Home Buyer's Secret FAQ

Helping Melbourne home buyers buy the right property, at the right price., with a buyer's agent on your side.

Buying your home is usually a major investment, and it should be filled with excitement and rewarding.

But actual experience do vary.  Many home buyers ended up wasting too much time, energy or they ended up frustrated and overpaid for their properties.  Buying a home a no longer a straight forward task, and without professional advice, many ended up feeling lost and helpless, and gave up searching.

Finding the right property at the right price for you and your family comes down to knowing what you need, what you want, what you can afford and what is available when you are "in the market" and ready to buy.

Many home buyers feel that the property purchase process is designed to work against them.  It favours the sellers because sellers engage a selling agents (listing agents) to help them get the best price for their properties.  Savvy home buyers have realised that a property transaction is often stacked against them.  They have wisen up, and are starting to engage the services of buyer's agents to help with the purchase.

Having a good buyer's agent helps to level the playing field.  Here at Concierge Buyers Advocates, we are one of the fastest growing property consultant and buyer advocates.  Read what some of our customers say

Who are Buyer Agents (or Buyers Advocates)?

In Melbourne, Buyer's agents (or buyer's advocates) are engaged by you and paid by you, the property buyer.  We are the exact opposite of a selling agent (or listing agent).
We are licensed real estate agents, we work for you, and our role is to protect your interest in the property purchase.
We help you find the right property, at the right price, and we provide you with independent, unbiased advice to help you make your decision.

Does it save to engage a buyer's agent in Melbourne?

Here is why people pay when you can do it yourself.  This is a good question which many of our clients have asked.

  • Saves you money:  They understand the property market, and they have the industry knowledge, know what is really happening in the market.  They are in it all day.  They know the fair valuation of a property, get the best price for you and prevent you from overpaying unknowingly.

  • Reduce your stress:  Buying a home or investment property is full of stress and anxiety.  It is a very tiring, discouraging, frustrating and unforgiving process.  The buyer's agents' job is to make this property buying process as stress-free as possible for buyers like you.

  • Saves you time: Time lost, is gone forever.  The faster you buy a property, the quicker you gain from the investment.  Studies by consumer group, Canstar, have shown, buyer's agent can reduce the time you waste on house hunting.  No more wasted weekends, gain more time with your family.  Here at Concierge Buyer's Advocates, we take an average of 6 to 8 weeks to find the right property for our clients.

  • More properties to choose from:  Over 70% of the transacted properties are not listed in any public domain boards.  Buyer's agents contact in the industry, have given them access to all properties available for sale and the best buyer's agents like us,  have access to “off market” properties (or silent listing) that you wouldn't have known.

  • Levels the playing field:  Selling agents are not your friend.  They are required by law, to look after the interest of the seller, ie, to get the best selling price.  This obviously work against you, the buyer.  To play fair, you need an industry professional to look after your interest and to level this playing field.  If you were to attend a court session, you wouldn't represent yourself, would you?

  • Access to professional insights.  Professional buyer's agents like us invest tens of thousands annually to purchase property research data, artificial-intelligence property analytics, purchase insights into real estate research tools.  These subscription-based data and information are worth more than the buyer's agent fees.  As our client, you are getting access to these invaluable property insider information, with your fees, in addition to the buying service.  Isn't this is good value for your fees?

  • Why Concierge Buyers Advocates? Here at Melbourne's buyer's agent service, we invest hundred's of thousands  in managing our own data analytics platform.  Our Chief Property Advisor is a Data Management, Big Data Scientist, and runs a 12-core/24-thread CPU, with 64MB Ram and over 100TB of property data.

Why can't a selling agent help me?

Selling agents, are required by law, to protect the interest of their client (the seller).  
They do not, and should not be helping you, the buyer, in the transaction.
There are however, some agents who work for both, but if you think about it, will they really be independent?  Isn't there going to be a conflict of interest?
Ask yourself: would a Toyota dealer sell you a Honda?
The property concierge service from independent buyer's advocates like us research across the whole property market, from top real estate agencies in the location, such as Ray White, Barry Plant, dig into listings such as realestate.com, domain,com, and many others, for your property.  We only pick the right property to suit your needs.

How do I find a good buyer's agent in Melbourne?

Not all buyers’ agents are the same.

Here are some questions you could find out, before engaging a buyer's agent:

1. Are they fully licensed real estate agents?

Be wary of hiring those who are do not hold a valid real estate licence.  There are many so-called buyer's agents or buyer's advocates who are actually not licensed estate agents at all.  Buyer's agents must be licensed, by law.

Do not risk putting one your the largest investments in the hands of somebody who do not have the experience needed to protect your interest. 

Do not be tempted to engage simply because of their lower fees.

If they can provide great service and add value for their clients, they do not have to attract you to their business by offering you low fees.

2.  Are they really an independent buyer's agent?

Or are they related to another real estate selling agency?  

How can they offer an independent, unbiased opinion on a property, if they are not dedicated buyer's agents?  Remember:  Would a Toyota dealer sells you a Honda?

3. Do you have access to off-market properties (or silent listings)?

70% of the transacted properties are never listed on the public market.  Not all sellers want the publicity that comes with a public listing.  And many sales do not have to be listed.  It is critical that your buyer's agent the right contact with the real estate agents, so they can tap into this silent market to help expand your selection.

4. How well do they know the area and the price range I am searching for?

An area specialist having good knowledge of the area if critical to helping you buy the right property, at the right location, at the right price.  If they do not have a strong knowledge of the area you are looking to purchase in, be wary.

What does a Melbourne buyer's agent fees cover?

Buyer's agents (or buyer's advocates) generally charge a non-refundable retainer fee (registration fee) of between $1,000 and $2,000.  There is also a success fee when they find the right property for you and successfully purchased on your behalf.

This can be a percentage of the finaly purchase price, or a pre-agreed fixed fee.

The fees at Concierge Buyers Advocates cover: 

  • Referrals to mortgage brokers, accounting and legal professionals, if necessary;

  • Property search;

  • Communications with agents;

  • Review and evaluate properties against your criteria;

  • Prepare property recommendations, to help you evaluate and select the properties;

  • Communications with your mortgage broker, conveyancer / solicitor and accountant;

  • Arranging other due diligence checks, including building and pest inspections, etc (you will be required to pay for these services separately);

  • Recommend and execute purchase strategies for you and then negotiating your property purchase for the best price;

  • Pre-settlement inspection; and;

  • Keys collections.

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Why don't other Melbourne property buyers use a Buyer's Agent?

Very Good Question.

In fact, many astute property buyers are engaging buyer's agents like us.  And this percentage is every increasing, as more people realise the benefits of using a buyer's agent.

Astute buyers, smart buyers, and professional property investors have long been engaging the services of a buyer's agent, to get the best deal in the property market.

If you are considering buying a home, it is perfect opportunity to engage this secret weapon and get one of Australia’s hardest working property buyers agents to working for you, not the seller?

Have a chat with us and find out how you can finally level the playing field.