Why Use a Buyer Agent

Why Use a Buyers Agent in Melbourne?

Melbourne has one of the most competitive property market in the world.  On any given week, up to 80% of the buyers missed out of properties because of they are misinformed, uninformed or simply ignorant.  Many successful buyers also ended up overpaying unknowingly.

Our service is not for everyone.  But through our 20+ years of experience in working with buyers, we have found that many buyers:

❌ do not have a plan

❌ do not have enough time to find the property

❌ fear overpaying for the property

❌ do not fully understand what is involved in due diligence

❌ do not like to deal with real estate agents

​❌ wrongly believed that real estate agents are helping them to buy the property, when the exact opposite is true.

Why Engage the services of Concierge Buyers Advocates? 

For a small fee, our professional property buyer service lets our customers take advantage of:

✅ avoid overpaying unknowingly

✅ having access to off-market property

✅ having access to discounted properties

✅ having access to some of the best property deals not accessible to general public

✅ having access to unbiased opinion about a property purchase or property plan

✅ reduced inaction cost

✅ reduced buying cost

✅ reduced buying anxiety

✅ reduced hassle from real estate agents

✅ simplified, faster purchasing process

✅ deeper insights into the area

✅ levelling the playing field against selling agents

✅ buy with confidence, comfort, knowing you finally have an agent working for you.

How much are these Buyers Agent services and knowledge worth?

High performing professional property buyers and property investors know the quality and savings from the services of a buyers agent is worth more than the cost of the property buying service.  In Melbourne, using the services of a buyer agent can potentially save you over $100,000!  Find out why.

What are the benefits of using the Buyer's Agent service from Concierge Buyers Advocates?

As a comprehensive Melbourne Buyer Agent buyer agent service provider, some of the benefits of using our services are:

  • Low Cost, Low Fees, No-nonsense

  • Work with you throughout the entire property purchase process, including:

  • Puts you in touch with mortgage brokers, who will provide you with some of the best mortgage plans and best mortgage rates available from over 50 different lenders, if necessary.

  • Manage the entire purchase process, from short-listing properties for your selection, submitting offers / bidding, to organising the pre-purchase inspections such as building and pest, conveyancing and settlement for you.

  • Access to listings from a variety of sources, including off-market properties, pre-market properties, new and upcoming properties, and discounted properties. 

  • Use advanced fact based artificial intelligent property analytics and research tools to analyse our recommendations / selections.

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Look at what some of our customers say.  

How much are Buyers Agents services and knowledge worth?

Only you have the answer to this.  How much is your time worth?  Here are some facts to help you determine.

High performing professional property buyers and property investors know the quality and savings from the services of a buyers agent is worth more than the cost of the property buying service. 

Buyer agent services are not for everyone.  In Melbourne, savvy property investors are willing to pay a small fee to engage the services of a buyer agent, because they understand the service can save them over $100,000! 

Find out why.

Difference between a Buyer Agent and Listing Agent (Selling Agent or Vendor Agent)

The typical real estate agent you see running the open inspections, and sales such, are your listing agents or vendor agents

They source for properties to sell, and are paid by the seller (vendor) to look after the sale.  What you might not know, is that they are obliged by law to get the best price for the seller.  The real estate listing agent is working against the buyer.

A Buyer's Agent or Buyer's Advocate on the other hand, is paid by you, the buyer, to look after your purchase.  We are obliged by law to ensure the best purchase outcome for your property purchase.  Be it, lowest price, longest possible settlement period, etc.  We provide you with an impartial and independent opinion of the property.  We tell you the good and the bad of any property we recommend.  We are search across all listing agents, search across all real estate agencies.

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How much can a Buyer's Agent save me?

Savings is not the only reason why property investors engage the services of a buyer's agent. Some are time poor. Some do not like to deal with selling agents. Some want exclusivity. Some wants trusted advice from truly independent professionals.
Have you ever wondered how much it cost to search for your own property? ​ Research has shown that by using a buyer's agent, you can stand to be over $100,000 better off.

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Can buyer's agents guarantee the maximum discount?

The short answer is yes.  We can promise you'll get minimum of x thousands in discount, but we won't. 

Our role as responsible buyer's agents in Melbourne is to help you buy the property you want, at the best possible price.  Does this mean it is always a discount? We can always low-ball an offer, but does it mean you will get what you want?  No.  

We know some buyer's agents are promising x thousands in discounts.  How do they do that?  The prices could be inflated, before they claim to "give you a good discount".  Or there are something ultimately wrong with the property.  Is it falling apart?  Does it need a rebuild?  Does it have a sinister history?  If you are prepared to accept these properties, we know where they are.

When NOT to use a buyer agent?

We're very upfront with our clients.  Integrity and honesty is why our clients have trust with our opinion.  And it is why our clients come back for their 2nd, 3rd and subsequent properties.

Our buyer agent services are not for everyone.  Not everyone need to engage our home buying service.  We have, in fact, turned away customers who do not need our home buying services.

