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Concierge Buyers Advocates is recognised as one of the top trusted property investment advisors for Australian and overseas investors.

Our Genuine, Independent, bespoke property buying service is specially designed to work with international investors.  Our unique property finder service is customised to each investor's needs.

Studies shows an investor needs at least 4 investment properties of the right types and mix to achieve financial freedom.  Sadly, over 90% of ​property investors are stuck with 2 properties, because of poor investment choices or poor investment advice.

Property investing is a time consuming and frustrating exercise.  The wrong property can easily stall your investment plans for years, if not forever.

At Concierge Buyers Advocates, we are property investors-turned-buyers-advocates.  Each of us has been investing in properties for over 20 years.  Our unique property buying service helps investors:

  • build your property investment portfolio confidently

  • source and buy your investment properties in under 8 weeks

  • save tens of thousands dollars

  • save countless weekends of frustrating property search

  • spend more time with their loved ones

If you are planning to buy your first or nextbuild your investment portfolio, find out how we can help.  Contact us.

Why choose Concierge Buyers Advocates?

We are property investors and we buy and invest in properties.  You will probably have an idea, just by looking at this page, but,.. unlike other property sales agents masquerading as buyers agents, we are BAD at sales and marketing.  We do not have any properties to sell.  Our bespoke buying service custom search the right properties for you.  We do not tell you to change your requirements to suit the properties we have.  We don't sell you a dream. 

We sell you the solution.

The investment grade properties we recommend are the ones which we will be buying.

Our low fixed fees help ensure our exclusive service remains affordable.  Investment is afterall, all about Return On Investment (ROI).  The lesser you spend, the better your ROI is.  We understand.

To buy your investment properties 3 times faster, saving time and money, get in touch.  Find out how we can help.


Concierge Buyers Advocates
3 Step Property Buying Process

For buyers wanting to outsmart the market and avoid the inflated pricing, Concierge Buyers Advocates provides a 3 Step Buying Process for property buyers to make a quick and confident buying decision.

Get in touch with us, to discover how you can buy your property faster and avoid paying too much.


  • What you want.

  • What you can achieve.

  • The exciting, hidden Melbourne property market.


  • What is available.

  • What is hidden in the off-market sources.

  • What's suitable for you.


  • Buy your property confidently.

  • Know what you are buying.

  • Own and enjoy your property.


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