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Bag a good deal FAST
with our Property Buying Concierge

Unlock Home Buying and Property Investment Strategies
Get Ahead, Avoid Overpaying
Buy fast and confidently
Saving you time, money and stress

It is a fact.
Home Buyers spend up to a year or more to buy their homes. 
Property buying is a time consuming journey with lots of frustrations and disappointments along the way.

But it doesn't have to be that way.  Get ahead.  Outsmart them.

Our Unique 3-Step Property Buying process helps you OWN the property you want fast and confidently.
Saving you stress, time and money.

The unique one-stop process helps you DISCOVER what you want, what you can achieve, SHOWCASE what is available in the market and helps you OWN it quickly and confidently.

With our buyers advocates by their side, our clients confidently

  • buy in under 3 months;

  • buy with expert insights and expert guidance;

  • save time, money and stress.

Talk to us.  Find out how we can help.

Referrals Welcomed

Not ready to buy?  Join our Referral Program.  Get rewarded when you refer you family and friends to our property buying services.  More info here.

Melbourne Buyers Agent
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Benefits of using our
Property Buying Service

Fully Licenced and Independent

We are fully licenced and Independent.  Being independent allows us to buy from ANY agents, all over Australia.  Get access to on and off market properties from all sources.  

We have no properties to sell.  You buy what you want, not what we have to sell.

Buy what you want confidently at the Best Price

Benefit from a dedicated property mentor, expert guidance, and independent  property assessments.  We find properties that match you criteria,  and you make the final selection.  Our skilled negotiators handle Auction Bidding and Negotiate on your behalf.  From paperwork to keys collection, we manage the entire process, making your property buying journey seamless and stress-free.  Discover the difference today with Your Property Buying Concierge Service.

Saving you time, money and stress

We shield you from the stress of finding and buying your home and investment property.

Reduce your time

We do the search, inspection and due diligence.  95% of our clients buy in under 2 months.

Reduce your cost

Avoid overpaying.  Pay only the best price for your property.  

Get your FREE Express property inspection  (worth $238 each) for each property we buy.  Avoid unnecessary costly inspections* (worth over $800 each) with guidance from our builder-trained buyers advocates.  Our clients save an average of 15-20%.

Reduce your Stress

We manage the sales agents.  Saving you stress from the pushy sales tactics.

How do buyers outsmart others with our home buying service?

Our genuine Independent Buyers Agents work exclusively with buyers to speed up their property buying process.
Our Buyers Agents help buyers:

Understand the market

  • Get the unbiased view of the market

  • Know what is right for you

  • Know what you are buying

  • Explore all other possibilities

  • Access the hidden property market

Protect Buyer Interests

  • Not driven by the need to sell

  • Protects your buying interests

  • Shields you from the stress of dealing with a sales agent

  • Professionally manage the vendor & selling agents

  • Manage the due diligence

Time and Money Saving

  • Buy in under 3 months

  • Avoid paying inflated pricing

  • Save 16% or more compared to buying on your own

  • Save your weekends and reduce time wasting searches

Find out more.
Only limited spots available.

Your Personal Property Buying Concierge

How can our property buying services help you buy faster and confidently?

I am buying property. I need honest, independent advice I can trust from an independent Buyers Advocate.

I have found a property.  I need help to bid at auctions and negotiate for the best price

I am interested in a Melbourne property. I need help with property inspection.

I have a house / land / commercial property to sell. I want to find the best sales agent, get the best price.

I need other property investment help, portfolio and mortgage review, etc. 

Your exclusive One-stop
Home Buyers Service
Working exclusively for property buyers

Leading Melbourne Buyers Agent. As recommended In major real estate websites
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