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Advantage of using Melbourne Buyers Agent. Outsmart the market.

Melbourne Buyers Agent

For property buyers wanting to outsmart the property market and avoid the inflated pricing, Concierge Buyers Advocates provides a 3 step process for property buyers looking to make quick and confident buying decisions.

Buying your Melbourne home and investment property is tedious, frustrating and time consuming which often takes up to 12 months or more. 

The traditional way of buying your property on your own is outdated and too slow in our fast moving Australian market.  The Australian property market has hundreds (if not thousands) of different markets, with a confusing range of property types, price and amenities.  This is why home buyers often spend months

  • finding out how to buy properties;

  • researching where are the good suburbs to buy;

  • searching for what properties to buy;

  • doing due diligence; and

  • attending disappointing property inspections.

And when home buyers found the property they want, they lack the speed, knowledge, experience and professional representation to buy the property confidently and in a timely manner, thus, loosing their dream homes to other buyers.  They also 

  • do not understand their rights;

  • do not realise the sales agents are working against buyers;

  • have no idea what the property is worth;

  • have no idea what other buyers are prepared to pay;

  • are often misled by advertisements and sales agents into overpaying for the property; and

  • lack the experience dealing with problems when the purchase did not go as expected.

For a typical buyer in Melbourne and Australia, the traditional DIY property buying is too slow and risky, and they ended up missing a year of capital growth, lost rental earnings.  And, if you are renting, you are paying off someone else's mortgage for another year or more, because of the delays.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

Buyers Advocates are Real Estate Advisors for Property Buyers

Our property buying agents are experienced and licenced property buyers advocates and advisors who

  • is on your side and work only for buyers;

  • protect buyers' interest in the property purchase;

  • help buyers buy the property at the best possible price;

  • give buyers a fair-go at buying properties;

  • give buyers exclusive access to good quality properties not publicly listed;

  • give buyers access to some of the best off-market properties, so you avoid the competition;

  • help buyers resolve issues when the purchase did not go as expected.

We have your back.  Our one-stop property buying service gives home buyers and property investors

  1. Buying advantage.

    • get access to an experienced property advisor that does the due diligence

    • level the playing field against the sales agents

    • give buyers an advantage over other unrepresented buyers

  2. Buy with less stress and anxiety.

    • we deal with sales agents on your behalf;

    • we tell you what you need to know - the good, the bad, the ugly.  Not the fluff that sales agents want you to know;

  3. Buy your property faster.

    • navigate the complex buying process confidently,

    • fast value assessment and due diligence​;

    • be one of the first to professionally present your offer before others can.

Get ahead, outsmart the market and avoid the inflated pricing with our 3-step process.

Managed by our Melbourne-based Buyers Advocates, our one-stop home buying service believes in giving home and investment property buyers a fair-go at buying properties, and protecting the interests of property buyers.  Our affordable property buyer advocacy services help buyers find their property quickly, and in a stress-free way.  Buy with the confidence of a real estate expert, take advantage of our independent expert insider knowledge.  Avoid delays, and avoid dealing with the sales agents.  Saving you time, money and stress.

Our a small fee ensures we are working for you legally.  Our buyers often get more back in the form of lower prices and deeper insights for their properties.  Return on fees investment? - Priceless.

Our buyers agent services look after you and your interests in the property purchase process.  We are fully independent, buyer-focused real estate agents, and we 

  • prevent you from overpaying;

  • ensure the purchase process is fair to you.

As licensed Melbourne's real estate buyers agent (buyers advocates), we are bound by the same code of conduct and legislation as a typical sales agent, but we are different:

We are on your side. 

We are THE real estate agents that work for home buyers and property investors.

Our Buyers Agents at Concierge Buyers Advocates look after buyers like yourself throughout the entire property buying journey, providing you with honest, frank and independent property advice on the best possible price and way to secure the property.

Concierge Buyers Advocates Property Buying Services

We simplify the property buying process, making it stress-free for you.  Our property buying plans are designed to help you find the right property fast and efficiently, saving you time, money and stress.

With our service, you get access to the entire Melbourne and Australian property market, including off-market properties that you won't find on any public boards.  We handle the entire property buying process, from start to finish, mortgage, search, inspections, auctions, negotiations, etc.  We will also organise the inspections, conveyancing and keys collection, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

We will help you:

  • determine who to buy from,

  • what properties to buy,

  • when is the right time to buy,

  • where to buy,

  • why it's the right property, and

  • how to buy it. 


We are your personal property concierge, always on your side and looking after your best interests throughout the entire buying journey.

From finding the right property to keys collection, our one-stop property buying service covers everything.  Buying a house in the Melbourne property market has never been easier.  Don't let the stress of property buying overwhelm you - let us take care of everything so you can enjoy the excitement of owning your dream home without the stressful search!

Where do Concierge Buyers Advocates service?

We specialize in finding dream homes for home buyers in Melbourne's exclusive suburbs, while also identifying high-yield, high-growth, cashflow positive investment properties for property investors in regions like the Mornington Peninsula, Traralgon, Gippsland, Ballarat, Bendigo in Victoria, and Central Coast in New South Wales.

We take pride in our ability to secure the best deals for our buyers, helping them

save time and money,

enjoy capital growth sooner,

avoid overpaying (saving between 5-20%),

improve their property investment yield, and

get independent property appraisal, advice and buying advantages.

