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Vendor Advocates Melbourne

Looking Sell Your Property?

Talk to us before you sell, and you could save thousands.

Get an independent and realistic, appraisal for your property.  Know what genuine buyers are willing to pay for your property.
We have active buyers looking to buy and invest in your properties in the area.  Our buyers are finance ready, and ready to buy.  If your property meets their requirements, it will sell!  FAST and EASY.
Save over $50,000 in agent commissions, selling fees, and marketing costs.  

Sell your property fast.

Save over $50,000! Get more of your money back!

Here's how it works:
We are licenced buyers agents and we have a pool of buyers who are market ready, finance ready, and ready to buy your property.

So, before you list them with a selling agent, let us have a chat.  If your property is sold to one of our buyers, through us, you save over $50,000 in selling costs!  No advertisement fees, no marketing fees, no listing fees, no staging costs!  But there is a catch*.  

Or if we do not have a buyer for you, our vendor advocacy service can help you select one of the best agents in the area to sell your property.  We are actively buying in the area, we know what sells, who the sales agents are, how they work and we know which types of agents will be the best to represent your property.

You win, either way:
You save over $50,000 in selling costs, get more for your house!  OR
You get only the best agent to sell your house!

You have nothing to lose.  Get in touch today.

Here are some of the areas our buyers are looking for.

Sell your property fast.

Stop paying too much in commission! 

Get in touch now.

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