FAQ- Foreign Property Buyers in Melbourne

Buy like a local. Buy with the right local insight.

Are all buyers agents in Melbourne the same?

Did you know, there are so many property buyer experts who are unlicenced?  Yes, property buyers agents are property agents, and we have to be licenced and insured, just like any other property agents.  We are bound by the same code of conduct and legislation to ensure our clients are protected and are receiving the appropriate home buying service.  
There are, unfortunately, many unlicenced buyers agents who claimed to be property investment experts, charges you a fee to sign up to their "property mentoring program", and then charges another set of fees to buy a "good investment property" for you. 
It's not surprising that many such fake buyers agents are receiving substantial commissions from the developers they recommend.
It is good to be receiving money from both ends, isn't it?  How neutral will their recommendations be?  Would they prefer to sell more for someone giving you more commission?  Or are you missing out on a good deal simply because they do not get any commission?  
It is illegal for a licenced buyer agent to receive commission from the seller and charging the buyer a fee for that, to ensure that buyers like you receive the most impartial and independent advice on the property.

Is it worth investing in Melbourne properties?

Property investment is one of the consistent high-performing investment vehicle.  There are decent returns with the right property. 
Reports from property data and analytics provider, Core Logic, shows Melbourne property market has an average increase of 6.7% annually for the last 25 years.  Yes, this includes the major meltdowns, such as the GFC in 2008-2009.
When you realise that a fixed-term savings plan pays you only a 1.5% (2018) interest, investing in the right investment property can grow your assets up to 5 times faster than putting your money into the banks.

Can a foreigner buy properties in Melbourne and Victoria?

Yes, non-residents can buy properties in Victoria, but some might be subjected to additional stamp duties on the share of the property being acquired.  Each foreign investor is different.  Have a chat with us.  Let our property advisors help you understand what you need to do. Details here.

What types of properties can a foreigner buy?

A non-resident foreigner can buy new properties, off-the-plan apartments and vacant land.  Click here for more information.

How do you inspect a Melbourne property without being physically on-site?

It takes a lot of trust to believe the sales agent.  Afterall, the sales agent works for the seller and are legally required to protect the interest of the seller, NOT the buyer.  Our independent buyers advocates is the exact opposite of the vendor agent.  Our buyers advocates are engaged by you, the buyer, to help and protect you in the property transaction. When it comes to property inspections, we can inspect the property on your behalf, and provide you with an independent review of the property.

Is it worth using a Melbourne based Buyer's Agent from Concierge Buyers Advocates?

We've been asked if it's worth to use a buyer's agent. How much can a buyer's agent save you?  What can a buyer's agent do that you cannot?  Here's what you should know when you engage a buyer's agent.

I am not in Melbourne. How can I buy an property in Melbourne, Australia?

If you are planning to purchase a Melbourne property, the easiest and safest way is to engage the services of our Melbourne buyers agent.  Our Melbourne-based buyer's agent is always on your side.  We ensure you are taken care of, in the property purchase.  We are your on-site professional buyers advocate who will represent you in your purchase.  We inspect the property, perform the due diligence, and organise the entire purchase process on your behalf.

How can I buy my property in Melbourne fast and with confidence?

Being prepared and being always aware of the every evolving property market is the key to buying your property fast and confidently.
You should be sufficiently informed of the market to be able to look at a property and estimate its future "sold price".
It takes months of research in the area, and a good understanding of the vendor and buyer demographics, plus good insight and data support to be able to do that.
Our Buyers Advocates can provide the right insight at the right time throughout your purchase process.