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2023 Monash Business Award Highly Recommended Award Winner

Updated: Apr 18

Melbourne top most awarded Buyers Agents

We are very honoured to be short-listed into the Finalist and winning the "Highly Recommended" award at the Monash Business Awards 2023 Gala Dinner and Awards Presentation.

Melbourne best buyers agent award

This award is dedicated to our clients who trusted our services, allowing them to swiftly Outsmart the Property Market and buy confidently.

Special mention to our supportive business partners, family and friends. Without which we wouldn't have given our clients the confidence, the seamless experience they deserve.

When we started this journey at Concierge Buyers Advocates at #GlenWaverley, Melbourne, we never imagined we would come this far. It all began with a simple idea: to provide an affordable property advisory service to regular folk like us - mums, dads, everyday property buyers who needed a helping hand in the real estate market.

Our journey has been a wild ride. We faced challenges, highs and lows. The lockdowns didn't kill the virus, but it almost got us. But we never lost sight of our mission.

We wanted to empower people to make confident decisions, to outsmart the market, and get their dream properties without breaking the bank.

This award means a lot to us and our clients. And we will keep pushing the boundaries to deliver the best service possible.

We're thrilled and humbled and we'll continue to strive for excellence in everything we do.


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