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Ready to buy your first home?
The market has recovered and buyers are back. 
Melbourne house prices rose 13% in 2023, and it's not stopping.
Don't get left out. 
Don't fumble, o
utsmart the property market.  Our Buyers Advocates help you buy your first home confidently, saving you time, money and stress. 

Our 3 step home buying process helps first home buyers make fast and confident buying decisions. 
Stop wasting time, move into your own home sooner than you think.  Get in before FOMO returns.

How do Buyers Advocates help First Home Buyers beat the FOMO?

How much can a Buyers Advocates save a first home buyer?  $163,000.  Read this case study.

Independent studies show, first home buyers take up to 12 months (or more) to buy their first homes.  Many gave up or ended up stressed, frustrated, bought the wrong house, and lived through years of regret. 

But it doesn't have to be that way.

This true case study involving 2 groups of friends shows how our buyers advocates helped the first home buyers save $163k.  Both started buying at the same time, with similar goals.  Read about their true story

Our First Home Buying service helps First Home Buyers buy their homes fast and confidently!

We work with you to help you DISCOVER what you want, explore the suitable properties and locations, SHOWCASE what is available, and help you buy and OWN them fast.​  Saving you time, money and stress.

Beat the FOMO

Many First Home Buyers believe waiting for property prices to fall is a strategic move. However, with housing prices rising by an average of 7% annually and desirable areas rarely seeing significant price drops, this waiting game often results in lost opportunities. Despite high interest rates, market dynamics such as rising rents and low housing inventory are driving buyers back, with many realizing that owning a home can be more affordable than renting.

Don’t let Fear-Of-Missing-Out (FOMO) catch you off-guard.  Our Buyers Advocates are helping first home buyers save tens of thousands.  Act now to explore how buying your home could lead to substantial monthly savings and secure your financial future. Let’s discuss your options today.

Get Privileged Access to Hidden Market and at the Lowest Possible Price

Our network of industry contacts and pool of resources gives you access to a wide range of properties, including off-market properties, and we negotiate hard to get you the best price always, saving you time, money and stress.  

Customise Your First Homes

If you are looking for new homes, we search through the range of new House and Land packages in the market to find you the best selection of floor plans, facade, specifications.  Most of our builders are happy to customise the floorplan, facade, inclusions, etc, to suit your needs.

Buy at the Best Prices

Don't wait for the best price.  Our skilled Buyers Advocates negotiates for the best price for you.  Pay only the best price possible to buy your home.

STOP Paying Rent

The rental market is being squeezed!  Rents are increasing at insane speeds.  Renters are saving $1000s by buying and living in their own home.  They are paying off their own home rather than someone else's.  Put that rental money towards your own house instead. 

Unsure of the buying process or too busy?  Our buyers advocates will guide you and buy for you, helping you navigate the complex process, negotiate for the best price and letting you buy your home in as little as 2 months.  Book your no-obligations consultation today!

Here's how you will benefit from our home buying service.

1. Save Time

  • Buy in under 2 months;

  • No more running around for inspections;

  • Enjoy the benefits of home ownership faster;

  • Save your weekends for your family and friends;

  • Access the hidden off-market properties where there is less competition.

2. Expert Guidance

  • Make informed and confident buying decisions;

  • Unbiased understanding of the property market, current trends;

  • Expert independent appraisal of property value.

3. Save Money

  • Know what to pay; Don't overpay;

  • Professional Negotiators negotiate for the best possible price;

  • Buying faster saves you from further price rise; 

  • Buying faster saves you from paying someone else's mortgage;

  • Grow your asset sooner.

4. No Stress

  • Never deal with Pushy Sales Agents;

  • Buy with confidence;

  • Buy with independent industry insights and expert guidance;

  • We Negotiate and Bid for you;

  • Know when to walk away with Pride, when it is overpriced.

5. Buyers' Advocacy

  • Leverage our 20++ years of property buying experience for your advantage;

  • Explore all buying options;

  • Navigate the complex negotiations, paperwork, and legalities confidently;

  • Negotiate and Prepare strong offers, coordinate inspections and navigate the complexities of a purchase contract;

  • Don't find yourself in stressful and unfamiliar buying territory;

  • We manage the buying so you don't have to deal with the mess.

Contact us for a no-obligations consultation to find out more

Quote this ad, and if you qualify for the Government First Home Owners Grant, we will give you a further $3,000 bonus*.Explore

We know times are tough.  Budgets are squeezed.  And we are here to help. 
From now till 31 Dec 2024, we're offering a flat fee of of only $8995 for all eligible first home buyers. 
Yes, Get access to all 20+ years of property buying experience at your fingertips for only $8995.
Move into your own home in by 2025!
There are only limited spots.
Get in touch now! 

Prices are on the rise again.

Let our licenced buyers advocates buy your home in 2 months.  Beat the FOMO, avoid overpaying.

Get in touch today.   Experience confident, fast home buying now.

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