Melbourne Buyer's Advocates
Note to SEO Contributors

Ed is our man behind this Melbourne buyer agency website.  He is a rookie in his job.  Freshly graduated 20 years ago from university in a totally unrelated field, he is definitely doing his best in this job. 

He is great!  And the hundreds of SEO searching engine optimisers in the SEO market loved him. 

So, if you plan to send us SEO proposals, or services for better real estate websites, get in touch with Ed our Editor, at

Oh, if you are not at least bilingual, or if you do not have any good, outstanding SEO proposals, you will have a problem getting Ed's attention.  He receives over 10 SEO proposals EVERYDAY.  So, he knows what Search Engine Optimisations are, what ranking #1 in Google means.  He knows all the textbook/spam about what so-called SEO experts do to get to number one.  Therefore, we have to be honest with you.  If you cannot tell us something unique about this website, give us 3 actionable, specific S.M.A.R.T. tasks on what and how we can improve our website, you would not be able to get our audience's attention.  Be different.  Get in touch with Ed.  He is a nice guy.  Be nice to him.

Note: ALL SEO wannabes must send your requests and proposals to Ed. Note the requirements below.

If you have trouble finding this paragraph in our website, or you have problems understanding this simple instruction, we are sorry, but he (and we) will be doubting how you and your services are good enough for us. Don't miss this detail.

Remember, our Bossman is a busy man, he will not appreciate any SEO proposals without Ed's recommendation.  Be Smart.


Criteria for Top Melbourne Buyer's Agent SEO Submission

Remember, Ed's the man when it comes to helping us rank number 1 in the Melbourne Buyer's Agent list.

He has received hundreds of SEO spam since we started this site.  So, it will bore him if your proposal sounds like one of the thousands of proposals he's received.   And you know what happens to boring proposals.

So, if you are really honestly keen to help us get to the number 1 spot when people search for Buyers Agents or Buyers Advocates, please make sure your submissions meet ALL these criteria:

  1. Only email to Ed. Search for his email address.

  2. Title your submission "Top Melbourne Buyers Advocate. Find out how we can help you." 

  3. Contain at least 10 new keywords.  Explain how you derive them and why you believe they are relevant.

  4. Detail what you would do and how will you help us rank as best buyers agents in page 1.  The details show how well you understand SEO and how confident you are with your recommendations.  Vague recommendations will NOT be reviewed.  Irrelevant recommendations will NOT be reviewed.

  5. Include detailed project proposals, project plan, and project costs.

  6. Proposal MUST include Money Back Guarantee or Pay on Success plans.  Payment terms must at least be 180 days.  If you are confident your recommendations will work, you wouldn't fear you will not be paid.

  7. Just like everyone, we use SPAM filters.  If your proposals cannot bypass the spam filters, you're out.  If your own proposals cannot bypass our filters, how can we be confident that you know what you are doing?  If you cannot manage your emails well, how would you manage our emails well? We will question the effectiveness of your proposals.  You won't be able to reach our intended customers.

  8. Include your business office address, contact number, your business registration number, background of your business, list of your clients, list of your best and worst client websites.  Name, and experience of your consultant working on our project, if you are selected.  Also include your website and what keywords you use for your ranking.  If your keywords does not make sense, you're out.   If your very own business does not rank #1, you're out.  If your own website is crap, you're out.  If you cannot manage your own website, how can we have the confidence that you will manage our website properly?

  9. Emails from any free public email domains such as,,,, etc, will be deleted.