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Melbourne properties for International property investors

No more 20%-60% ABSurD Stamp Duties
Invest in Quality Melbourne Properties
and Grab a Good Deal

Look beyond investing in 99 year leasehold apartments
Buy a freehold house to own forever here in Melbourne

Why Investors are Investing in Melbourne Properties:
✔ Consistently ranked among the top 3 most liveable cities worldwide.
✔ Projected population growth from 5 to 8 million by 2051.
✔ Surpassed Sydney as Australia's most populous capital city in 2024.
✔ With Sydney's median house price at $1.6 million, Melbourne's median of $1 million presents significant growth potential.
✔ Property prices surged by 13% in 2023, signaling strong, ongoing growth.
✔ High rental demand and housing shortages ensure robust demand and appreciation.
✔ Forecasts predict 60-80% property price growth in the coming years.
✔ Favorable Australian to Singapore Dollar exchange rate.
✔ Strong economic growth and a recovering Australian Dollar.
✔ Invest in Melbourne and pave the way to a prosperous retirement as a multi-millionaire.*

Seize the Opportunity and Invest in Melbourne Today

Our exclusive Melbourne Property Investment Service gives investors access to exclusive, handpicked, quality Melbourne properties:
✔ Freehold Apartments from AUD$400,000
✔ Freehold Landed Houses from AUD$500,000
✔ Freehold Landed Villas and Penthouses from AUD$5million

Avoid the hefty Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (ABSD) in Singapore. 

Discover the Melbourne Advantage.  Ride the upcoming Melbourne Property Boom.  
In 2024, Melbourne clinched the title of Australia's most populous city, surpassing Sydney.  This surge in population, combined with increased migration and investor interest, has propelled property prices to new heights. While Sydney's median house price sits at $1.6 million,  Melbourne's median stands at just $1 million, signaling significant growth potential in Melbourne's property market.

Seize the Opportunity
As interest rates continue to decline, Melbourne's property prices are expected to soar even higher and faster. Don't miss out on this lucrative opportunity.

Our Exclusive Service
With our Melbourne-based property investment buying services, international buyers from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Europe, the United States, and beyond can acquire quality properties with ease.  Get access to exclusive, high-quality Australian properties that are never marketed overseas.

Start Your Investment Journey Today
Avoid the hefty Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (ABSD) and ride the Melbourne property boom with confidence.  Take advantage of our specialized expertise and invest in Melbourne's thriving real estate market like a local.

Here's What You Can Buy in Melbourne and Singapore for $500,000

Melbourne, Australia

$500 3 bedroom 150sqm house on 350sqm land

Melbourne - Most Liveable City in the World

Buy Price:  AUD $500,000 (13% better)

Stamp Duty:  0 - 13%* (7-60% better)
Land Holding:  Freehold Freestanding House with Land
House size:  150-200+ sqm (Single / Double Storey)
Property type:  3-4 bedroom 2 bathroom 2 parking
Owned Land Holding:  from 350 sqm 
Value in 20 Years:  $1.8 million  ($795k better)

Value in 30 Years:  $3.8 million  ($2.2M better)

Value in 40 Years:  $7.5 million  ($5.1M better)

Value in 50 Years:  $14.7 million and rising
Historical Growth: 7-20% average growth annually

(source: CoreLogic)


$500k 3 bedroom 85 sqm flat

Singapore - Most Expensive City in the World

Buy Price:  SGD $500,000

Stamp Duty:  20-60%
Land Holding:  99 year leasehold space in the air
House Size:  85sqm
Property Type:  3 bedroom 1.5 bathroom 0 parking
Owned Land Holding:  Nil - you lease the space in the air 

Value in 20 Years:  $1.05 million

Value in 30 Years:  $1.6 million

Value in 40 Years:  $2.4 million

Value in 50 years: ??

Historical Growth: 4% but falling as it approaches 99 years

(source: HDB Singapore)

Our unique one-stop property buying service helps Singapore and international property investors:

  • buy exclusive quality and premium properties not advertised internationally;

  • understand the real Melbourne property market first hand;

  • buy and invest in ANY Melbourne property;

  • buy high quality properties in the hidden property market;

  • negotiate and buy at best price;


We only work for buyers and we are your exclusive one-stop property investment partners.  Our one-stop property buying investment concierge service covers everything, including 

  • organise mortgage and home loan;

  • organise legal, settlement; and

  • organise the property for lease;


Unlike sales agents, we don't sell you what we have.  We have nothing to sell.  This ensures you buy what you need, not what we have to sell.  You buy what you want, and what is suitable for you.

Good, premium quality properties are not marketed internationally, because there is no need to. 

