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Property Buying with a Buyer's Agent

How does buying your property with our Buyer's Agent look like?

Buying your property with our buyer's agent is a quick and easy 3 simple step process.

  1. Discover

  2. Showcase

  3. Own

Step 1:

Helping you discover what you want, and what else could work for you.

Step One is all about you.  We will go through our proprietary onboarding discussion to understand what you want, and help you understand the property market situation. 

This 45-90 minute discovery process helps us explore ideas and alternatives, bounce ideas off each other to help you uncover your needs and wants.


  • Property Budget

  • Property Location

  • Amenities

  • Transport

  • Property Types

  • etc

Step 2:

What is available in the market that meets your needs.

The fun starts when we start combing and scrubbing the on market and off market properties to find your dream property.  


The Search:

We find properties from:

  • our network in the real estate industry

  • exclusive off-market property listings

  • exclusive premium property listings

  • sellers looking for a confidential sale

  • the usual public listings

The Due Diligence:

We check each available property:

  • against your budget and requirements,

  • perform qualitative and quantitative due diligence and

  • present the most promising properties for you. 

The Shortlist:

You review the recommendations, tell us your preference, and we'll get the rest done for you:

  • on-site inspections

  • property and location profiles

  • rental returns

  • buyers profiles

  • sellers profiles

  • similar properties


Saving you from weeks and months of disappointing search and property inspections.

Step 3:

We'll make it yours.

The process of buying, doing the due diligence, and owning the property is tricky.  So, leave that with our home and investment property buying concierge.  Sit back and relax, while we do the running around for you and with you.

The Buying

We will get in touch with the vendor agent and initiate the buying:

  1. Private Sale. Submit an offer on your behalf and start the negotiation process.

  2. Auction. Prepares you for the auction and bid on your behalf.


Here's where the real fun starts.  We start drilling into the property.  

We get our trusted building and pest inspection partners, conveyancers and lawyers to start their necessary inspections and scrutiny.  These are not the usual experts referred by sales agents.  We only use tried and trusted partners to work with us.

Our experienced buyers advocates will then review their findings and advice on your next steps.

Making it YOURS!

We monitor the entire settlement process for you, to help ensure everything goes according to plan.  Come settlement, we organise the pre-settlement final inspections with the real estate agents. 

Some sales agents would not remind the buyers of the final inspections.  But we are here, keeping the sales agents honest, and protecting you, our client.

Next: Keys Collection!


Congratulations!  It's all yours now.

It's easy, isn't it?

This is your stress free property buying experience.

Buyers Agent Property Buying Process: List
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