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Melbourne properties for International property investors

Looking to buy and invest in Australia properties?

Here is why investors are buying in Melbourne:

✔ Most liveable city in the world
✔ Population to grow from 5 to 8 million by 2051
✔ Property price grew 60-80% between 2020-22
✔ Projected to rise another 20% in coming years
✔ Low and Rising Australian Dollar Exchange Rate

Our exclusive Melbourne Property Investment Service gives investors access to the exclusive, handpicked, quality Melbourne properties:
✔ Houses from AUD$550,000
✔ Apartments from AUD$400,000
✔ Villas and Penthouses from AUD$3million

Ride the booming Melbourne property market.  International investors and buyers have been buying high quality properties in Melbourne.  Do they know something you don't?

Our exclusive Melbourne-based investment property buyer services have been helping international buyers from countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Europe, United States, etc, buy and invest in exclusive, high quality Australian properties that are not marketed overseas.

Our one-stop property buying service helps international property investors:

  • understand the real Melbourne property market first hand;

  • source and inspect ANY Melbourne properties;

  • access high quality properties in the hidden property market;

  • access premium properties not available internationally;

  • access new, exclusive, premium quality properties marketed only to locals;

  • negotiate and purchase;

  • organise legal, settlement; and

  • organise the property for lease;

We are your exclusive one-stop property buying service, working only for buyers.  We find what you want.  We don't sell you what we have.  We have nothing to sell.

Good, premium properties are not listed internationally, because there there is no need to.  Demand from local Australian buyers outstrips supply.  And the only way to access these premium properties is through our Australia based investor focused buyer's advocates agencies.  Through our international investors service, you get access to high-growth, high yield, high quality investment properties which will make your investment a breeze.  Less quality issues, less repairs, less out of pocket maintenance expenses.

Quality properties from AUD$400,000 to over AUD$5million are now available to our international clients through our investment network.  Here are some high yield, high growth Melbourne properties:

  • Melbourne, Brisbane Apartments from AUD$400,000

  • Melbourne, Brisbane Houses from AUD$550,000

  • Melbourne, Brisbane Townhouses from AUD$450,000

  • Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney Luxury Apartments and Penthouse from AUD$1.5million

  • Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney Luxury Houses from AUD$2 million

These quality investment properties sell fast.  Get in touch now to find out what's available.

Let Melbourne's only multi-lingual, independent Property Buyers' Advocate find and buy your property.

Why Should you Only Buy from a Local Property Investment Agent?

  1. Safety and Security - Local property investment agent in Australia is regulated by the strict Australian real estate agent laws.  The Australian real estate laws is one of the strictest in the world, in order to give investors the confidence that their investment money will be accounted for and only accessible to buy the investment property.  No sales agents outside of Australian sales agent offer that security.

  2. Local Knowledge - Who knows Australia and Melbourne more than our local real estate agents?  Our local agents live in Melbourne, Australia and we know the market we specialise in.  We know where the good locations are, we know what the local demand is, and the types of properties the renters in Australia want.  Australia is a huge country with hundreds of different market.  Not every market is the same.  What applies to Sydney, will not be applicable to Melbourne or Brisbane, and vice versa.  It is thus, important to buy from an agent who is local, who understand first hand what is going on in the market and who can provide you with the latest news in the local property market.

  3. Access to High Quality Properties - In addition to giving investors the local knowledge and confidence, our local property investment agents also have access to high quality, exclusive investment properties, not available to overseas agents.  They are not sold through overseas agents because, there is more than enough buyers from Australia, and there is no need to go through the trouble of marketing these properties overseas.  Buy the good stuff which local buys.

Why is an Independent, Licenced Melbourne Buyer's Agent important?

Being fully licenced buyer agents, gives you the same protection and confidence as any Australian property buyer and investors in Australia.  We are licenced and regulated and we are not some fly-by-night marketing guerrillas.

As independent agents, we are:

  • Police checked.

  • Fully Insured.

  • Based locally in Melbourne, Australia.

  • not restricted to regions,

  • not restricted to buying only from certain agencies,

  • not restricted to developers,

  • not restricted to the types of properties we can buy,

  • not restricted to who we can buy from.

  • not restricted to who we can assist.

Our independent licence gives you access to any property, anywhere and from any developer/agency.  We are able to buy high quality properties that is only marketed to local buyers, not the second-rate properties marketed and sold overseas for the overseas investors.  This gives you the confidence that you are getting the best properties for your budget.

Note: This service is not for everyone.  This is a fee paying service to maintain exclusivity.  In return, you enjoy developer discounts.  We limit this service to no more than 3 clients per advisor at any one time, in order to serve our clients better.

If you are planning to invest in Australia properties, invest only in the best Melbourne and Australian properties.  Invest in properties that will last a lifetime and beyond.  Insist on unbiased investment advice, that only an independent, licenced real estate buyer's agent can give.

Join our exclusive buying service.

Have a look at what is available to you.

New Melbourne House and Apartments for Sale

High Quality New Melbourne Houses and Apartments
are now available to
International Investors.
Don't pay retail.

Unlike your local sales agents selling Australian Properties, the properties featured in our select list are vetted for quality and rentability. 

We conduct the due diligence checks, visit the building sites and completed properties, to assess the quality of their workmanship. 

We will also provide complimentary monitoring of the progress of the construction, to give our clients a peace of mind.

Here are a sample of what is currently available.  There are many more locations, floor plans and size to suit all budgets.

Get in touch today to find out more.

Melbourne House For Sale

House in established or high growth regions from AU$550,000.

Various floorplans and configurations available:

  • Bedrooms: 3, 4, 5

  • Single storey, double storey

  • Land from 300sqm

  • Stamp duty savings

  • Bluechip locations available

New house for foreign investors and Australian investors

Melbourne Townhouses For Sale

Townhouse in established or high growth regions from AU$420,000.

Various floorplans and configurations available:

  • Bedrooms: 2, 3, 4, 5

  • Single storey, double storey

  • Land from 200sqm

  • Stamp duty savings

  • Bluechip locations available

main profile.png

Melbourne Apartments For Sale

Apartments in Melbourne from AU$400,000.

Various configurations and locations:

  • Bedrooms: Studio, 1, 2, 3, penthouse

  • Good, convenient location

  • Easy access to shops and public transport

  • Stamp duty savings

  • Bluechip locations

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