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From Frustration to 3 Properties in 2 Years

When this client came to us, they were at their wits' end.  They had been working with a buyer's agency that promised them the world, but delivered nothing but frustration and disappointment.

The agency has a catchy name, and a flashy office in Melbourne CBD and a strong social media presence, but it quickly became apparent that they were more interested in making a quick buck than helping their clients build successful property portfolios.

This client had been pushed through their cookie-cutter process.  They were told their initial property plans are "rubbish" (in their words) and the only right wat was to buy a certain property at a certain price from them.  Their sales consultants had apparently bought in the same project and same area and is making tens of thousands.  But they offered no personalized advice or support, and have little interest in what this client wanted to achieve.  They felt like they were just another sausage on the assembly line, with no say in their own property investments.  They are essentially project marketers, trying to package their salesperson job with fancy "wealth building plans" and "retirement planning schemes".  They are just property sales people.  They have a list of properties to sell and they have to sell it.  They are unlike real buyers advocates where you buy what you want, not what we must sell.

Thankfully, fate intervened. We happened to meet this client at a property inspection, and we knew they needed some serious independent advice.  They were impressed by our personalized approach and our willingness to listen to their unique needs and goals.

Fast forward two years, our client is now the proud owner of three properties - two existing properties and one development project in the works.  They're currently in the process of subdividing and redeveloping their Glen Waverley property into two townhouses, which will be completed in just a few months.

Our client's success is a testament to the power of personalized, independent advice and support, from real buyers advocates, not sales agents masquerading as buyers agents.  By working with us, they were able to take control of their own property investments and build a portfolio that truly meets their needs and goals.

If you're tired of being treated like just another sausage in the assembly line, it's time to work with a real buyer's agency that puts your needs first.


Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you build a successful property portfolio, just like our satisfied client.

Melbourne Buyer Agent made this possible. Three properties in two years.  Concierge Buyers Advocates
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