Word from our clients

We work hard to provide one of the best buyer advocacy services in Melbourne.  We are active in Eastern and South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.  But we also purchase in all major property hot-spots in and around Melbourne, such as, Mornington Peninsular, Gippsland, Ballarat, Bendigo and the Grampians.
Here are our customers' reviews of our services.

Knows the property market in Australia well especially in Melbourne. Very personalised service in terms of what type of property you're looking for. Most importantly, very honest and give recommendations based on buyer's best interest. 
Anyone who is interested in getting into Melbourne's property market but do not know where to start I would strongly recommend having a chat to Concierge Buyer's Advocates. You will only gain something out of it.

I've been following your blogs for a while and you mentioned to try and get in before the federal election last year. We put in an offer 2 weeks before that and it was accepted at what I would think is a bargain. The neighbour house is practically identical and they paid 30k more about 2 years ago. The price started going up after the elections and following your advice definitely helped us a lot throughout the journey.

Audrey L.


S. C.

real estate veteran with over 20 years experience

Rayson (Lieh) is a true professional. He has the knowledge to help potential buyers find their dream properties. I will certainly recommend him to my clients!

We wanted a $300k investment property with good growth and godo cash flow.  We thought it cannot be done.  Rayson said "YES".  1 month later, we bought a $260k property, and it was leased with a weekly rental of $360, giving a yield of $7.2%!  The surprise came a year later, when the same property was valued at $330k!  An outstanding growth of 27% in a year!  Great work, Rayson!

Nick W.

Mortgage broker

Riley J,


Rayson's approachable, down-to-earth way of working makes working with him easy.  Fantastic advise, throwing curve-balls which we would never have considered.

... Came across Rayson in a Facebook group and he is kind enough to look into the issue for us, analyze it and provided us with some useful opinions. Thanks for your professional advice, and your promptness in getting back to us! Much appreciated!

Rob C.

C. E.
Melbourne first home buyer

Bought a 4 bedroom house in Glen Waverley.  Liked the no BS style of engagement.  Straight to the point and very fact based purchase. 
Whole process from engagement to getting the keys took only 3 months.  Had never bought a property this fast.

We are first home buyers, and are unfamiliar with Melbourne property market. We thought we could save a few thousand dollars by buying our own properties.  We wasted over a year, put in a few unsuccessful offers, and had almost given up hope of buying our first home.  We came across Rayson, and engaged his first home buying service.  Within 2 months, we purchased our first home!  He managed to saved us about $10,000 off the price.  We saved more than the cost of engaging the first home buyer service.  I would certainly recommend him!!

Peter D.
Glen Waverley home buyer

Naveen K.

First Home Buyer

With their expertise, I managed to get out of a sticky situation which I had created.  I put an offer for a Rowville property.  Building inspection reported a few issues, but aren't major enough to be a show stopper.  I had a bad feeling about a particular issue, had a chat with Rayson and we managed to find a way out of the contract legally.  I received a full refund from the vendor.  Well done!!

EXCITED! In 8 months, the value of the property that you recommended has gone up by 8%! Great foresight! Glad that I trusted your recommendation.

Annie D.
interstate investor

Sorliya A.
First time investor

We are overseas investors, but we do not have sufficient experience in the Australian property market. The buyer agent from Concierge walked us through the Melbourne and Victoria property market, explained to us what foreign buyer (like us) can buy, found a 4 bed room townhouse in Pakenham for us and managed the entire buying process on our behalf. 
We never believed buying a property in Australia without even viewing it, is that easy.  
The property is currently generating a healthy 7% yield consistently.  Highly recommend them.

7% yield!
I started my investment with just a small budget.  I mean really small budget.  It was my first investment property, and I was nervous, went to these guys to find out what I could do for investment.  I was recommended a residential property in Gippsland, regional Victoria.   I was sceptical, but I was convinced by the historical sales and rental numbers for the region.  Coupled with low vacancy rates and long tenancy lease, the property is constantly giving me a very healthy return!  7% from day 1!  Way better than what a bank deposit offers.

Mislovic B.
Overseas investor

Casey J.
First time investor

Great foresight!
Back in April and May 2019 when all property news were predicting a further 10% fall in values, Rayson commented that that is not going to happen, and he was suggesting that it could rise 5% by end of the year.  I wasn't that convinced, but he explained his logical reasoning.  I took up the challenge.  5 months later, the property at Burwood / Box Hill area is now valued at about 10% more!  Great foresight! 10% uplift in just 5 months, without me doing anything.  If I had to listen to gloom-sayers and mass media, I would be regretting now!
Trust the expert.

Very knowledgeable buyer agent, professional and pleasant to deal with.  We bought an investment 2 bedroom apartment in Box Hill with the help of Rayson.  I should have used the property buying services for my previous properties.  In the bigger scheme of things, the small buyer agent fee in exchange for a truly stress-free property buying experience is money well-spent.  I have the Saturdays for the family!

Terri X.

Satisfied investor 

Andre C.


We're Singapore based investor.  We came across an analysis by Concierge Buyers Advocates forecasting the recovery of the Australian Dollar from its low of USD 60 cents to AUD 1.
Got in touch with Rayson, and bought a so-called 'off-market' house. 
True enough, within 3 months of  our purchase, the AUD shot past USD 70 cents.  That's a massive 20% growth in 3 months! 
Great foresight!

I've just got to give Rayson the thumbs up for his integrity, frank and honest assessment.  My partner and I were searching for our 2nd home in Melbourne.  After our initial property buying consultation, Rayson was upfront and honestly suggested that we probably would not have benefited a great deal from engaging a buyer agent service. 
A five-star for his integrity.  I wish all buyer agents could be so honest.

Mohd. S.
Overseas Investor

Tony A.

This is a follow up review. Following our purchase last year, the Melbourne property market boomed!  Our property value grew a further 35%!
Now, if we were to convert this back into our native Singapore dollar, that's almost 70% growth in a year!
We're now looking forward to getting our next investment property with Rayson! 
Impressive recommendation!

Mohd. S.
Overseas Investor