; and have the keys delivered to you.

Buying a house in the Melbourne property market has never been easier with our property buying service.

Our property buying service areas covers all major property hot-spots in Victoria.  Our clients have bought in some of Melbourne best suburbs to live in and invest in, as well as high yield, high growth properties in areas such as the Mornington Peninsula, Traralgon, Gippsland, Ballarat, Bendigo in Victoria, Central Coast in New South Wales.  As Melbourne's most hardworking buyer agents, if there is a good deal worth getting, we'll get it for you.

Now, do you want to:

❓ find the right property?

❓ buy the right property?

❓ stop wasting your time?

❓ buy your property quick?

❓ avoid overpaying?

❓ save an average of 5-20%?

❓ improve your property investment yield?

❓ get independent estimate on the property value?

Taking your next step is easy.  Book your free no obligation consultation today!

We will always provide the best buyer agent service for the best price.  If you find a better quote for the same service, send us the quote.  We will match it and beat it by giving you a 5% credit.  Also ask about our special deal for buyers of East and South Eastern Melbourne properties.

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Home Buying Service. Primary Place of Residence.

Home Buyers

Buying a Home - Buy Fast

Your primary place of residence (PPoR) is often your biggest purchase.  As property buyers agents, we love to help home buyers buy their primary place of residence (PPR).  We enjoy seeing the smiles when you get the keys to your homes.


We invest in the time to understand your purpose for buying the property.  Are you after a lifestyle / school / transport / prestige / luxury property?  Do you have plans for future developments / sub-division / rooming houses / Airbnb?

For a small buyers agent fee, we manage the entire home buying process for you, saving you over 9 months of searching, disappointment, anxiety and stress.  As buyers agents in Melbourne, we've bought simple, functional homes to multi-million dollar luxury residences, in suburbs in and around Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, Ballarat, Bendigo, Gippsland.  For a full list of Melbourne areas, click here.

If you are not ready to buy yet, we can source for your rental home as well.​  Or you can help a friend, and make a quick buck with our attractive referral incentives.  Have a look here

First home buyer help.

First Home Buyers

Buy Properties with Confidence. Buy with the knowledge and insights of a professional.  Get an expert to buy your first home faster.

Do you want to be one of the many first home buyers who spend over a year to buy their homes?

Do you want you pay too much?

Do you know where you should buy in?

Do you know where you should NOT buy in?

Do you know which types of properties you should NOT buy?

More than half of our clients are first home buyers.  We understand the anxiety that a first home buyer in Melbourne goes through, and we have, sadly seen too many first home buyers buy the wrong properties.  When you engage our buyer agent services, we go through our unique onboarding process to understand your needs and wants, and explore strategies to help you get your home in the competitive Melbourne property market. 

We explain what owning a home is about.  Let us worry about how to buy properties in Melbourne.  We manage the entire property purchase for you, saving you months of anguish, anxiety, and stress.


If you are planning to take the first step into the Melbourne property market, buy soon.  Melbourne property prices have risen after the COVID-19 lockdown, and there are no signs that it will stop rising any time soon.  Do not delay any further.  We believe Melbourne property prices could rise another 10-20%, over the next 2 years.  It's time in the market that matters.  Not timing the market.  You will not find another better time to get into the property market anytime soon.  First home buyers who understand the need to be fast and confident, invest in the services of property buyers agents to buy their first home at the right price and in half the time. 

If you are buying your first home, have a chat with us.  We run regular specials, deals and programs to help first home buyers. 

Did you know that you might be eligible for First Home Buyer's Grants?  Find out if you're eligible for the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) here.

If you are a First Home Buyers, and are ready to buy, we have an your offer for you...

Investment Property.  Positive Cash Flow, Cash Cow, Negative Gearing, Positive Gearing, Discounted,

Investment Property

Achieve Your Financial Freedom through building the right mix of Investment Property Portfolio

Having the right mix of investment properties in your investment portfolio is a great way to creating wealth and passive income.  It is also a certain way to financial freedom, if you do it right.  However, ATO statistics shows only 5% really made it.

Aside from being Melbourne buyers agents, we are property investors ourselves, and we are constantly in touch with property investment trends.  We know, getting the right mix of properties is the key to successful real estate investment.  And we are extending our search expertise to help all property buyers by setting up this buyers agent Melbourne service.

We've bought properties for investment strategies such as positive cash-flow rentals, renovation projects, flipping, to multi-million dollar townhouse / apartment developments, subdivision, negative gearing and joint-ventures.

We can also put you in touch with good property lawyers who will get your legal stuffs sorted, if you need one.

So, if you have an investment ROI in mind, or any investment question?  Find out how we can help now.

Overseas buyer / Interstate buyer / Relocating Buying Service

Overseas Buyers / Interstate Buyer / Relocating to Melbourne

Your Melbourne based property buying team helping you buy your Melbourne property. Never Buy "Site Unseen" Again.

Are you relocating to Melbourne? Or are you an overseas or interstates investor looking at investing in Melbourne properties?

One of the challenges of buying an overseas or interstate investment property is not understanding the Melbourne property market, the logistics involved in property inspection, organising the pre-purchase inspections, conveyancing, financing, settlement, etc.

Buying a property in Melbourne when you are overseas or interstate is risky, if you do not know the location, do not know the selling agent and do not know the property. 

Many buyers have no choice but to take the risk, trust the selling agent, and buy the property "sight unseen"!  It's a giant leap of faith.  You need to have a lot of trust, as the selling agent is always legally obliged to look after the seller's interest, NOT YOU. Yes, they look after the seller, not you.

Ask yourself.  A seller has a property professional to represent them.  Should you not need a property professional to represent you in your purchase?  If this is a courtroom situation, will you attend a court without a lawyers representation?

More and more property buyers are increasingly aware of this and buyers who know the game, engage our licenced Buyers Agents to help the search, analyse and represent them in their property purchase.  Our Melbourne property buying service is designed for overseas buyers, overseas investors, relocating and interstate buyers and investors purchasing Melbourne properties.

As licenced buyer's agents in Melbourne, we always act in the buyer's best interest.  We are your "on the ground" team.  Our comprehensive buyer agent service Package is designed for that.  We'll do everything for you for a small buyer agent fee.

We will work to your timezone and keep you informed throughout the process. We will document and provide unbiased inspection reports with images and videos to help you make the right decision.  We will also organise pre-purchase building and pest inspections, conveyancing and settlement for you.  If you are an investor, we will include organising your property for lease.  We make buying and investing in Melbourne property truly easy.

Want to buy property the easy way?  Have a question? Feel free to ask today!

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Off-the-plan Properties at Wholesale Prices

Best Buys for First Home Buyers

Buying off the plan has always been a popular way to get into the property market.

It usually comes with stamp duties discounts, low deposit, and you get to buy a brand new house, with brand new fixtures and fittings.

Like any investment vehicles, you have to do your due diligence and research.  But, by knowing what to buy and by buying in a good location, you are always a step ahead. 

We've researched property hot-spots for first home buyers, identified the best properties and handpicked some good properties for first home buyers, to help you get your property fast.

Find out more.