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Discover Effortless Home Buying
Our One-Stop Buying Service

Melbourne property prices grew over 13% in 2023!  Yes, Melbourne house prices has just gotten 13% more expensive, despite the higher interest rates.
Get in before it gets too expensive for you again.
Join our seamless One-Stop Home Buying Service.  Our property buyer advocates provide you with the knowledge and expertise you need to make confident property buying decisions.

Stop worrying about timing and waiting for the best price.  Our professional negotiators will negotiate on your behalf, to get you the best deal possible.  We guide you every step of the way, from searching for your ideal property to negotiating and closing the deal.

Stop navigating the home buying journey alone.  Embrace the convenience and confidence of our One-Stop Home Buying Service and invest in your dream home today!

Studies show Home Buyers often lack the experience and knowledge to make confident decisions quickly.  They

  • keep missing out on their dream homes;

  • spend a year or more trying to buy their homes;

  • overpay for their homes; 

  • are discouraged by the constant failures;

  • hate dealing with the real estate agents' games, false promises and price guides.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

From a low fee of $9995*, enjoy a fast, stress-free home buying experience.  Our home buyer clients are buying up to three times faster and saving up to $500,000+ or more. 
Don't let the inexperience, indecision and frustration hold you back from finding your dream home.  Get the experience you need to make your dream a reality today. 

Get ahead of everyone else.  Buy smart. Buy fast. Saving you time, money and stress.

Our property buyers advocates and consultants are 100% independent, and we only work for property buyers.  We are not part of any sales agencies.  Our customised service protects your buying interest, helping you make confident decisions.  We let you

  • Discover what you want and what is suitable for you.

  • Showcase the good properties from the open market and off-market sources.

  • Own your property quickly and confidently.

Save Time, Money and Stress with our convenient property buying service.  You:

  • See through the marketing fluff.

  • Buy with confidence.

  • Get the best price through our professional negotiator.

  • Avoid dealing with sales agents' bluffs and deceit.

  • Avoid time-wasting inspections.

Beat the FOMO.  Outsmart the market and avoid the inflated pricing. 

Lock in your buying consultation today.

Referrals Welcomed

Not ready to buy?  Join our Referral Program.  Get rewarded when you refer you family and friends to our property buying services.  More info here.

LP 2022 Melbourne Buyer Agent: About

Concierge Buyers Advocates
3 Step Property Buying Process

For buyers wanting to outsmart the market and avoid the inflated pricing, Concierge Buyers Advocates provides a
One-stop Buying Process for property buyers to make a quick and confident buying decision.

Discover how you can buy your home or investment property faster and avoid over-paying with our
convenient buyers advocates services.


- What you want. - What you can achieve. - What else you should consider.


- What is available. - What is hidden in the off-market sources. - What's suitable for you.


- Buy with confidence. - Know what you are buying. - We bid and negotiate, creating the best price possible. - Own and enjoy your property.

Level the playing field. Outsmart the sales agents.

Our Genuine Independent Buyers Advocates work exclusively with buyers
to help buyers buy fast and confidently.

Understand the market

  • Know what is right for you

  • Explore what is the best for your budget

  • Explore some of the best locations

  • Explore the hidden off-market deals

  • Know what you are buying

  • Discover all other possibilities

Level the Playing Field 

  • Not driven by need to sell

  • Protect your buying interests

  • Genuine unbiased insights into the property

  • Professionally manage the vendor & selling agents

  • Manage the due diligence

Convenience and Savings

  • We bid and negotiate

  • Avoid paying inflated pricing.

  • Save 16% or more compared to buying on your own.

  • Save your weekends and reduce time wasting searches and inspections.

Find out if we can help you.
Only limited spots available at any one time.

Your Convenient One-stop Home Buyers Service
Saving property buyers time, money and stress

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