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How to ​Buy House in Melbourne Fast Like an Expert

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Here is our hard to believe property buying success story. We know buying properties with a good Buyer's Advocate is fast and efficient, but this blew us off our own feet. Honestly.

Mr Sxxxx., our repeat client, approached us to buy his next investment property. This is his sixth property. As a seasoned property investor, he knows what he wanted, but he did not have the time to research the market for growth potential, yield, and development possibilities. Neither did he enjoy the stress and disappointments from dealing with over-promising property ads and sales agents.

After understanding his property brief, and what he wanted, we started our property buying search and purchase process. Within a couple of days we've shortlisted a handful of potentials.

Here is our actual property buying timeline for this property in a regional Victoria city:

Day 1:

10.30: Inspect the property. 12.00: Received Contract of Sales and Section 32. 13.00: All boxes ticked. Feasibility study and due diligence checked out. 13.30: Showcase the property to client. 14.30: Green light received. 15.30: Offer submitted.

Fingers crossed.

Day 2: 10.00: Offer accepted.

It is also worth noting that all activities during Day 1 was done while we were still on the roads. Our car is our mobile office. Everything was done in our car. We are mobile and that give us the productivity we need to provide a low-cost buyers agency service.

That's the trust our returned client has in us. We understood what he wanted, found exactly what he's looking for, in under 2 weeks.

When you spot a good buy, this is how fast you need to be. It'll be gone within hours. Literally.

We produce results.

* Mr Sxxxx doesn't want publicity, but has allowed us to feature his story.

How to find Melbourne house fast
Bought in 24 hours.



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