Property investment program

Invest in Property with Confidence

Did you know?

You need at least 4 investment properties of the right types and the right mix to gain financial freedom?  Sadly, over 90% of ​property investors are stuck with 2 properties, because of poor investment choices.

Property investing is a very time consuming and frustrating exercise.  The wrong property can stall your investment plans for years, if not forever.

At Concierge Buyers Advocates, we are property investors and have been investing in properties for over 20 years.  We formed this unique property buying service to help investors benefit from our experience:

  • build their property investment portfolio quickly

  • source and buy their investment properties in under 8 weeks

  • saved tens of thousands over list price

  • saved countless weekends from fruitless property search

  • spend more time with their loved ones

Find out how we can help build your investment portfolio.

How are we different?

We are property investors and we buy and invest in properties.  Unlike other marketing agents masquerading as buyer agents, we are bad at marketing.  We do not have any properties to sell.  What we recommend is what we will be buying.

Our low fixed fees helps ensure that using our property buyer service to help build your property portfolio is not expensive. 

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