Apartment Buying Secrets - Boutique Apartments

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Savvy apartment buyers in Melbourne and Sydney are starting to love the older style apartments again!

Just not too long ago, these older style, orange brick exterior apartments had been avoided by apartment buyers due to their 'older looking' exterior, lack of modern security features, facilities.

But with Melbourne and Sydney apartments hogging the limelight recently, for the wrong reasons, savvy property buyers going after immediate, high returns have turned their sights on to these old style apartment in Melbourne and Sydney and are snapping them up.

These buildings have withstood the test of times, and with their traditional, solid build quality, are almost bullet proof! More often than not, these apartments can be found in near amenities, such as good food centres, shopping centres, schools, universities, and such. They also tend to have larger bedrooms, larger living rooms and kitchens. Ideal for buyers who are disappointed by the tiny bedrooms in the new apartments.

So, why are these apartments back in demand:

  • solid build quality

  • large bedrooms, living and kitchens

  • usually near good amenities

  • low body corporate fees</