First Home Buyer Savings

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Studies show that a typical First Home Buyer

- spends up to 2 or more years to buy their first home;

- pays between $50,000 and $200,000 too much for their first home; 

- buys the wrong property and lived through years of regrets.

In a hot market, you can still buy the right property at the right price, FAST.

Buying a home is a time consuming and frustrating experience.  Modern-day marketing techniques have made property buying a trickier process.

Many first home buyers spend months searching for their first home, and ended up with disappointments or years of regrets.

At Concierge Buyers Advocates, our First Home Buying service helps first home buyers find and buy the right property, at the right price.  Buy with confidence, buy at the right price.

With our first home buyer service, we look at what you want, search and shortlist properties for you, guide you and manage the entire property buying process for you. We are your personal concierge in property buying. Your Click and Collect in property buying.

Always here | Always accessible | Always ready to help 

Our home buying service, lets you understand:

  • what a property is really worth

  • what a reasonable price is 

  • what other buyers are likely to pay

  • what price will attract the vendor.

Our first home buyers program, also helps you:

  • avoid overpaying by tens of thousands;

  • know when to walk away;

  • save your weekends;

  • buy your first home in under 3 months;

  • buy with confidence;

  • buy with industry insights and expert guidance.

All these, from a special low price of $****+GST, just for First Home Buyers. Contact us to find out more.

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First Home Buyers' Home Buying Services

If you are looking for your first home, find out how our First Home Property Concierge Service can help you.

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Getting a licenced professional property buyer agent to help buy your home is not expensive with our low fixed fees.  

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