How do you buy properties fast with the best buyers agent?

Updated: Aug 28

Find the right agent. Find the right property.
Finding the right property to buy

If you're in the market looking for a property, you would have asked yourself, who are buyer's advocates or buyer's agents? How are they different from your usual selling agents? How do you find the right buyer's agent? Does the property buying reality TV show, House Hunters ring any bells?

When we first started out as property investors over 20 years ago, buyer's agents are rare. Very rare. And only the mega rich or professional investors can afford the services of the buyer's agents. 20 odd years later, and after traded and accumulated over $500million worth of properties, the Melbourne property market is very different. Property buying has become a complex investment vehicle, with lots of strategies, options and methodologies.

Of course, if all you are after is just a property to stay in, and if do not mind if you're wasting months and months on property inspections, not worried if you're going to pay too much for the property and buying in the wrong area, you do not necessarily need a buyer's agent service.