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Buy your property fast. Get a head start in 2020.

Christmas 2023 comes early!
Grab our Christmas in July Specials!
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Property prices are on the rise. 

Our proprietary 3-step property buying service helps buyers outsmart the property market and avoid inflated pricing.  Our buyers make educated buying decisions and we negotiate to get the best possible price for you. 
We create deals that you can buy now.

The market has turned, and prices have been rising for almost 6 months now.  The crowd is back, but the number of publicly listed houses are still low, and auction prices have gone through the roof with eager buyers outbidding each other.  Latest Melbourne property market report has confirmed the market is gaining upward momentum once more. 

Our recent-buys for our investors had grown between 8 to 15% in 6 months.  One outstanding recent house purchase grew from $430,000 to $520,000, in 6 months!  That's over 20% in 6 monthsRead about the purchase.

What's driving this demand? 
The housing shortage.  The influx of overseas and interstates migrants.  The influx has resulted in a housing shortage in Melbourne, pushing both rental prices and house prices up.  Both buyers and renters are struggling to find properties, and this has created a perfect incentive for both investors and home buyers to grab good deals while prices are still relatively low.  In some areas, it is
cheaper to buy than to rent. 

We know how crucial it is to get ahead of the competition.  Our home and investment property finder is designed to help you find, match, and create property deals that you can buy today.  Buying with our buyers' advocates on your side means you can rest assured that you getting the best property, unbiased insights, and the best savings.  We negotiate hard to ensure our buyers get the best price, so you are always ahead of the competition.

Don't wait for FOMO to strike before you panic.  Take advantage of this opportunity to get into the Melbourne property market now, before FOMO returns and pushes prices out of reach again. 

The majority of our buyers buy their homes in 1 month.  Our fast and efficient property search service will find your dream property before anyone else, saving you time, money and stress.

So why wait? 

Melbourne Property Market Chart

Buying your property with our buyer's advocates gives you the confidence that you:

  • Get the Best Property

    • we are always watching the market for you

  • Get the unbiased insights

    • you receive exclusive independent insights into the property market.

  • Get the Best Savings

    • our negotiation style ensures buyers always get the BEST price.

  • Get ahead of the others

    • you are ahead of the other property buyers.

  • Save More

    • you are not paying someone else's mortgage any longer.

We can find your property FAST, saving you time, money and stress.

About Our Christmas in July Special
Property Buyer Special Discount

We're not going to lie.  The rising interest rates have put a dampener on property prices.  And this has presented some very good deals never seen before.  Savvy buyers are still buying and they are snapping up good properties in blue chip, and in-demand locations.

If you are looking to buy your home or investment property, why wait?

We help property buyers outsmart the market, buy fast and with confidence, saving you time, money and stress.

To sweeten the deal for property buyers, we're offering a special 10% discount off our services.

To be eligible for this Christmas offer, simply send us an email, receive your confirmation email and you have up to 15 August to activate it and SAVE!

Let Melbourne's most hard working Buyer's Advocates help you buy the right property at the right price.


  • Promotion valid till 31 July 2023.

  • Email registration required to receive confirmation. 

  • Use your coupon by 14 August 2023, to start saving.

  • Not valid with Platinum and Annual Plan.

To claim your discount, get in touch now.

10% Discount

More Bonus!
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$1000 referral bonus.

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