It's a secret other agents do not want you to know.  Only 2nd or 3rd rate investment properties which local Australian buyers are not buying are being sold overseas through sales agencies. 

Good properties are not sold overseas, as demand from local Australian buyers outstrips supply.  The only way to buy these premium properties is through an Australia based investor focused buyer's advocacy / property investment agency such as ours.  Through our international investor service, you can now buy high growth, high yield, high quality investment properties which make your investment journey a breeze.  Quality means less problems, less repairs, less unexpected maintenance expenses.

How do you differentiate real property investment agency from a property sales agencies (the fake property investment agency)?

Real property investment agencies do not sell properties.  We custom search what you want, and you only buy the best investment grade property to suit your budget.

Fake property investment agencies sell you what they are told to sell.  You choose from the list of properties they must sell.  They run "investment" roadshows and ra-ra sessions and bombard you with a mix of irrelevant statistics to confuse buyers.

Buy and Invest only in High Quality Properties

Our international investor services lets you buy high-quality investment properties, with prices ranging from AUD$400,000 to over AUD$50 million.  Buy from a wide selection of villas, houses, townhouses, apartments, luxury apartments, penthouses, and luxury houses in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney.

High quality investment properties sell quickly in this competitive market.  Don't miss out.  Get in touch with us now to find out what's available.

Let Melbourne's Singlish speaking, multi-lingual, independent property Buyers' Advocate find and buy your ideal property.

Now with

Rental Guarantee!

Unlocking the Buyer's Advantage:
Understanding the Difference Between Buyers Agents and Sales Agents

How do you differentiate real property investment agency from a property sales agencies (the fake property investment agency)?

Real property investment services do not sell properties.  You buy what you want, and you only buy the best investment grade property to suit your budget.

Fake property investment agencies sell you what they are told to sell.  You choose from the inventories they have to sell.  They run "investment" roadshows and ra-ra sessions and bombard you with a mix of irrelevant statistics to confuse buyers.

Gain a competitive edge, expert guidance, and unbiased support throughout your property buying journey.  Make informed decisions with the help of our independent licenced investment property Buyers Agent (or Buyers Advocates).

When it comes to buying properties, the difference between working with a Buyers Agent and a Sales Agent is like night and day.  While Sales Agents represent the seller and developers, Buyers Agents work exclusively for buyers and investors like you.  Our licenced and independent Buyers Agents are not restricted to any agency or developer.  We can buy ANY thing from ANY one, ANY where, ANY time.  This gives you the unrestricted freedom to buy only the best property, at the best price and at the best time. 

We find what you want. 

You buy what you want, not what we have.

We have nothing to sell.

Gain an advantage over other investors.  We advocate for property investors.  More reasons why using a Buyers Agent is a game-changer:

  1. Gain a Competitive Edge:  Independent Buyers Agents possess impartial in-depth market knowledge and access to off-market properties.  We leverage our knowledge and expertise to identify hidden gems and negotiate the best deals, ensuring you have an upper edge in the competitive property market.

  2. Expert Guidance:  With a Buyers Agent by your side, you receive unbiased advice tailored to your needs.  We help you navigate complex paperwork, conduct thorough due diligence, and make informed decisions.  We experience and independence allows us to provide you with honest feedback about the property you buy.

  3. Unbiased Support:  Unlike Sales Agents who have a vested interest in closing a sale, Buyers Agents prioritize your best interests.  We provide unbiased assessments of properties, highlighting both the pros and cons, so you can make informed decisions aligned with your long-term goals.

  4. Negotiation Power:  Buyers Agents are skilled negotiators, advocating for you to secure the investment property at the best possible price and terms.  Sales agents negotiate for the seller, not you, so you will always pay the highest price.  We use our experience and market insights to negotiate favorable outcomes, saving you time, money, stress and avoiding potential pitfalls.

  5. One-Stop Solution:  From Mortgage financing, to Search, Negotiate, Inspection, Legal Conveyancing, and Organising the property for rental, our one stop service lets you invest with ease. 

Don't be at the mercy of Sales Agents and fake investment strategists.  Take control of your investment property purchase with the expertise and support of a dedicated Buyers Agent.  Unlock all possibilities and the advantage, of peace of mind, and make confident decisions throughout your property buying journey.

Why You Should Only Buy from an Australian Property Investment Agency

It is a fact that properties are first sold locally, and the leftovers and 2nd rate properties are sent overseas for sale.  

Buying through an Australian based Property Investment Agency gives you the first pick into high quality investment properties that Melbourne has to offer.