If you fall into one of these categories, a buyer agent is probably not for you:

  • You have lots of spare time and are prepared to waste months attending irrelevant property inspections, your time is cheap and you do not value your time.

  • You are not interested in buying your property in under 2 months.

  • You have not experienced the heartache of buying the wrong property.

  • You have not suffered the financial pain of over paying for you property.

  • You graduated from the University of Google and/or University of Facebook, and have no trouble differentiating fact from fiction.

  • You are happy with what you see on the public property listing boards, and are not interested with the fact that over 70% of the properties sold or bought are never listed publicly.

  • You are on a mission to bid competitively at all costs, to out-bid your competitor.

  • You insist on a minimum of x% discount, which is not possible, in a competitive market.

  • You insist on profiting from the misery of motivated sellers.

Which Melbourne areas do our Buyer Agent service buy in?

As independent Buyers Agents, we are not restricted in where we can search and buy.

We do not have any listings, and thus, are not restricted to sell only certain properties or areas.  If there is a good deal which suits you, we'll get it for you.  

We've bought in Glen Waverley, Wheelers Hill, Doncaster, Mt Waverley, Melbourne CBD, Docklands, Box Hill, Ashburton, Bentleigh, Mt Martha, Drouin, Traralgon.

Have a look at our major service areas.  

Are all buyers agents in Melbourne the same?

Did you know, there are many so-called property buyer experts that are unlicenced?  Yes, property buyers agents are property agents, and we have to be licenced, just like any other property agent.  We are bound by the same code and conduct and legislation to ensure consumers are protected and are receiving the fairest service.  
There are, unfortunately, many unlicenced buyers agents that claimed to be property investment experts, charges you a fee to sign up to their "property mentoring program", and then charge another set of fees to buy a "good investment property" for you. 
They are also receiving substantial commissions from the developers which they recommend? 
It is good to be receiving money from both ends, isn't it?  How unbiased will their recommendations be?  Would they prefer to sell more for someone giving you more commission?  Or would be you missing out on a good deal simply because they do not get enough commission?  
This is an illegal practice, for a licenced buyer agent.  And this is to ensure that buyers like you receive the most impartial service and independent opinion on the property.

What is an off-market property?

There could be many reasons why a property is "off-market".  Generally, an "off-market" property is a property that is:

  • Property which is not for sale.

  • Property which is for sale, but not advertised on the main real estate websites such as realestate and domain.

  • Property which is for quick sale, at all cost.

  • Property that was previously listed and marketed and then withdrawn from market.

Very often off-market properties are not staged for sale.  And it takes an experienced property professional to see through the clutter, to appreciate the true value of the property.

Is property investing still worth it?

Property investment is one of the consistent high-performing investment vehicle.  There are decent returns with the right property. 
Reports from property data and analytics provider, Core Logic, shows property has an average increase 6.7% annually for the last 25 years.  Yes, this includes the major meltdowns, such as the GFC in 2008-2009.
When you realise that a fixed-term savings plan pays you only a 1.5% interest, investing in the right investment property can grow your assets up to 3 times faster than putting your money into the banks.

How do I buy five (5) properties in five years?  Why are 75% of the property investors stuck with just one property?

Buying the right property is critical to a building up a successful investment portfolio.

Over 70% of the investors, unfortunately, bought their property through mis-informed sources and are stuck with it for a long time.
As property investors, we've been helping investors source the right property, and have successfully helped them expand their portfolio.  Many have moved on to buy 5 or more properties in a short time frame of 5 years!  That's buying one property every year!

Can a foreigner buy a property in Victoria?

Yes, a non-resident can acquiring a property in Victoria, but some might be subjected to additional duty on the share of the property being acquired.  Each foreign investor is different.  Have a chat with us.  Let our property advisors help you understand what you need to do. Details here.

What types of property can a foreigner buy?

A non-resident foreigner can only buy new properties, off-the-plan apartments and vacant land.  Click here for more information.

What is the difference between Off-the-Plan and House-and-Land mortgage?

In an Off-the-Plan purchase, you make a 10% deposit for the purchase, and the remaining 90% is due when it it ready for settlement.  You have 1 single mortgage for the purchase.

In House-and-Land purchase, you will have 1 mortgage for the land, and a separate construction mortgage to build the house.  Payment is made to the builder usually at 6 stages of the construction phase.

How do I calculate yield?

In property investment, there are 2 main types of yield.  Net Yield and Gross Yield.  Here are the differences.

How do you inspect a property without being physically on-site?

It takes a lot of trust.  Here is what you can do.

Is it worth using a Buyer's Agent?

We've been asked if it's worth to use a buyer's agent. How much can a buyer's agent save you?  What can a buyer's agent do that you cannot?  Here's what you should know when you engage a buyer's agent.

How can I buy an interstate property?

If you are planning to purchase an interstate property, the easiest way is to engage the services of a buyer's agent. The in-state buyer's agent is on your side, and they ensure you are taken care of, in the purchase.  They are your on-site professional who will represent you with your purchase.  They inspects the property, perform the due diligence, and organise the entire purchase process on your behalf.