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Home Buyers Set to Gain $100,000 Lending Boost 

As we've mentioned just a few days before, it's definitely good times ahead for home buyers.

The raft of positive changes announced in recent weeks, has literally shifted the property buyers sentiments from negative to positive overnight! This is set to end the falls in property prices and could even start pushing prices up in Melbourne and Sydney.

If you've been living a rock somewhere, these are the upcoming changes:

✔️ Lending rule easing

✔️ $10,000 first home buyer deposit scheme

✔️ Interest rates expected to fall another 0.5%

✔️ Capital Gains Tax concession intact

What does these all mean in dollars sense? This chart from Independent Mortgage Planners gives a good summary:

Yes, that's right. Your borrowing capacity could increase by $100,000 in coming weeks!

So, home buyers, get ready, if you're timing the market, the incentives are there to start pushing prices up. Start your process before prices rise.

We're here to help. Book in your complimentary property buying strategy consultation.

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