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Raymondson and Concierge Buyers Advocates

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

With over 25 years in the real estate investment industry and corporate world, Raymondson is the founder of this independent buyer agency service in Melbourne.

He personally hand-picks his team of buyer's agents and buyer advocates, to help clients navigate the property market and make informed decisions. What sets him apart from others in the industry is his unique background and expertise in data management and analytics.

Starting from Scratch, as a Migrant​

As a migrant to Australia, Raymondson arrived with nothing but two suitcases and a pile of debts. After a failed property investment in his home country, he took a loan from his lender, jumped on a plane from Singapore, and landed in Melbourne to start a new life. His first job in information technology, launched his data and analytics career. With his interest and knowledge in data management and analytics, he built his own proprietary property analytics database, which he uses to analyze the Melbourne property market.

Data Don't Lie. Or do they?

Everyone knows data don't lie. But did you know it is the narratives around the data that lies? About 80% of the population does not know how to read data. Yes, it is a bunch of numbers, but what do they numbers mean, how do different sets of numbers co-relate? And what do they suggest? Spruikers know that. Thus, many spruikers are using "carefully selected pieces of data" to spruik their sales and marketing. Independence is GOLD. And this is why Raymondson likes being independent. He loved the freedom to tell it like it is. He has no bosses or no master franchise to tell him what to do. He has no hidden agenda, has nothing to sell, and just want to run an honest Buyers Advocacy business.

He discovered that the Melbourne property market is predictable when the data is overlaid with the right insights from the ground. With this knowledge, he started his property investment journey by using the data he collected over the years, to trade and flip properties. In two years, he paid off his debts and started building his property portfolio, accumulating his wealth, and eventually achieving financial freedom.

What's life being "Retired"?

Despite his success, Raymondson is a low-profile person who doesn't flaunt his "retired" status. He prefers to be low profile and usually turns down media interviews. He does not believe in mass media, as it often goes against his principle of providing honest property buying news. Most mass media has an agenda to drive. They sensationalise the tiniest detail which could be too late but often excites the masses.

Raymondson understands what it's like to be in debt, having taken a misstep in property investing himself. He is therefore passionate about helping buyers avoid the pitfalls and thus he started this buyer advocacy agency with the aim of helping home buyers and property investors navigate the market and avoid the troubles and stress of home and investment property buying.

What are the values of Concierge Buyers Advocates?

At Concierge Buyers Advocates, Raymondson and his team provide an exclusive but affordable property buyer agency service built on trust, integrity, exclusivity, and helping their exclusive clients buy and own properties quickly and confidently. They do not sell, and they have no targets to meet. They're only accountable to their clients, not their shareholders or franchisors. With their expertise in data analytics, they provide honest answers and help clients outsmart the property market while avoiding inflated pricing.

Raymondson is a straight-talking person who tells it like it is. Sometimes, this means going against mass consensus, including his views on the Melbourne property market. Clients who love honest answers and hate fluff appreciate his work. He's been right with forecasting the rise in property prices after the 2019 Federal Elections[here], and he's been right with predicting that property prices are not going to crash due to the COVID-19 pandemic [early 2020] [mid 2020]. He has also been right with predicting that economies have to open up eventually, with or without COVID-19. Talk about COVID-normal and living with COVID; you can only get honest feedback from him.

Raymondson is a man with a vision and passion to help others achieve financial freedom through smart property investments. His unique background and expertise in data management and analytics allow him to provide honest answers and help clients navigate the complex property market with ease. If you're looking for an affordable and exclusive property buyer agency service that's built on trust and integrity, look no further than Concierge Buyers Advocates.

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