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Looking Sell Your Place?

What if we have a low cost way to sell your property and maximise your sales?  Save over $50,000 in agent commissions, selling fees, and marketing costs.  Pay no listing agent fees.

Sell your property fast.

Save over $50,000! Get more of your money back!

Here's how it works:

We are licenced buyers agents and we have a pool of buyers who are market ready, finance ready, and ready to buy your property.

So, before you list them with a selling agent, let us have a chat.  You might be able to save over $50,000 in selling commission and expenses.

If your property is sold to one of our buyers, through us, you save on over $50,000 in selling costs!  No advertisement fees, no marketing fees, no listing fees, no staging costs! 

Or if we do not have a buyer for your property, our vendor advocacy service can help you select one of the best agents in the area to sell your property. 

You win, either way:

You save over $50,000 in selling costs, get more for your house!  OR

You get only the best agent to sell your house!

You have nothing to lose.  Give us a call.

Here are some of the areas our buyers are looking for.

Sell your property fast.

Stop paying too much! 

Have a chat with us.