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SPOILER! Great Opportunity for First Home Buyers

Updated: Apr 18

With the low interest rates and avalanche of incentives to help First Home Buyers being announced, we are seeing a lot of buying interest from First Home Buyers.

However, a common feedback we have from home owners are that affordable properties are usually in the western part of Melbourne, where good schools and public transport are not very accessible.

So, behind the scene, we've been sourcing for some good opportunities to help First Home Buyers find the right property at the right price, here at South East Melbourne.

Properties in South East Melbourne has consistently outperformed properties in the west, due to a good combination of good schools, good infrastructure, good job growth, etc.

So, if you are interested, stay tuned. Like and follow our Facebook, and Linkedin pages for the latest news. You can be sure they we will announce them through those channels.

I can promise that the deals are 100x better than the picture you see here.

Looking for Renovation Deals? Here's one investment property not to be missed.


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