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Low Cost and Effective Way of Selling your Property

When it comes to selling your property, the cost of listing your property with a traditional vendor agent is very often the biggest expense you'll have. Depending on your property and its value, the cost of listing and agent commission can be well over $20,000 for a typical $800,000 property. Is this the only way to sell your property? Are there any other low-cost ways of selling your property effectively?

We've been asked such questions many times.

To most sellers, the only other way low-cost is to sell it yourself. But, how do you market the property? How do you know what your property is worth? Are you prepared to wast time handling low-ballers and time wasters? What about the risks of having a open for inspection on your own?

What if, there is an alternate way of selling your property effectively. It is low-cost, and you'll usually only need to pay for the conveyancing to prepare the sales contract (which you will need to do anyway, through a traditional selling agent).

Do you want access to a hidden source of qualified buyers? Buyers who are finance approved, and who are ready to buy the right property? What if buyers in this group is interested in your property? It could sell with little effort.

Approach a buyer's agent. Yes, a buyer's agent. Some buyer's agent or buyer's advocates including us will be happy for you to approach them. We have a pool of buyers who are already qualified. They are serious buyers, and are in the market, finance ready, and are prepared to buy your property.

We will guide you through preparing the property for sale, just like a traditional agent, put you in touch with conveyancers who will get your sales contract sorted. And we will manage the open for inspections for you. That's right, no commissions. You save the usual 2% commission and marketing cost.

Interested? Get in touch with us.


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