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Low cost Buyers Agents

Online Exclusive Buyers Advocates Service.
Our lowest cost home buying plan.

Need a property buying advisor to buy confidently and cut 6-9 months from your buying time, but finds a full-blown buyer's advocate service too expensive?

Introducing our unique Online Property Buyer Agent service.
It is the same property buying service, but different.  Cheaper.

Studies shows buyers spends up to a year or more buying their homes, and over 8 in 10 successful buyers have unknowingly overpaid.

If you have heard the advantages of a engaging a buyers advocates, and have been thinking of engaging a buyer's advocates service to help boost your confidence and help you get ahead, but have been put off by the high buyer's agents fees, try our innovative low cost online buyers advocacy service.  Our low cost buyers advocates services start from a low $3 a day*!  That is less than a cup of cuppa.

Our online-only low-cost property buying service lets you
✔ tap into our property experience.
✔ understand the property value.
✔ have an expert buying support.
✔ negotiate for the best possible price.
✔ buy with certainty.
✔ tap into our search expertise to find what you need (optional).

Receive only unbiased advice from fully licenced pro-buyers real estate agents.  Get only the genuine unbiased information from our independent Buyers Advocates.

This online-only property buying advisory allows you to buy your home and investment properties with support from licenced buyer's agent for a low monthly fee.  Find out what we can do for you.

Getting a professional property buyer to help you is no longer expensive, with our low monthly fees.  Pay for only what you use.  

Stop paying too much! 

Ask about our online property buying service.

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Concierge Buyers Advocates
3 Step Property Buying Process

For buyers wanting to outsmart the market and avoid the inflated pricing, Concierge Buyers Advocates provides a 3-Step Buying Process for property buyers to make a quick and confident buying decision.

Tap into our experience.
Get in touch to discover how you can buy your property faster and avoid paying too much with our one-stop home buyer service.


  • What you want.

  • What you can achieve.

  • What else you can buy.


  • What is available.

  • What is hidden in the off-market sources.

  • What's suitable for you.


  • Buy your property confidently.

  • Know what you are buying.

  • Own and enjoy your property.

How buyers can outsmart others with our buyers agents:

Our Genuine Independent Buyers Agents work exclusively with buyers to buy their property confidently.
Our Buyers Agents help buyers:

Understand the market

  • Know what is right for you

  • Know what you are buying

  • Discover other possibilities

  • Access the hidden market

Level the Playing Field

  • Not driven by need to sell

  • Protect your interests in the purchase

  • Professionally manage the vendor & selling agents

  • Manage the due diligence

Time and Money Saving

  • Buy in 2 months.

  • Avoid paying inflated pricing.

  • Save 16% or more compared to buying on your own.

  • Save your weekends and reduce time wasting searches.

Find out how we can help.
Only limited spots at any one time.

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