Our property investment advisors are screened, licenced and dedicated to providing you with a safe, secure, and profitable investment experience.  Here's why you should always use an independent Australian investment buyers agent: 

  1. Safety and Security:  Your funds are protected by the strict Australian real estate laws.  We are licenced and the stringent laws ensure that your investment money is accounted for and only used for purchasing the investment property.  Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your funds are secured.

  2. Unmatched Local Knowledge:  Our agents are all local.  We live and breathe Melbourne, Australia.  We have an intimate understanding of the diverse neighbourhoods, the sought-after locations, the Melbourne market trends.  With this knowledge, we ensure you are receiving the right tailored advice, and recommendations that align with your investment goals.

  3. Expertise in Local Demand: We see and experience the ever-changing demands of the local property and rental market first hand.  Whether you're an investor seeking high-yield properties or an investor seeking high-growth properties, our agents have their finger on the pulse, ensuring you capitalise on opportunities and maximise returns.

  4. Insight into Australia's Varied Markets: Unlike smaller cities such as Singapore, Australia boasts a vast and diverse property landscape.  Every market is different and has its own unique investment dynamics.  What applies in Sydney may not be applicable in Melbourne or Brisbane, and vice versa.  By working with our local buyers agents, you get access to market-specific insights and tailored advice that aligns with your specific location.

  5. Up-to-Date Market Information: The Australia's property market is ever-changing.  Staying updated is crucial.  Our independent, local buyers agents are your only reliable source for the latest property news, investment trends, and developments impacting the local property market.  From emerging investment hotspots to investment law changes, we keep you well-informed to make confident decisions.

  6. Access to High Quality Properties: Gain a competitive edge with our exclusive access to high-quality investment properties not available from the overseas agents.  These high quality properties are not sold through overseas agents because there are more than enough buyers in Australia.  Buy only the best that the Melbourne property market has to offer.  Buy the good properties that locals will trust and buy. 

Why is an Independent, Licenced Melbourne Buyer's Agent important?

Being fully licenced buyer agents, gives you the same protection and confidence as any Australian property buyer and investors in Australia.  We are licenced and regulated and we are not some fly-by-night marketing guerrillas.

As independent licenced agents, we are:

  • Police checked.

  • Fully Insured.

  • Based locally in Melbourne, Australia.

  • not restricted to regions,

  • not restricted to buying only from certain agencies,

  • not restricted to developers,

  • not restricted to the types of properties we can buy,

  • not restricted to who we can buy from.

  • not restricted to who we can assist.

Our independence gives you access to any property, anywhere and from any developer/agency.  We can buy high quality properties that is only marketed to local buyers, not the second-rate properties marketed and sold overseas for the overseas investors.  This gives you the confidence that you are getting the best properties for your budget.

Note: This service is not for everyone.  The law mandates that this is a fee paying service, to maintain buyer exclusivity.  In return, you enjoy developer discounts.  We limit this service to no more than 3 clients per advisor at any one time, in order to give our clients the exclusivity they deserve.

If you are planning to invest in Australian properties, invest only in the best Melbourne and Australian properties.  Invest in quality properties that will last a lifetime and beyond, not the 2nd rate properties marketed overseas.  Insist on unbiased investment advice, that only an independent, licenced real estate buyer's agent can give.

Join our exclusive buying service.

Have a look at what is currently available 

This list is volatile. as these quality properties are highly sought after.

Referrals Welcomed

Not ready to buy?  Join our Referral Program.  Get rewarded when you refer you family and friends to our property buying services.

More info here.

Quality Melbourne Properties Available now

Quality Melbourne Investment Properties are not marketed overseas.

Experience the difference with our vetted builders. 

We prioritize quality and stability, conducting thorough assessments and background checks. 

And we handpick properties tailored to your requirements. 

Trust in our expertise and enjoy peace of mind throughout the buying process.

Melbourne House For Sale

House in established or high growth regions from AU$550,000.

Various configurations:

  • Bedrooms: 3, 4, 5

  • Single storey, double storey

  • Land from 300sqm

  • Stamp duty savings

  • Bluechip locations available

New house for foreign investors and Australian investors

Melbourne Townhouses For Sale

Townhouse in established or high growth regions from AU$420,000.

Various configurations:

  • Bedrooms: 2, 3, 4, 5

  • Single storey, double storey

  • Land from 200sqm

  • Stamp duty savings

  • Bluechip locations available

main profile.png

Melbourne Apartments For Sale

Apartments in Melbourne from AU$400,000.

Various configurations:

  • Bedrooms: Studio, 1, 2, 3, penthouse

  • Good, convenient location

  • Easy access to shops and public transport

  • Stamp duty savings

  • Bluechip locations

Image by jack

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