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​From Frustration to 3 Properties in 2 Years

This customer came to us, frustrated at being treated like a sausage by her previous buyers agent. It was an agency which advertised a lot in social media, and with a modern swanky office near Melbourne CBD.

Little did she know, this agency and their buyers agents were receiving payments from both buyers like her (through their "mentoring programme" fees), and commissions from the property developers, from which they recommend and buy from.

Unsurprisingly, the client was put through a sausage-factory or cookie-cutter process, where she was told to buy a new house and land property X at a certain price Y, depreciate it to claim tax offsets against her income. The property advisor was not interested in her plans for the properties, and would not listen to understand her needs.

We happened to bump into her at a property inspection. We met subsequently, client vented her frustration and decided to engage our services. We looked into her circumstances, her income, assets, etc, and realise she could do a lot more, if she is up to it.

Two years later, today, she's the proud owner of 2 properties, and she is in the process of getting her second property in Glen Waverley subdivided and re-developed at Glen Waverley into 2 townhouses.

That is 3 properties in 2 years, when it is ready in a few month's time. Had she persisted with her former buyers agents recommendations, she will have to dig deeper into her pockets to buy developer stocks, which typically have lower growth, and would be difficult to sell in future.

It does pay to speak with the right team.

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