Melbourne properties for International property investors

Looking to invest Properties?

Why you should consider Melbourne:

✔ LOW interest rates

✔ 25% grow in 2020

✔ Projected to rise another 20% in coming years

Access only the exclusive property market:

✔ QUALITY villas, houses and apartments

✔ From AUD$300k

Benefit from the rising Australian dollar and the upcoming booms in Melbourne property prices.  Buy now, and set yourself up for the windfall, when the Australian borders reopen in coming months.

If you are looking to invest in Australian properties, our property buyer services have been helping international buyers from countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and United States, etc, buy and invest in Australian properties.

Our exclusive one-stop property buying service helps international property investors and purchasers:

  • understand the Melbourne property market;

  • source and inspect ANY Melbourne properties;

  • access high quality properties in the hidden market;

  • access high quality properties not advertised for international buyers;

  • negotiate and purchase;

  • manage conveyancing, settlement;  and

  • organise the property for lease;

It is your one-stop property buying service.

Good, quality properties are not listed in the international market, as demand from local Australian buyers outstrips supply.  The only way to access these are through local investor focused buyer's advocates agencies, such as us.

Quality properties from AUD$300,000 to over AUD$5million are now available through our network.  Here are some high yield, high growth Melbourne properties:

  • Suburban Apartments from AUD$300,000

  • Melbourne CBD Apartments from AUD$400,000

  • Houses from AUD$450,000

  • Townhouses from AUD$500,000

  • Luxury Apartments and Penthouse from AUD$1.5million

  • Luxury Houses from AUD$3million

Let Melbourne's only multi-lingual independent Property Investment Buyer's Advocate help source your property.

Why is an Independent Buyer's Agent important?

Being fully independent buyer agents, we are not restricted by regions, not restricted by agencies agreements, not restricted by developer incentives, not restricted by the types of properties we can buy, not restricted by who we can buy from.

Our licence allows us to buy anywhere and from any developers and agencies.  This helps us ensure we find the best properties for your budget.

Note: This service is not for everyone.  We limit this exclusive service to no more than 3 clients per advisor at any one time, in order to serve our clients better.

If you are planning to invest in Melbourne and Victoria properties, and invest only in the best, quality properties, insist on unbiased investment advice. 

Join our exclusive buying service.

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