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Property Buying in Melbourne - Where to start?

How to buy your Melbourne property in the next 6 months?

If you have been reading our blogs and Facebook page and posts,  you would have realised that it is the right time to buy your property now.  Things have never looked so good for the property buyer.  It is time in the market, rather than timing the market that matters. 

Buy when you are ready.

Property prices have been rising faster than wage growth for too long.  For many years, first home buyers have been trying to save up for the 20% down payment, only to realise that, unless you have a fantastic salary or if you are super frugal, saving for that 10-20% deposit is often impossible.

What has changed?

But the current COVID-19 situation had changed the situation significantly.  Melbourne property prices was put into hibernation, and had retreated in some areas.  However, liberal money policies and record low interest rates have fueled the property growth in the past 2 years. Melbourne property prices grew over 40-50%.  Many had missed the growth in the past 2 years, but it is not too late.

Now that you seemed to have missed the property boat, how do you buy?  You might have missed the growth in the past 2 years, but it is not too late.  The recent interest rate rises have dampened buyers' demands, and prices in some areas have fallen.  But, we have aready seen demand picking up and prices had, in fact, started rising since Jan 2023. 

Remember, it is time in the market that matters.  But you really have to be quick if you do not want to lose out too much.  Every month of delay means property prices is going to get 1-2% higher.  Prices are rising about one to two percent every month.  IE, for every month that you buy faster, you are saving up to 2%! 

How do you buy faster?

Looking at this from a different angle, If you can buy up to 9 months faster with our buying services, you will easily be saving 10% or more!  And that's what we had been consistently achieving. 

Our network of buyers agents and contacts in the selling agents networks have allowed us to have an unprecedented access to good properties.  

If you have been wanting to get into the property market, jump in before it is too late. 

Remember, the study by Canstar showed that it takes a property buyer an average of between 6 to 12 months to find the right property?  

And buying through our buyer agent service takes an average of only 2 to 3 months?  That means a savings of to over $133,000!  Here's why.

Follow through to the next page to find out what how to start your property search.

Or you can get in touch with us now. 

Advice for property Buyers in the Melbourne market.

Jump in before it's too late.

It is time in the market, not timing the market.

Property Buying Where To Start: Features

Property Buying - Next Steps

How do you buy now?
How can a buyer's agent help to buy your property?
When should you engage the services of a buyer's agent?

🏡 If one of follow describes you:

  • Ready to buy in the next 6 months?

  • Do not have a plan?

  • Fear overpaying for a property?

  • Do not know where to start?

  • Cannot view more than 10 properties a week?

  • Do not like dealing with real estate agents?

  • Keep missing out at auctions?

  • Keep missing out on properties?

🏡 And If You Are Looking for:

  • the right property?

  • discounted properties?

  • properties for quick equity uplift?

  • properties with development potential?

  • properties with sub-division potential?

  • properties at wholesale prices?

  • cash-flow positive properties?

  • negatively geared properties?

  • development-ready sites?

=> Refer to our First Home Buying Tips

💥 Ask if you qualify for our fixed fees special!

Here's what you need to do:

1. Book in your FREE consultation, for us to work together to explore and define what you are really looking for, and where what suits you.  We will put together your property recommendations and plan.

2. We will also discuss if you can benefit from our buying service.

3. If you can find a lower quote, bring it to us.  We will match it and refund a further 5% as a bonus! 💥💥💥

Not convinced?  Ask us.  Book an appointment now!  

Property Buying Where To Start: Features
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