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How can a Buyers Advocate Help me buy my property?

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Buying your property in Melbourne is tedious and, very often, a discouraging process which can take 12 months or more. Buyers spend their evenings and weekends reading up how to buy properties, researching what properties to buy, where the good suburbs are, and attending disappointing property inspections. Because of how long the buying process can take, buyers often end up frustrated, and buy the next one they come across. Most ended up overpaying as the stress, frustration and anxiety took over, causing them to stop thinking logically and they ended up overpaying.

But it does not have to be this way.

Our Buyers Agents (or Buyers Advocates) are specialists who help buyers navigate the complex world of property buying, protects the buyers interests and help them outsmart the property market and avoid paying inflated pricing.

Who are Buyers Agents?

Firstly, who are buyer's agents? Licenced buyers agents are also licenced real estate agents. However, unlike the typical real estate agents you see selling houses, buyers agents specialise in helping property buyers find and buy the right properties. They are real estate agents, engaged by the buyers to help them navigate and level the playing field, in the complex world of property buying.

Advantages of engaging a Buyers Agent service?

Unless you are in the real estate industry, there are many advantages of buying your property with a buyers agent.

Buyers Agents:

  • help make it easy to buy the right property at the right price FAST

  • are professional buyer focused real estate agents who specialise in ensuring buyers do not end up buying a lemon

  • give you access to some of the best off-market properties, which are not openly listed

  • give you a fair-go at buying properties

  • let you buy your property faster, and reduce your stress and anxiety?

Who are Concierge Buyers Advocates?​

Melbourne-based Concierge Buyers Advocates believes in giving everyone a fair go at property buying, by protecting the interests of property buyers.

Our 3-step property buying process helps buyers outsmart the property market, avoid inflated pricing and make buying decisions fast and confidently.

Our buyers agent services look after the interests of property buyers like yourself. We are fully independent buyers focused real estate agents, and we help prevent property buyers from overpaying, ensuring the purchase process is fair to the buyers and the buyers are looked after.

As Melbourne's licensed real estate buyers agent (buyers advocates), we are bound by the same code of conduct and legislation as the regular seller agent, but we are different. We help buyers.

We are on your side.

Our Buyers Agents at Concierge Buyers Advocates look after you throughout your property buying process, providing you with honest, frank and independent property buying advice and advising on the best possible price to secure the property.

Our property buying plans, are designed to help you buy the right property fast.

This exclusive, one-stop service gives you access to the hidden off-market properties. We manage the whole property buying process for you. We look at the who, what, when, where, why, hows of buying properties:

  • What properties to buy

  • When is the right time to buy

  • Where should we buy

  • Why is the property the right property

  • How to buy the property

We do the search, research, purchase, inspections, legal conveyancing, through to keys collection on your behalf. We are your personal property concierge, always on your side, looking after you throughout the whole property buying journey.

Buying a house in the Melbourne property market has never been easier with our property buying service.

Our property buying service areas covers all major property hot-spots in Victoria. Our home buying clients have bought in some of Melbourne's best suburbs, premium suburbs to live in. While our property investor clients, have bought in high yield, high growth properties in areas such as the Mornington Peninsula, Traralgon, Gippsland, Ballarat, Bendigo in Victoria, Central Coast in New South Wales. As one of Melbourne's most trusted buyer agents, if there is a good deal worth getting, we'll get it for you.

Get in touch, if you want to:

  • find and buy the right property

  • stop wasting your time and buy your property fast

  • enjoy the property capital growth faster

  • avoid overpaying and save an average of 5-20%

  • improve your property investment yield

  • get independent property advice and independent property appraisal

Book your free no-obligations consultation today! Book now.

Not ready to buy? Refer a friend and get rewarded, with our referral program.

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