Ready to get started? Book your free no-obligation consultation today!


And if you're not quite ready to buy, join our free Referral Program to help your family and friends find their dream properties and get rewarded in the process.

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What are the benefits of using an Independent Buyers Advocate?

In the competitive Melbourne property market, home and investment property buyers are turning to buyer's agents to get ahead of other buyers and enjoy the benefits of a stress-free and time-saving property buying experience.

Other advantages of using our buyer's agent:

  1. Local market expertise:  Our buyer's advocates have an in-depth understanding of the local market and can find the property that fits your needs.

  2. Skilled negotiation:  We negotiate and bid at auctions on your behalf, to secure the best possible price and terms for your property.

  3. Professional advice:  Our buyers advocates provide expert guidance on the legal and financial aspects of buying properties.

  4. Representation:  We represent your interests in any negotiations and dealings with sellers and real estate sales agents.

  5. Avoiding costly mistakes:  We help you avoid costly mistakes when negotiating and making a property purchase.

  6. Problem-solving:  Our buyers advocates identify potential problems and help you address them.

  7. Staying organized:  We keep you organised and on track throughout the buying process.

Ready to experience the benefits of working with a buyer's agent?  Contact us today to get started.

Who can benefit from our buyers advocates services?

Home Buyers Advocacy Service

Home Buyers

Buy Your Home with your very own Property Consultant

Your primary place of residence (PPoR) is often your biggest purchase.  As your buyers agents, our one-stop home buying service helps you (home buyer) buy your primary place of residence (PPR) fast and confidently.  We love to see the smiles when we deliver the keys to you.  Don't pay too much. 


Want to know the secret to buying your Melbourne home fast?

home keys

First Home Buyers

Avoid the First Home Buyer mistakes.
Confident First Home Buying. No more guessing.

The lack of home buying experience and the lack of unbiased knowledge of the Melbourne property market are the biggest problems faced by first home buyers.  First home buyers need to understand that sales agents are representing the sellers, and their jobs are to sell you what they have at the highest possible price, not what you want to buy. 

This difference in representation role often results in misinformation, and results with first home buyers overpaying for an unsuitable house.

Stop guessing.  Our home buying service gives first home buyers the real, unbiased, insider knowledge, and lets you access good off-market properties not available to the public.  Buy like a professional, avoid the first home buyers mistakes.

One of first home buyers worst mistake is believing real estate sales agents are helping them.  Here is why.

Property investment buyers advocates. portfolio review

Property Investors

Outsmart the market, avoid the inflated pricing. Retire early - Build your property portfolio with the right Investment Properties.

Are you time poor?  Or simply tired of wasting time searching for good investment properties? 

Our team of Melbourne buyer's agents are experienced property investors and we are here to help you find the right properties for your investment portfolio.

Whether you're looking for good yield, return-on-investment (ROI), positive or negative gearing, or any other property investment plans, we'll work with you to understand your investment goals and criteria

Our investment expertise and knowledge of the local market will help you find the properties that meet your criteria and help you achieve your investment goals.

Don't waste your time or get stressed with searching for the perfect investment property. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you succeed.

International, overseas, interstates buyers advocates

Overseas Buyers / Interstate Buyer / Relocating to Melbourne

Buy Melbourne properties like a Melbourne expert.
Don't risk it.  Buyers should never buy "Site Unseen".

Relocating to Melbourne or buying / investing in Melbourne properties as an interstate or overseas buyer can present a range of challenges.  Without a good understanding of the laws, regulations and approvals around investing in Australia and Melbourne property market, buyers often have to rely on the sales agents' and real estate marketers' recommendation.  This is a big mistake in property buying.  The sales agent's job is to make you buy what they have to sell, at the highest possible price.  They do not care if the property is suitable.  This conflict of interest often results in false representation, fake promises and misinformation, ending with buyers buying properties which do not meet their needs and are often money losing deals.

Buying a property remotely is filled with risks.  Do you know what due diligence you need to do? How do you inspect the property?  How do you know the location and property you're buying?  How do you organize and navigate the legal processes?  Can you believe the sales agent who is out to get the maximum price for the property he is selling?  This is very overwhelming.

Our fully-independent Melbourne based licensed buyers agents lets you turn the table.  We are on your side, managing the purchase for you, allowing you to buy confidently like a local property expert.  We help you understand the Melbourne property market, and organizing the entire property buying process for you, from mortgage financing, to search and keys collection..

Don't let distance hold you back from purchasing your dream property.

Get in touch today!

House and land dealers and buyers advocates

Quality Off-the-plan Properties and
House and Land Packages at Special Price

Best First Homes for First Home Buyers and Foreign Buyers

Buying off the plan has traditionally been an affordable way to get into the property market.  Buyers stand to enjoy stamp duty savings, low deposits, and brand new fixtures and fittings.  However, off-the-plan properties also come with risks that require additional checks and understanding, compared to buying established (resale) residential house.

At our home and investment property buyers agency, our buyers advocates understand the importance of selecting the best off-the-plan properties quickly and efficiently.  That's why we've researched property hot-spots for first home buyers, identified some of the best locations, and handpicked some excellent properties for first home buyers. 


With our expertise, you can rest assured that you're making an informed decision and investing in a property that's right for you.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you purchase your ideal off-the-plan property.

Find out more.

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