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Sight Unseen - Will You Risk It?

Updated: May 15, 2020

How do you view the property you are buying? This is a common problem for interstate and foreign investors. How much should you trust a real estate agent? Should you even trust an agent if their only interest is to sell the property for the highest price?

Would you prefer to pay a small fee, engage the services of a licenced property agent to work FOR YOU, to help you make sure you do not end up buying a dud or lemon? Consider the fee an insurance policy, or getting an expert on the ground to help with the due diligence.

Throughout our years of property buying, we've seen many creative ways of describing a property that's been very well used (or abused). From the common "in need of some TLC" to a straight-forward "renovator's delight".

What if the description says "original condition" or "tired"? Would you expect to see this?

It looks like a tornado has torn through it. This was described as a "renovator". I'll think it would cost more to renovate than to rebuild.

Would you now prefer to engage a buyer's advocate or buyer's agent to do the ground work for you?



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